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  1. ...I won't have as many of the new one - (I don't even know all the original Tranq colors/metals)...


    well, there is a list. :(


    i am working on photographing my collection since it was the first to be a complete set of all editions made. still only two complete sets out there.




    And you are the better photographer! That other guy only produces crappy pictures :ph34r:

  2. i am excited...can't wait to see it.

    is it the same design as the others with different colors? or something completely new?


    thanks for the info


    Sounds like something completely new. As a Tranq fanatic it will be interesting to see how the coin will be improved. Maybe I should start saving some budget already :)

  3. i have some questions about the tranquility coins.


    1. who is the artist?


    2. is there one online store that usually sells them?


    3. is it a coin where they make new ones each year?


    just wondering because i am hoping to get a few of them one day.




    1. They were designed by Paula from geocoindesign.com


    2. They were sold at castlecoinsandpins.com


    3. The coins came in several portions. There is a special TQ thread in this forum discussing all the available versions. Maybe you can have a look there.


    As far as I know no new versions will be minted, but usually you will find are some on ebay or should be able to trade for them.

    And better don't try to get them all... :)



  4. Just for those of you who wonder about the high shipping costs: That's exactley what the German post wants to have for a coin shipped outside of Europe. The charges were increased at the beginning of this year again. This is also the reason why I don't trade that much any more. Shipping is worth a coin now!

  5. It's done!


    During my holidays I finally received the last TQ! Thank you to all the nice people out there who helped me to complete this task!


    So what to collect now???


    first time i have seen this post! i wondered if you were going to mention you HAVE THEM ALL!!!!!


    so now you have to get some of them again. the newer ones have a slightly different colour. :laughing::laughing::blink:


    or you could decide to not collect any longer. except for the occasional splendid coin.




    What? :laughing:

    Are you kidding?


    But I won't start getting them all over again just due to slightly different colors. No, no, no.

  6. Looking to purchase an Ohio geocoin. Specifically the one with a cardinal on one side. Can anyone help? :mad:


    I do have one available, but due to the tremendous shipping costs from Germany to the US you should try to find someone closer to your home. If you do not succeed, please feel free to contact me!



  7. To my knowledge there are at least two Canada coins. One with colors that is trackable on geocaching.com and one that is just metal (from 2002), which was the first commercially available trackable coin. The latter one is trackable on geocoins.ca.

  8. As far as I know the coin was sold by geocachingshop.de. And to my knowledge the activation code was supplied with the coin. So maybe you can contact the shop and ask if they still have it in a database.



  9. Today I received my second mission.


    A Highwood Pass coin from gardengorilla.

    But the best thing is the Penguin ehm, Koala bear christmas card. I love it!

    I just have to visit Australia once an see all the great animals that live there.


    Thank you to gardengorilla and Maine Family for the cards and coins and Butterfly lady for setting up this great mission!

  10. Name of coin: 2008 Dragonfly

    Name of Vendor: AEToys

    Date Paid: 5/27/08

    Shipment Due Date: Who the heck knows


    Ordered by:

    1. yalehockeymom, not received, pd 5-27-08

    2. AtlantaGal, not received, pd 5-27-08

    3. kehunt64 , not received pd. 8-13-2008

    4. Vanelle, not received

    5. rivercity, not received, pd 3-2-08

    6. fairyhoney, not received, pd 3-2-08

    7. GeoKs, not received, pd 5/27/08

    8. LionsLair, not recieved, paid 5/26/08

    9. RSFish1, not received, Paid 5/27/08

    10. pingos, not received, paid 5-27-08

    11. Steel City Babes, not received, Paid 8/13/08 and 8/20/08(Don't ask...as you can see I have a problem biggrin.gif )

    12. Sweetlife not recieved and paid for 5-27 08

    13. Nashuan - Dragonfly 2008 sets not received. Pd $161.25 on 5/27/08 (also pd $119.30 on 5/30/08 for Pirate Treasure coins - not received)

    14. Penny and Kona - Dragonly 2008: 1 set and extras of each not received. Paid: too much Paid when: 27 May 2008, and I still have original email receipts and an order number to prove it.

    15. gardengorilla, not received paid sometime in April...

    16. hitechman, paid June 1, 1 set, have all e-mails and receipts

    17. FamiliaSilvestre, paid 5/28/08, 1 set plus S&H $74.25

    18. ThePetersTrio paid for 5 coins on 5/26 for a total of $55.05 and coins were never received.

    19. Whitby, not received, paid 6-4-08 $78,80

  11. Depends what you want out of it all.

    If you want to sell all your coins and make money keep on doing what your doing now . It's up to us to sit up all night and try to get coins when the auction starts . If you mint(for example) 250 and 10 people buy 25 each thats a result for you and those who didn't get have to beg trade or fleabay for them if we want one .


    Heres an idea take it kick it around and see what you think -

    You have 40 coins to sell . Announce them here and ask for orders . Thread to remain open for 7 days so everyone gets a chance to order what they want.

    As the replies come in make a spreadsheet up 1- 100 across the top and names down the side.

    first is "Jim" who wants 10 coins then "Joe"wants 5 "John " wants 5 and finally"Jack" wants 10 another 15 buyers want 2 coins each. You could sell 60 coins if you had them but you only have 40 how do you split them up fairly?




    Everybody gets their first coin thats 19 gone 40-19=21 left

    Everyone gets their second coin thats another 19 gone 21-19=3 left

    Jim,Joe and John get a third coin and thats it no more coins . Not everyone got as many as they wanted but everyone got something and the coins are in the hands of many rather than a few . If there is a demand then do a remint with those who did not get all their coins first time round offerd first chance before everyone else.It's never going to please everyone - you can't do that but it gives more people a chance of getting a coin.

    What do you think? - it's only an idea


    That sounds like a lot of work, but seems to be a great idea!

  12. Can anyone give me a rough idea of how long it would take to go from the US to Europe? I don't want to put something together to hastily but I want it to arrive in time.....


    Hard to tell.

    From my experience everything between 5 days and 6 weeks is possible. I'd recommend getting the mailers out as soon as possible. There will be huge piles of Christmas mail.

  13. I have to admit that I didn't read the whole thread, but here is what I have in mind about your sales.


    It's great that your designs are loved by everybody and therefore lots of people want to have the coins. So the demand will be higher than your stock. Limiting the amount to 2 per person is great for me. That gives more people the chance to get a coin and still allows for trading. Which is part of the fun! :rolleyes:


    I like the way you handle your sales (besides cart issues that you already discussed). Not everyone will be able to get a coin, but as long as you limit the total number that will be the case. Maybe you can increase the number of coins minted a little. If you have a cart system that automaticaly prevents people from buying coins as soon as they are gone you could put portions of the total stock for sale at different times, so more people could have a chance to buy them.


    So in my eyes you should just continue designing that great coins and selling them the way you do right now.

  14. The Brahean coins are now listed on CoinCodes.com, but when I entered my tracking number, the site was unable to find the activation code? :D


    Maybe they need just a little more time; they're probably uploading all the numbers as I write this. :D


    Just to be sure that nothing is wrong with the tracking numbers, mine start with T U _ _ _ _ :D


    The codes are now up. However the coins start with CP not TU.




    That's strange. All the ones I have start with a pretty random pair of letters such as AD, FA, VI, NU, etc.


    Could that be the activation codes they put on the coins?

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