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  1. My 60cs pulls in sats indoors just fine. I track logged my house onto a map once, wife called me "nuts". My Legend can't do thatt. I figure the Quad Helix and better sensitivity does it.
  2. I have a V and the Autorouting is soooooooooo slow on it. The V and the Legend served me well for years. The 60cs is like the V on adrenaline rush! -Fast autorouting -color -more memory (although 100+ would have been nice) -Quad Helix antenna (pulls better than the V, definitely better then the eTrex series) -more features (like geocache mode, waterproof, etc) Antenna rocks vs the eTrex.
  3. The screen protector itself is clear. Look through one. It's the tiny tiny air bubbles that cause the distortion, like auto tint. You don't see them applying auto tint in 5 minutes right? Its a slow meticulous process. Lots of light helps too with CLEAN hands. Use a squegee like a credit card. Press down hard, fraction of an inch at a time. Remember, if you lay it down and there are air bubbles, it will stay and cause distortions. Don't just rub it with your fingers. If you need a template for your 60cs, I have on MS Word scanned in on my scanner. I can e-mail it to anyone who wants it. On the backside of a screen protector, just tape this template down and cut. AGAIN, take your time and slow down. This is with Strong Engineering 60cs screen protector applied on my carabiner watch. What distortion are you guys talking about? This is from 2 inches away. From 6" or so no one has been able to tell I have a screen protector on this watch. This is the way it looks on my 60cs too (too lazy to go out to my car to get it for a picture).
  4. I like the strong engineering ones. It must be preference. I use the strong engineering ones on my watches too, just about everything. They go on smooth and its clear. No distortions if you put it on right (hair dryer to heat it up, let it "melt" down on the screen) If it only takes you 2 minutes to put a screen protector on, that's what your doing wrong. It took me abut 20 minutes to apply the screen protector on my 60cs, but you can't even tell it's there. I used a belkin PDA screen protector. Cut it out using a template from my scanned 60cs (scanner + printed). Applied VERY slowly using heat to soften it up. It just melts on.
  5. You can't damage your V with a passive "amplified" antenna. The antenna you are referring to sounds like it does not provide it's own power. It's more of a sensitivity thing with passive antennas, it's just more sensitive than the OEM antenna. That combined with the placement (on the roof, etc) provide the extra reception.. The "amplified" part is almost a word to sell their product. There are active amplified antennas that provide it's own power source (12v auto or batteries). Those are truly amplified antennas and pull in signals like you would not believe.
  6. Garmin 2620 is out. Map of entire US pre-loaded on a 500 meg Hard Drive on board. Touch screen, remote control, overlapping watermark data fields (full map and data fields overlap, like a watermark). Cool upgrades from the 2610: Multiple Destinations Do you want to find the most efficient route for deliveries or sales calls? Users can enter a series of destinations, and the StreetPilot 2620 will automatically sort them to provide an efficient route. Road Segment and Area Avoidance Would you like to avoid traffic tie-ups or roadwork? Users can specify areas and road segments to avoid when calculating routes. Find Nearest on Route Are you running on empty? This time-saving feature allows users to limit searches for gas stations, restaurants, etc., to upcoming points near a route. Adjustable Road Class Preference How about taking the road less traveled? Users can adjust preferences for major, medium, and minor road categories.
  7. RockyRiver is right. The Quad-Helix will pick up signals through the winsheild just fine if it can see the sat (about 30-40% of the sky is not visible through the windsheild). If your not having a problem with reception you really don't need an external. An external antenna itself will work almost as good as the re-radiator (just not amplified). The re-radiator is if you want to pick up ALL sats visible to the external Antenna and have it amplified to your GPS without a physical connection. I have pics posted of my V picking up signals just fine (minus a few sats out of sight). With the Re-Radiator turned on it picks up ALL sats at nearly full reception. I figured if I'm going to spend $40 on a good GPS antena, might as well kick in an extra $25 for a re-radiator and have both. RE: Camper Shell Truck Personally I would go through the firewall into the Cab with the antenna cable. The antenna cable can be routed up to the side of the windsheild. Windsheilds have a rubber overlap onto the car body that can be used to wire the cable. (the cable that comes with the Vortech is thin). I did that once with my Montero Sport I had. Routed positive through one side of the windsheild rubber and negative through the other. couldn't even see it. Esp because the MS had a rain gutter with a plastic track (accessory rack) running all the way to the windsheild. Hope that helps!
  9. With the picture above: I would personally go inside wiring to the top. A small 1/4 inch hole up top to mount a marine antenna. That way all the wiring is concealed inside. a hardware store should have grommet for a waterproof seal on the hole. Or if you use the proper antenna it'll mount through the hold and seal itself. The battery re-radiator works ok but if you are going to do a perment install you should get the 12v Vortech. I say this because as the battery charge decrease, you'll get less re-radiating power. The 12V would eliminate any battery changes and wondering if it's time to change. To get WAAS signals mounting it as high as possible with the least obstruction to the horizon will work best. I think the Vortech would work great for a camper like the one pictured above. No wires, mo batteries to change and you'll get to hold the GPS in your hand and pass it around the cabin if you want. The best place to mount the re-radiator is in the front cabin, around the center ceiling. That requires the wiring to go inside the headliner though. It'll work great mounted behind the rear view mirror (that's were mine is), I hardly notice it. I have an extra Vortech I can sell you. It has the Antenna, Amplifier/re-radiator, 12v power adapter.
