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  1. I must have been very good as I was one of the honored recipients of the wonderful coin.

    It will be a treasure in our collection and will be displayed with adoration.


    Thank you mystery giver! And I hope Santa leaves you a very special gift.

  2. Okay I have been thinking about this cointest for days. I wish I could have answered before GATOULIS. His response was so eloquent.


    Like him and others once our family and pets are safe, we cherish our memories. But which object is attached to my fondness memory? For me that is a difficult decision because our house is filled with such objects. What would I save?


    Is it my wedding ring?

    Is it the frames that hold my grandparents wedding picture?

    Is it the photo albums filled with ancestors and friends?

    Is it the disk drive with the pictures from the last 10 years?

    Is it the spiral notebook that hold my mom’s recipes, in her handwriting?

    Is it the military pictures and medals that belonged to my dad?

    Is it the quilt my late sister made for me?

    Is it……


    Even though all of these objects (and more) are special to me, their only purpose is to remind me to remember those I have attached to the object.


    So if I were to lose my cherished items, I can replace them with some paper and a pen. Because all I really need is a reminder to remember those I have been lucky to have had in my life.


    So my item to save is paper & pen, to save my memories.


    Thanks for the cointest!

  3. Welcome pingos!


    The updated list of the popcorn enthusiasts:



    Laval K-9

    Getzie family









    :drama: :drama: :drama: :drama: :drama: :drama: :drama: :drama: :drama: :drama:


    That makes 10 of us, the more the merrier :D


    Me too! :drama: My popcorn is plain! Popped on the stove in an old frying pan. Yummy!,

  4. Email sent


    1. Participating 02-19-2013

    2. Reveived Name

    3. Mission sent

    4. Mission Received


    Email sent


    1. Participating: 02-19-2013

    2. Received Name: 02-25-2013

    3. Mission sent:

    4. Mission Received:


    Email sent


    1. Participating: 02-19-2013

    2. Received Name: 02-25-2013

    3. Mission sent: 03-04-2013

    4. Mission Received:


    1. Participating: 02-19-2013

    2. Received Name: 02-25-2013

    3. Mission sent: 03-04-2013

    4. Mission Received: 03-20-2013


    Thank you Team Eccs21 for the card, the geocoins and the pathtag, It's my birthday today and I was chating with mrs Laval K9 earlier and she told me it would be funny if you received your mission today for your birthday and that was happened.... Nicole (ouestcharly)











  5. My mission arrived today - What a trip it had!


    I opened our mailbox and was a little worried when I saw a plastic bag. :blink: But when I got it in the house I was very surprised!




    I must say the United States Postal Service does a fine job!




    The entire back side of the envelope was gone.




    The adorable card was still together, barely!




    And the best part - The coin was still attached to the card! The plastic flip looks like it was melted.



    Thank you Chausson for a wonderful Card, a great Geocoin and very memorable mission!


    My mission went in the Post today.


    1. Participating 02-17-13

    2. Received Name 02-25-13

    3. Mission Sent 03-07-13

    4. Mission Received


    Thank you Laval K-9 for Hosting!!

  6. 1. Participating - Feb 18th

    2. Received Name - Feb 25th

    3. Mission Sent - March 4th

    4. Mission Received


    And my package is off to its recipient - what fun to see the packages 'hopping' to other cachers!


    I should have named it ¨The Hopping mission¨ :laughing:


    Now that's my kind of mission :D


    It's so fun to see the cards and coins that people are receiving. I'm packing mine up tonight and will take it to the post office tomorrow.

  7. i actually just communicated with the minter yesterday...the new samples should be ready next week..if approved, the coins should follow shortly. i had mentioned i would like the coins in hand for march 25. more info as it becomes available to me..thanks




    Great News! I hope the samples are everything you have worked so hard to accomplish.


    As you can see our geodog Wyatt Earp is already in the mood for the Easter holiday :anicute:





    I always knew Wyatt Earp would be a cute bunny!


    Please add me to the mission


    1. Participating 02-17-13

    2. Received Name

    3. Mission Sent

    4. Mission Received


    Thank you!

  9. WOW! Thanks for all the great posts. It was fun to see how others share there Valentines Day.


    Maya was at the computer for most of the night looking and looking.




    After a lot of bird mumbling, she finally came up with her decision. She declared Shadow’s Friend the winner. I think she is trying to earn brownie points. I tried to reason with her, but she is very set after she makes up her mind (unless there cheese cake in the picture). And since there is no cheese cake in the house, so we had no choice, but to dismiss her decision. So all the entries are winners, see list below. Please send my your address so I can get the coin to you.


    Thanks for playing





    Laval K-9








    Doctor A



    The Skylark Four

    Carbon Hunter


    WHAT! I didn't win! :laughing:


    I guess I will have to eat the entire cheese cake myself.

  10. I received my gift today! I am so flabbergasted at what they sent. My package contained a beautiful Butterfly Geocoin, an amazing Shadow ornament, a snowball and the best Christmas card ever!


    All of the items are perfect! It really shows the personality of the senders – Beauty, heartfelt and fun! I’m sure anyone who has had the honor to meet them, know I am speaking of JoenSue!!


    Thank you very much for the astounding gifts and Merry Christmas to you!!!!







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