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  1. Those Turtles are great! Even after that long journey from China to the US to Germany they still look fine. Just need a bit of feeding Thanks Tsun!
  2. I'm still desperately looking for the Tranquility Portugal gold and Nickel under Copper. I'm willing to trade multiple coins for those two. Moreover I have some Tranquilitys for trade: The Black Widow edition and the yellow, red and green Glow in the Dark versions.
  3. I tried my best, and here is the result.
  4. I'll try to take a picture tonight. I have three missing...
  5. 1. Are you a Geocoin Metal Collector? It depends. If I really like a coin design I try to get all finishes. But this is unfortunately very pricey. So usually I buy only some metals or put some into my traders box. 2. Do you think it is Selfish to seek all of the Metals of your Favorites? It somehow is. But do you really care in that case? 3. What is your Favorite Metal Type? Depends on the coin. I used to be a silver-guy. But now I'm getting more and more into gold finishes. Foggy is great, but also antique.
  6. Whitby

    Geocoin Budget

    It is really hard to stay within a given budget. The first thing I did is to write down how much I spent for coins. But that does only partially stop me from getting new ones. One starts thinking if you really like the coin or just want to have it, as it is a geocoin. Another issue (at least for me) is postage. I love trading, but it is really expensive to ship out of Europe. Postage for one coin can easily be 4 Euro (approx. 6 USD) and for two coins I often have to pay 8 Euro, which is more than the costs for a coin!
  7. Whitby


    About 400. Within about one year. I just realized that in two weeks I have my first coiniversary. I'm afraid I may be addicted...
  8. 1. Participating - yes, quite some time ago 2. Nick/destination received - 7-2-08 3. Outgoin coin mission details attached - 7-7-08 4. Outgoing coin released - 7-9-08 in Cache GC15F85 5. Incoming coin picked up Now all I have to do is wait...
  9. I have a Tranquility Coin Black and Copper with Epoxy LE25 laying here on my desk. I would trade it for a Portugal Gold one. Rainer
  10. 1. Participating - yes, quite some time ago 2. Nick/destination received - 7-2-08 3. Outgoin coin mission details attached - 7-7-08 4. Outgoing coin released - not yet 5. Incoming coin picked up - may take some time
  11. I'm looking for the Nickel under Copper, Portugal Gold and Purple Haze Nickel Tranquility Coin. I have a Copper under Nickel, Glowing Green Monster, Black Widow and German Silver for trade. You mal also have a look at my trading list. Rainer
  12. Finally the last item arrived. So I will send out my mission later today.
  13. As I'm participating in kdv's traveling mission as well, I know that they are great fun. So count me in!
  14. Wow! I'm one of the winners! I'm really looking forward to receiving the gorgeous feather! Now I can focus on puzzle caches again Thank you, CF30 and congrats to all the other winners!
  15. After having helped several TBs my first coin I found in a cache was a Sock Puppet. I still remember the scenery up on a hill in the forests. Actually I bought such a coin recently. The first coin I bought was a Cache Counter that accompanys me whenever I'm out caching.
  16. Wow, that was incredibly fast! Thank you, TIGGR for a Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Coin! Unfortunately German customs blighted the nice envelope with a green sticker
  17. Wonderful! A cointest! That one is difficult. How about 86 and 168? And the last at 4:20 pm Thanks!
  18. Those snowflakes are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!
  19. You are absolutely right. I have some interesting starting points, but still they need to be connected and transformed into a souvenier
  20. Congrats to all the recent recipients! That is a great reason to get back to the forum, JohnP, isn't it?
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