  10. I got the re-radiator because I was just sick of plugging it in....unplugging it....plugging it in... I didn't want to just leave the GPS on the dash because of theft concerns. With the re-radiator, it's just jump in the car, snap the gps in the holder and go. Plus you can pass the GPS around the car, truck, motorhome etc without losing signal. The specs on mine are up to 30 ft.
  11. Thanks! I take the honors!! I just dug up my registration code for my iQue and it lets me unlock for another GPS! So with this sale, I'll unlock your GPS for you. That way you can have this 60c and another Garmin with City Select 5!
  12. I didn't like the V because it was soo slow when routing (compared to the iQue, 60c etc) and the memory is pretty much useless. I was constantly reloading maps to where I was going. Speed it up a bit and throw in an SD card slot and it's a winner! The 56 megs on my 60c is barely enough. I have about 400 megs of map data loaded onto my iQue.
  13. Great thanks for the info. I can't wait to try the unlock with the cs tomorrow. Man, overnight is not fast enough! If I can "give away" the first unlock code, I guess I can lower the price in the 60c I'm selling
  14. This Weekend only! I'll pay for shipping. Don't make the mistake of waiting only to come back to "SOLD"!!! Price lowered for quick sale this weekend: $400 shipped to you!
  15. I wish they had a plastic holster like the cell phones have, screen side in.
  16. Hi, Check this thread. You can Place an antenna outside wherever and re-broadcast an amplified signal inside your motorhome. Scroll down to my post for an explination. External Antenna Thread I have one for sale by the way in the garage sale section
  17. I'll try the same certificate code tomorrow and see if it will unlock for the cs. Hopefully that will work and save me $75. Thanks for the tip!
  18. Ok, If you read my other "feeler" thread, it'll bring you up to speed on why I want to sell this practically brand new GPSMap 60c. <Click here for explination of why I want to sell> FS: -Practially brand new Garmin GPSMap 60c w/box and manual ($389 value) -Belt clip pin with belt clip -Belkin Screen protector applied with extra Strong Engineering protector -Bean Bag mounting base ($30 value) -Lanyard -USB Data Cable -Mapsource software -Trip and Waypoint manager -US City Select 5 with unlock code (unlocked alread for this GPS) ($75 value) AND a second Unlock code for another City Select 5 compatible GPS. -Copy of US Topo 3 disc set (for back up since Topo is installed onto unit) ($75 value) So basically, you'll get a Autorouting full color GPS with Street Level AND Topo Mapping! That's about $540 worth for only: $400. Receipt included bought 3-9-04(received on 3-12 so it's 7 days old), warranty transferrable. You are saving about $125 over buying it from a dealer. *Payment by Paypal *Shipped to verified Paypal address only *I can insure the package for extra if you would like *My name on eBay is: lightjunkie for references
  19. How do I do that? Get a second unlock code. Do I enter the same certificate # on the unlock page?
  20. My first GPS was a Magellan 2000XL! I converted to Garmin when the GPS III came out and always been with Garmin since. They are both great companies. I just like to stick with one company for compatibility and familiarity. My mapsource works with my Rino 120s, Legend, iQue and 60c. I'm sure it's the same with Mag, one software for most of their GPSrs.
  21. They did. DOH. It's actually on their website that once it's unlocked, there can be NO refunds. I am screwed, but I have a buyer in line as soon as I get a hold of the 60cs. Quote from Garmin Web: Important note: Once you complete the unlock process, GARMIN cannot make changes to your coverage area, or give refunds or exchanges for MapSource unlock codes. Please be very careful to select the regions you want to unlock.
  22. Ok, Best of luck to you. The postal inspector will be the way to go, they can file a criminal complaint with the local law enforcement office were he lives. If he really did mean to rip you off, this is for the "America's Dumbest Criminals" TV series. Things he did wrong: 1. Commit a crime through the USPS Mail making it federal jurisdiction 2. Have registration information on file here at Groundspeak 3. Have a registration record at the USPS 4. Hope this "all goes away" 5. Risk Federal Prison time for $80 What an idiot. Keep us tuned in please, I want to hear what happens.
  23. RockyRiver, If you have a name, PM me. I'm a Deputy Sheriff in San Bernardino, CA about 20 miles east of where you shipped it. If he lives around here I can track him down if you have a name. I can knock on his door for you and personally deliver any message you may have. These people need to go away. You can also file with the Postmaster and request an investigation since this is theft involving the USPS Mail system. Their investigators can look up PO box registration and make it available to Law Enforcement.
  24. Hello, I just bought the Garmin GPSMap 60c, I want to get the 60cs but here is the problem. I bought the AutoNavigation kit with the unlock for City Select 5. I unlocked it to this GPS so I can't return or exchange it without being out the unlock code. Would anyone be interested in a 5 day old GPSMap 60c with City Select 5 with unlock code for it? I'll throw in a copy of the US Topo 3 disc set for backup purposes. I was thinking $425 + shipping for the Like New in Box 60c with all original stuff (5 days old), City Select 5 unlocked, US Topo 3 disc set, Screen protector perfectly cut and applied. I'll throw in a couple of fresh Energizer Lithium AAs too.
  25. I have one for sale! $25 shipped CONUS for a like new Bean Bag mount. It's better than the suction cup mount. Lasts longer and does not unstick while driving!
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