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  1. So the Garmin CX would be comparible to my Explorist 400 except gaining a colour screen? And going to the next model gains the better receiver, but lose out on memory & battery life? Pretty much it???
  2. We had no trouble finding rechargables on ebay for both our 400 & 500 Explorists. You can also get the battery holder that holds 3AAA batteries to fit the explorist.
  3. I am looking to replace my Magellan Explorist 400 with this Garmin pretty much just for geocaching. Does anyone have a good opinion about this Garmin for caching use?
  4. Get a tube of Gasket Black for your caulking gun. Put a nice clean bead in the lid, let it dry, then you should have a great seal!
  5. Looking to find someone who wants to head from Cobourg area to Wilberforce and surrounds for a day of caching. Anyday prior to November 12 (have to return to work from paternity leave!) works fine. Email me at redsuspenders@cogeco.ca and we can figure something out.
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