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  1. I don't know if the eBookman can do html from Spinner. I just got it to view pocketqueries and it does so perfectly. Very sharp contrast and resolution, made specifically for reading.


    I have a Palm V for non-geocaching uses but I didn't want to take it with me for fear of it being damaged as alot of equipment get after day hikes. eBookman was a good cheap "replaceable" alternative to have Cache information at your fingertips.


    I have all my gear in my truck, sometimes I'll see a cache on my GPS V screen, stop and look it up on my eBookman to see if it's worth grabbing on the way home! If so out comes the Legend, hiking shoes and camelback.


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  2. No the Etrex Legend does not do autorouting. Autorouting is when you punch in an address, point of interest, waypoint etc and the unit takes you there. Turn by turn. The Etrex will take you there but will just draw a straight line from where your at to where your going, it won't calculate every turn on what street.


    The Garmin GPS V does autorouting and I couldn't live without it now.


    When I'm in unfamiliar territory, I can look up the nearest ATM, or fast food etc and it will take me there. Turn by turn.


    You can create a route on your desktop and download it to your Legend but it's still not turn by turn. The GPS V will tell you upcoming streets, upcoming turns etc. For example as your driving the V will tell you: "Driving south on Main ST..........Approaching 5th st......."

  3. For use JUST for Geocaching, look into the Ebookman 901. I got mine for $50 and it included everything from Cigarette adaptor, USB Cradle, USB cable, Headset to tape adaptor, headphones, headpone case, AC Adaptor, Travel Power converter and software.


    It comes with 8 mb memory and you can install up to 64mb card. It plays Audible books, MP3's, Voice Notes, etc.


    I like the Huge veiwing area and it's made primarily for reading books so it's sharp resolution is perfect for PocketQueries.


    Anyway, it's $50 from J&R Music and Computer World. Just do a search on Amazon.com for Ebookman EBM-901. MSRP is $149.99.


    You can get software to run MS Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, etc. Anyway, an alternative to a full blown PDA.


    Here is a picture of it: eBookman EBM-901

  4. Here is the entire standard:



    No special protection



    Protected against falling water Equivalent to 3-5mm rainfall per minute for a duration of 10 minutes. Unit is placed in its normal operating position.



    Protected against falling water when tilted up to 15 degrees - Same as IPX-1 but unit is tested in 4 fixed positions - tilted 15 degrees in each direction from normal operating position.



    Protected against spraying water - Water spraying up to 60 degrees from vertical at 10 liters/min at a pressure of 80-100kN/m2 for 5 min.



    Protected against splashing water - Same as IPX-3 but water is sprayed at all angles.



    Protected against water jets - Water projected at all angles through a 6.3mm nozzle at a flow rate of 12.5 liters/min at a pressure of 30kN/m2 for 3 minutes from a distance of 3 meters.



    Protected against heavy seas - Water projected at all angles through a 12.5mm nozzle at a flow rate of 100 liters/min at a pressure of 100kN/m2 for 3 minutes from a distance of 3 meters.



    Protected against water immersion - Immersion for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter.



    Protected against water submersion - The equipment is suitable for continual submersion in water under conditions which are identified by the manufacturer.


    I have a waterproof bag for "wet" outings. I figure it's worth the insurance for a few bucks.

  5. Hi,


    there are spray paint clear coat that works well. The Plasti-Kote Exterior Clear Topcoat spray paint seems to be holding up fine. I've had my UV Sprayed rock outside in my backyard for about a week now and it still shines up at night under UV Light.


    I'm just experimenting with different clearcoat to see which one lasts longer and looks natural.


    The only problem is that the person finding the cache will have to use a UV flashlight so they can find their way. A cheapy one probably won't shine very far. My concern was the same as the topic here if anyone would spend money on a decent UV flashlight.







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  6. The Geko 301 is due out this month. If it had 8-24 megs of memory for Topo, the 301 would be my choice. I can't live without street and topo. So for the price, you might want to look at the Etrex Vista. About the same price but you get 24 megs and high resolution.


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  7. Wow, this is weird. I've been working on one for a couple weeks and I'm almost done.


    I got some U.V. spray that is clear and invisible until exposed to UV Light. I'm spraying some rocks that will lead the way to a big rock that will light up under UV Light.


