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  1. I have a couple Rino 120s and it has 8mb of memory. Enough for one region like L.A. East. You can dl detailed Mapsource data to your Rino 120. The Rino 110 only has 1 mb for POI only. What you can do to have the latest map information is to go to Garmin's website and order the free Mapsource CD from HERE. Then when you get it, you just buy the unlock code for your region. It's $50 / region or $100 for all so it's probably better than buying old map data on Ebay. Hope that helps!
  2. I got the DC operated one and mounted it behind the Rearview mirror so it's mostly out of sight. I took the cables up into the roof cloth and routed the DC to the fusebox. The antenna went to the rear, all cables out of sight. It's great to just grab and go without messing with cables. One thing to note is that the coordinates shown on the GPS unit is the location of the antenna, not the GPS unit. I took a drive around today to find a cache and I'm going to buy another one for my wife's car for when I drive it
  3. I don't know if this has been discussed but just wanted to share my experience with the Vortech ReRadiator Antenna. My GPS units do not have the External Antenna plug so this was the only option. (I have a couple Rino 120's and Etrex Legend) I just installed it in my Montero and WOW. I used to get good coverage with the Etrex mounted using a vent clip mount. But when I plugged the Vortech (Truck in Driveway) in I got 4 more satellites totalling 10, all at max or near max signal! Before the vortech, I had 6 sats withhalf or less reception. Anyway, I just wanted to recommend the Vortech to those like me with GPS units without and external adaptor.
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