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  1. Please add me to the list! Signed up. 2/21/11 Name received Package Sent Package Received Thank you!
  2. We love pet missions! Please add us to the list Pet 1 - Shadow, Rabbit (Holland Lop) Email sent: 2-21-11 Name received: Mission sent: Mission received: Pet 2 - Maya, Bird (Severe Macaw) Email sent: 2-21-11 Name received: Mission sent: Mission received: Thank you!
  3. Amazing! You have done a wonderful job with selecting the metal combinations. I never would have thought to put nickle on copper. It looks beautiful!
  4. Just posting another picture to celebrate these awesome coins!
  5. I am finally getting my picture posted. The mission arrived weeks ago, but I waited to open it until Christmas. The scarf and gloves are beautiful! I wore them on New Years! The coin is one I've never seen before, so I'm thrilled to add it to our collection! I love the moose! I used them as ornaments and hung them on our Christmas tree. Everything is just perfect! I don't know who sent the mission. The card is signed by my Secret Santa! So to my Secret Santa -- THANK YOU very much!!!
  6. I've had the honor to see some of your collection and it's massive!! I think it will take your nephew weeks if not months to adopt all of the coins. I'd make sure he has your log in info. By the way, Max and Heineken know how good they got it and would never harm you!
  7. Boy am I late. Late getting my package out and late posting that mine arrived. It came the other day. All the way from the UK!!! I'm going to wait to open it until first day of winter 12/21 and will post pictures then. Thank you to the sender! I don't know who it is yet! Email Sent: Yes - October 29th Name Received: Yes - November 1st Mission Sent: Yes - December 10th Mission Received: Yes - December 9th Thank you Lorca!!!
  8. My card went in the mail yesterday and it doesn't have to far to go. Email Sent: October 29th Name Received: YES! November 21st Card Sent: Yes December 10th Card Received: Yes! Thank you Claire!!!!
  9. I'm still waiting for something to come in the mail. If it doesn't come by the end of this week, my package may have to go without it.
  10. These are one of my favorite coins. I really like the Coinament. Glad I was able to order them before they sell out!
  11. I received a wonderful package in the mail! Thank you very much theped!!! Email Sent: October 29th Name Received: YES! November 21st Card Sent: Not Yet - waiting for something to come. Card Received: Yes!
  12. Email Sent: October 29th Name Received: YES! November 21st Card Sent: Card Received: Thank you Laval K-9!
  13. GoldBugGirl - Congratulations!! Thanks for sharing your story about Barney! Dr Neal - Thank you very much for such a great cointest! Gatoulis - Thanks for your concern about Maya's pants. She doesn't like to keep them on, no matter what we do.
  14. Happy Belated Birthday Maxx! Thank you Dr Neal for having this cointest for everyone to write about their pet. I love to see the pictures everyone posts. We are very lucky to have pets, at least most of them This story is about our pet Maya. Not my best animal friend, but she is NOSNOW’s. Maya is a severe macaw. She is a one person bird, and that one person is not me! She is NOSNOW’s bird who sometimes tolerates me. She is a rescue bird given to him by a veterinarian. She can’t fly, so she walks around the house. She can be very comical following us around like a puppy dog. We just have to be careful not to step on her. Sometimes she goes upstairs looking for us. Getting her to come down isn’t always easy for me. Sometimes she’ll come down all by herself but that may take some time. Having a bird is like having a perpetual 2 year old. A lot of the time she acts like an alien and tries to attack me! Needless to say, her and I are not cuddle buddies. Over the years we have both mellowed and we have mutual agreement. I leave her alone and she doesn’t bite me! I almost forgot to mention Maya is only 26 years old we expect to have her with us for many years to come!
  15. Email Sent: Yes - October 29th Name Received: Yes - November 1st Mission Sent: Mission Received: Thank you!
  16. Thank you for doing this mission and please add me to the list. Email Sent: October 29th Name Received: Card Sent: Card Received:
  17. Please add me to the list. Email Sent: Yes - October 29th Name Received: Mission Sent: Mission Received: Thank you!
  18. These are adorable! I really like the shape of these coins.
  19. Adorable!! Here's another hint - Shadow's already been Frankenstein. Keep guessing and good luck!
  20. Time for another hint -- Shadow's already been a pumpkin in 2008, so he won't be that again this year.
  21. Are you joking? She's asking about the Europe event not US. I was wondering if there's a ferry leaving New York, arriving Rotterdam or such.... But I guess, drneal just confused the fact, that there will be two Geocoinfest next year... no coinfusion...I never said it would be an easy drive ...figuring I'll need several pairs of windshield wipers too! I'd put some extra air in the tires too! Just sit right back And you'll hear a tale A tale of a fateful trip, That started from this US port, Aboard this tiny RV. The mates were a mighty sailin' dogs, The Skipper brave and sure, Lots of coins set sail that day, For a GCF tour, A Geocoinfest tour ...
  22. Some great guesses have been posted. Here's a hint - Shadow has already been a bat for Halloween.
  23. Now that's just not right! Shadow says - Heinekein and Max are still his friends, but Dr Neal's off the list.
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