    This way, you have to hike through the woods on a dark night a few miles following the small rocks until you get to the cache. Only one side of the rocks will be sprayed so you can't use the UV light to get back! You have to use Trackback.


    The reason it's taking so long is that I'm trying to find a way to make the ink stay while exposed to the elements. So far, clear acrylic seems to work but the sun degrades it after awhile.


    Great minds think alike!

  8. "Better" is a relative term. We all have our bias'. Then again, I tend to think the best GPSr is the one you own. (How can one be better if it's not yours to use :) )


    For example, for my needs the Etrex series and the GPS V works best for me. I have the V in my truck for mapping and routing purposes. I have the Etrex w/topo on my belt everywhere I go, its small and looks like a cellphone so no one even looks twice at it even at work. Not saying they are "better" than the M. Platinum but for my needs I like the Etrex / V combo.


    My first GPS was a Magellan 2000XL long long ago icon_smile.gif Laptops are fun to play with, esp. with a topo or realtime mapping like the ExpertGPS, USAMaps etc. It's neat to see all the waypoints overlayed onto a satellite picture.


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  9. I think the problem is that you can't satisfy everyone. But they (Garmin) can upgrade the universal things like memory.


    If you ask 100 different people they will come up with 100 different versions of the "Perfect" GPSr. The more features you add, the more it costs too. The perfect V might cost $800 after all the features are added! I like it the way it is at $300.


    For example, I like V just the size it is. The 76 is way too HUGE. If I wanted a bigger screen, there is the StreetPilot III. SOme want a color screen. I like Garmin's Ultrasharp resolution of B/W. SOme may want a compass. I'd rather buy a Good quality digital compass for $30 instead of paying Garmin $100 to put it in the GPSr. Etc Etc....


    Now upgradable memory, that's a universal "want". If somone wants 19 megs, then they don't do anything. But if someone wants more, they can add an SD card or similar. So let's all bombard Garmin with the request for SD card upgradability!!!!

  10. Looks like everyone's got it covered so I'll just comment on the Vortech Re-Radiator antenna. I have 2 of them now because they work so well.


    If your going to use the GPSr in your car, it's a good investment to get a Re-Radiator. I got mine for about $50 each for the kit. Even with open sky and no obstruction, I would double and usually triple my reception.


    Even on the dash, a great big chunk of the sky is being blocked by the roof, frame, etc. Anyway, enough talk.


    Vortech Antenna OFF



    Vortech Antenna ON (just a few seconds after the first picture was taken. I just turned on the Antenna see the difference)



    The Re-Ratiator is good for using your GPSr in and out of your vehicle since there is no physical hookup. I just grab and go, no antenna to unhook.


    It works to about 3 feet away so you can have your GPSr in your hand right and use it while driving without losing any signal too.


    The 76 series is HUGE, the V is medium. The way to go is the GPS V in-car and Etrex for outside your car. I've owned a Magellan but sold it and switched to Garmin simply because they are much smaller. I'm not going to get into a debate of which is better. I simply switched because Magellan didn't have any small enough for me. (Both great companies)

  11. icon_smile.gif Thanks! So many times we tend to forget to report good experiences and report only the "bad" ones.


    I always pack my packages with care because I'm convinced that in the back room of the USPS, there's a soccer game going on with our mail!


    Thanks for the Instant Payment!


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  12. These are filled with Tritium, like what the watches and gun sights have but in much larger quantities for a keychain. Chances are you've never seen one because they are rare.



    For Sale:

    2 green

    2 purple

    2 yellow

    2 blue


    These are rare and very hard to find. And if you do, it's usually an overseas dealer.


    Asking $50 for all 8


    Here is a link to the maker:




  13. Hi,


    I'm trying to save up for the upcoming Geko 301 so some stuff I don't need are going to make room for it. I have for sale:


    3 Motorola GT UHF business radios with Chargers and 3 extra batteries! Used but in excellent shape. Example:




    4 Motorola Spirit SV12 1 watt VHF Professional radios with new 5" long range antennas (new round type, not old boxy type). 2 have new batteries, 2 does not. No chargers included. Batteries are $10 each on ebay, chargers too.


    3 Motorola Spirit GT Radios + Batteries: $105 Shipped OBO


    4 Motorola Spirit SV12s: $75 shipped **SOLD**




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