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  1. Oh! I just saw that you were talking about the last 6 years!!! WOW!


    So... these cards were sent and when you were not a geocacher?? WOW! ;)

    If I am correct... you are a geocacher for 2 years and 11 months so... :laughing:


    Yep you are correct we have been sending out cards well before Geocaching.


    Here's a hint for everyone -

    Last Christmas we sent out 2 different cards -

    1 card went to 97 people

    1 card went to 79 people.


    That's 2 cards that went to 176 people.


    Post #1 has pictures of 2 other cards that we sent out.


    Good Luck everyone!

  2. Team #2


    Team Victory


    1. Opalsns Maine

    2. Sgt Mikal Pennsylvania

    3. Laval K-9 Quebec

    4. tekkguy Texas

    5. Grodan & Fiabus Sweden

    6. Team Eccs21 Michigan

    7. fingers crossed Ontario

    8. Burgessfour Oregon

    9. Fairyhoney Washington

    10. Shadow's Friend Minnesota

    11. Hakali California

    12. SYOTT Nova Scotia

    13. Fuzziebear 3 Ohio

    14. Fossillady California

    15. Ashallond Arkansas


    Only 1 person behind now....and this time next week, we might even be ahead. :anibad:


    On to VICTORY!!!!

  3. coins2.jpg


    Here's the photo of the four alternative finishes for the new mystery geocoin as promised.

    Antique Copper, Antique Bronze, Antique Silver and Antique Gold.




    All of the coins look beautiful, but I'm sure the pictures don't do them justice. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Mishka got her mission today!!! Thank you so much Heine and Maxx (and Dr. Neal), you sent a great care package for the Santa Cruz Animal Shelter!!




    Mishka made sure that everything in the box was in order:



    There are a whole BUNCH of rope toys for the dogs at the shelter!! This is awesome because we get a disproportionate number of pit bulls into the shelter, and they tend to really enjoy the rope toys. :D



    Also, the coins are awesome!! I've never seen one of the cache cooties before, they are adorable. :) Additionally, just last night I was trying to find one of those fire hydrant coins for Mishka!! She's finally behaved enough on a leash that I can start taking her geocaching, so I really wanted to get one of these coins. Thank you so much! Also, I adore the micro musketeer coins and this one is just gorgeous. Thank you so much!


    Finally, thank you SO much for your donation to the Elk County Humane Society!! That goes above and beyond the call of this mission and it means a ton to me. :D



    Mishka says thank you! I'll bring the box of toys to the shelter tomorrow or on Saturday. :ph34r:



    How ADORABLE!!! Who could ever refuse those beautiful eyes? I love the pictures in Mishka's TB gallery. Thanks for rescuing her/him and thanks for sharing with us.

  5. Mission 1




    1. sent email 2-10-10

    2. Participating pet Heineken (myheine)

    3. Type of pet dog

    4. Received Name 2-23-2010

    5. Mission Complete 3-8-10

    6. Mission Arrived!




    Mission 2


    1. sent email 2-10-10

    2. Participating pet Maxx (2themaxx)

    3. Type of pet dog

    4. Received Name 2-23-2010

    5. Mission Complete 3-1-10

    6. Mission Arrived! 3-11-10




    Cookies, more cookies...toys, more toys...a cardboard box to eat...well just some of it..I left it on the floor long enough to take pictures, and Maxx (formerly known as 2themaxx...destined to be renamed Maxxthedestroyer :) ,) did what he does best, until i ruined his fun ;) . I'm anxious to see if the tuff balls (tennis balls,) will survive...Maxx usually can destroy a tennis ball in 10-15 minutes, but these look to be more of a challenge!




    I got to the coins before Maxx and was amazed to see such great coins.....my thanks to Shadow's Friend for a great mission!




    edited to add whomever gets stuck with my dogs, I know they're a pain to find coins for, but anything we have or don't have is fine...they just enjoy getting surprises...Maxx is the chewer from Hades and toys need to be something sturdy like steel belted tires!


    Wow - it got there fast.


    Maxx is sooooo cute I can't image him destroying anything. But I did try to get him some toys that were durable. ;)

  6. Took mine to the post office today!


    1. sent email - 2/10/2010

    2. Participating pet - Shadow

    3. Type of pet - Holland Lop Rabbit

    4. Received Name - Yes 2/18/2010

    5. Mission Complete - Yes 3/9/2010

    6. Mission Arrived!

  7. So Glad it's moving again.

    I believe those 2 coins were put in there bu SunsetMedowLark. SummerandNana misplaced it , found it, and sent it out without taking coins, but she probabally put that little coin in there.

    The thanx should go to SunsetMedowLark and the 2 beautiful coins she designed.


    Thanks Opalsns for correcting my mistake on the coins.


    Thank you SunsetMeadowLark for such wonderful coins. They will be cherished in our collection.


    Mission 2 is ready to go to the next recipient. I'll be taking it to the post office on my lunch break tomorrow.

  8. Mission 2 is in Minnesota! :laughing: We went out of town last Wednesday and it was here when we got home last night.


    Summerandnana sent 3 wonderful geocoins - Butterfly Kisses, Red Handed, and Best Friends. I only expected to see 1 coin so I was thrilled to see 3. Thank you Summerandnana!!!




    I will have to look over the list for the next stop. I plan to have it in the mail by Wednesday.


    Thank you Opalsns for a wonderful mission!!

  9. just an update I have sent a few people there mission names.

    will send out more in a few days


    Got my name - now the fun begins! Thank you Jason!


    1. sent email - 2/10/2010

    2. Participating pet - Shadow

    3. Type of pet - Holland Lop Rabbit

    4. Received Name - Yes 2/18/2010

    5. Mission Complete

    6. Mission Arrived!

  10. iI will update the list later on.


    I have done all I can to Contact SummerandNana


    I've emailed ,

    I've emailed people that last cached with her , who in turn forwarded her my email again

    and Have Called her Phone number and left a message on her answering machine.


    I'm so disappointed.


    I am evidently getiing Ignored, so Please If anyone knows her or her grandaughter, Please ask her to move it on or send it back to SunsetMedowlark.

    they can keep the coins, i just want the mission to move.


    Untill then i am moving everyone to Mission 1.

    PLEASE Post if you have ever recieved a 52 Pick Up mission so we can get to those that haven't recieved it yet,





    I am still on Mission 2 and I have received Mission 1. You can remove me from Mission 2 altogether, instead of moving me to Mission 1, avoiding duplication. When Mission 2 returns hopefully I can be added back in then.


    Thanks Opalsns for all your hard work in trying to make this work.

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