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  1. That sounds like a good idea for me if you are in that area or spending your holidays in that area!

    Yes, a good way to attract geocachers and tourists. It would be great for me as I love hiking, but unfortunately a little far away for us Germans.

  2. ok, will do when i get home - after work.


    who knows i may get a couple days off for my cracked ribs! took rather a hard fall the other day on the job, tried to take out a wall with my head on the way down (ow) and broke two ribs. gee, i wondered why i was having a hard time breathing. first the PA said nothing wrong, but then a doc took a look at x-rays and said, this old girl has cracked ribs!


    poor broken lara


    I'm sorry to hear that. Hope you will get well soon!

  3. Whitby/lara:


    Take a magnifying glass and compare the surface with another Black-Nickel-surface, for example with the german back forest, and tell us what you see...





    You may be right. Black Nickel looks different. More shiny.

    The black/gold and black/copper look identical. But the cavities are filled in the copper one.

  4. So, I had a closer look at both of them.

    The Luxury (BN/Gold) is clearly two-tone w/o enamel.

    The black/copper one is filled with translucent soft enamel. I assume that the metal underneath is black nickel as well. That may be what dabbscher wanted to say. Both BN, but one filled with enamel.


    thanks! that looks like copper and black nickel, like the luxury edition but with copper - how cool! another to add to the list.


    black nickel looks very different than black enamel, so i am pretty sure this is black nickel. i compared the black widow with black enamel with my luxury edition and they are completely different materials.


    thanks again!




    I'm not so sure. There is some translucent enamel. But I don't know, what is underneath. Maybe we should ask Castle Man.

  6. ...

    12 Copper and Black



    are you sure about this one? would you mind terribly posting a pic? another confusing edition.


    thanks peter!




    That one exists. I have it as well. I think it is a copper coin with black enamel. I'm at work already, but I can check tonight.

  7. No, I don't think one can define a threshold. As you said, it is personal opinion.

    Of course paying forward and seeing people enjoying your coin is great. But in my eyes that only makes sense if you have your own personal coin, which is a matter of a good design and of course the money to afford one.

  8. that was the most recent purple haze sold - a couple of weeks ago on the site.




    Hmm, I didn't realize that. I could have easily bought one. Didn't check the metal, just the version :D

  9. @matlock75:


    Here's my list:


    1 Copper under Nickel

    2 Nickel under Copper

    3 Purple Haze Nickel


    29 Glowing Golden Globe

    30 Glowing Rose

    31 Glowing Green Monster





    Wow! That should be all versions available! Congrats!

    I just started counting and think that I'm missing 6. So there are still some trades to do.


    Now I need to find out more about that mysterious Purple Haze Nickel :D


  10. Hi,


    today my Purple Haze NICKEL, number 31 of my TQ-collection, arrived. So it's for sure that the Purple Haze exists in both nickel and gold.





    Then that will go on my want list!

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