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  1. Hi,


    EasyMPS works great. Just request a loc file from Geocaching.com through PQ.


    EasyMPS will open the loc file in MapSource as waypoints and from there you can DL all the caches into your 60c. It took me about 30 seconds from requesting 500 caches to all 500 waypoints ending up in my 60cs.


    EasyMPS will also let you convert loc to mps file so you can DL caches into the iQue. Hope that helps.

  2. Thanks. As you can see in the picture, there is a normal external antenna, the one that comes with the vortech is magnet mount low profile. You can use any GPS antenna with the right connector.


    You can use a marine antenna for your boat, mount it outside and with the re-radiator inside your cabin below, you'll get full max reception possible! You can walk around below deck with a handheld and get readings from the external antenna with NO CONNECTION.


    There are cellular phone re-radiators also for in-building use. Wilson Antennas makes them for cell phones so you can have reception in a cement basement if you want. You can get a er-radiator cell phone repeater with 3 watt boost too!


    I have a GPS Re-Radiator for sale in the Garage sale if anyone is interested B) If you've ever used an external antenna, imagine more signal (this is a true amplifier) with NO MORE PHYSICSALLY CONNECTING the gps every time.

  3. Gain does not mean a signal is simply "amplified" contrary to popular belief. 2 antennas used with the same GPSr, one being 0 gain, the other being 3db gain. The antenna does not amplify the signal.


    There is a simple explination: (see first picture)

    0 dBd gain antenna radiates more energy higher in the vertical plane to reach radio communication sites that are located in higher places (vice versa for reception). Therefore they are more useful in mountainous and metropolitan areas with tall buildings. A 3 dBd gain antenna is the compromise in suburban and general settings. A 5 dBd gain antenna radiates more energy toward the horizon compared to the 0 and 3 dBd antennas to reach radio communication sites that are further apart and less obstructed. Therefore they are best used in deserts, plains, flatlands, and open farm areas.




    An external antenna or a re-radiator will almost always significantly increase the amount of sats aquired and increase signal strength vs a GPSr in a vehicle.


    A Re-radiator does not need a physical connection between the antenna and GPSr. It takes the signal from an external antenna, amplifies and re-radiates it in you vehicle for an amazing increase in signal strength. As you can see, the amplifier is powered via 12v power source.




    Here is my GPS V on the dash with open sky:



    Just a few seconds later, nothing has changed except I turned on the re-radiator:



    As you can see, the increase is significant. A re-radiator is a must in my opinion. Who needs an external antenna that needs to be connected and disconnected every time! And if you have ever said "I get reception just fine without an external antenna".... well, just look above!

  4. FS:


    Vortech GPS Re-Radiator antenna. ($60 shipped CONUS!)


    Basically, in a nutshell:


    -Place GPS antenna outside via magnet mount (trunk lid, roof etc)

    -Wire GPS antenna to inside and connect to re-radiator

    -Plug into a 12 v source via included cig lighter adaptor


    It picks up GPS signals from the outside antenna, AMPLIFIES it and re-radiates it inside your vehicle. This means no more placing your GPS near your windshield! You can hold it in your hand right in front of your face, on your lap etc and receive the best reception possible. Better than if your standing outside because it's amplified.


    I used to think that my quad-helix antenna would pull in signals just fine inside the car. And it did, but after using the Re-Radiator you'll never want to be without! No physical connection means no connecting and disconnecting wires every time get in your car! E-Mail me for pictures before and after turning on the re-radiator (GPS V mounted on dash, open sky. Amazing increas in signal strength and picked up more sats.)


    Wire the Re-radiator behind your rear view mirror out of sight and get the best possible reception in your verhicle.


    You can also connect the GPS Antenna directly to your GPSr via: MCX, BNC or SMB


    Here is the Box



    GPS V on my dash, open sky



    GPS V a few seconds later with the Radiator ON



    Here are a few links to see it:


    Bass Pro Shop


    Fresh Tracks Maps


    GPS On Sale


    GPS City

  5. I just got the GameCube Zelda bundle so I'm selling one of my Gameboy Advance SP's.


    For sale is the GBA SP (blue) with charger and larger capacity battery worth $20 (1000mAH vs OEM 600mAH). No dings, blemishes or scratches on screen or case. Screen protector used and included.


    Price is $65 + shipping via USPS Priority ($3.85). I can take paypal at flashmaster@monterosport.net


    If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


    p.s. when it gets closer to January, I'm planning on selling my eTrex Legend w/topo (3cds) so I can get the GPSMap 60cs so stay tuned on that.

  6. Yup,


    I didn't mean to offend anyone. Both are great companies.


    I can't live without my iQue though, I use it for work and it's a GPSr when I get in the car. Can't beat the flexibility! Some Garmin units have "averaging" also. And for me the compass feature is not important because I own a digital compass/barameter/altimeter.


    Man I can't sleep knowing the GPSMap 60cs is due out in a few months!

  7. I just sold my V Deluxe package and replaced it with the iQue. I sold it on Ebay with the Mapsource and Topo and an eBookman for $380.


    I got the eBookman 900 for $49, Topo for $50 so I figure it sold for about $280? On ebay, it's all about using the right words and pictures to sell the product to the naive. For example, on Ebay there are Surefire SF123 batteries going for $25-30. But on Surefire.com's own website they sell for $15. Go figure. Some people do not do research or don't know how.

  8. I am not sure how Magellan got "trounced

    Everyone has their preference, I was just stating mine. No need to get defensive. From the Geko to the eTrex to the iQue to the GPSMap 60cs.... personal preference I guess. I just think the Magellans are TANKS compared to the small Garmin units.


    Both have comparable capabilities, reliability, etc. So for me it's all about size. I can have my eTrex Vista on my belt everywhere and no one notices. Try that with a Magellan Platinum, everyone will want to see your "PDA". LOL :)


    By the way, my first GPSr was a Magellan 2000XL. Great unit at the time, did it's job well.

  9. DOh, forgot about the ol' "Survey Grade". I wonder how my "Caching Grade" Etrex and "Driving Grade" iQue stacks up. icon_razz.gificon_biggrin.gificon_razz.gif Is there a definition for all these grades like for waterproofing? (IPX-0, IPX-1, IPX-2.. etc). Or is it marketing lingo by companies?


    Is mm accuracy even possible considering all the variable factors involved? Sat Drift, Atmosphere conditions, etc.? A mm is pretty darn tiny. I though cm accuracy was pushing it. That's why even a 2 million dollar Tomahawk missle gets to the general area using GPS and switches to terrain recognition software for pinpoint accuracy. If mm accuracy is possible, I think it'd be GPS coordinates to all the way to the target. I'm not a Scientist in this area so I wouldn't know. Just thinking from common sense so I'm probably wrong.


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  10. That just cracks me up. "Industrial Grade" gps just means it's just built to take years of abuse, tougher casing etc. What algorithm do they change in calculating position?


    I had a Panasonic Duramax phone that was "Industrial Grade". It's the Industrial Grade version of Panasonic Promax. It may have different features but it still makes phone calls the same way.


    The GPSrs I used in the Military was much more rugged, different software but the accuracy was the same as my Etrex.



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