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  1. That software in indicated to be needed to run Wherigo player for the pocket PC. What is it and how do I tell if its already on my pocket pc - Windows Mobile 5 on an Axim51V? Thanks. Sli23sli
  2. This was fixed in the latest version though we still have to adjust the image positioning for the Dell Axim. The image resolution caused problems with this device. So it runs but it is admittedly kind of ugly at the moment. Jeremy, hows the work on the Axim image display issue coming? Will it be a generic fix or Axim specific? Thanks. Sli23sli
  3. If you got part # 010-10474-00 you did not get the NT version. If you really want the NT version send it back and get the NT version. If it was your order mistake, you may have to pay for shipping it back. The item # 010-10816-00 is the part # for the full NT version. Mapsource City Navigator NT US North America version 8 -(the 2006 version) and City Navigator NT US North America 2008 - (the 2007 version) - have the same Garmin item number - 010-10816-00. The only identification feature on the package that has 2008 is on the UPC code label on the back of the package. 2008 is written vertically on the left side of the UPC label. I'm sure its the same for the non NT version. The version you got - 010-10474-00 - will work on the Vista HCX but I understand that the whole US would take up about 1.6 gig of space on the 2 gig microsd, while the NT version would take up about 1 gig of space, leaving more room for other maps,etc. My understanding is that the NT and non NT version perform exactly the same. Hope this helps. Sli23sli >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  4. Has anyone got the Wherigo Pocket PC software to work with Windows Mobile 5 on an Axim 51v? If so any hints on what to do and not do? Thanks. sli23sli
  5. I upgraded from chip set version 2.5 to 2.6 using webupdater sucessfully. I'll try it again to see if this is indeed the fix of fixes. A Garmin tech sent me an e-mail telling me about it. Garmin definately seems to be trying. quote name='trx250r87' date='Jan 9 2008, 08:43 AM' post='3248365'] Easy money! So what was affected by this update? Funny that you can update through Garmin WebUpdater but their website does not show it yet. ERIC
  6. I'm confused by the terminology used in the replys. I assume you are saying that you can put the current version of City Navigator on any computer you own but you can download maps from these computers to only one GPS device. Is that correct? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  7. I was looking to find prices on the Colorado versions and I was only able to find one place on the internet that sold them. http://www.megagps.com/index.asp?PageActio...amp;ProdID=1492 They said the shipping would be late January- i.e they are taking early orders. The prices they were quoting was $440 for the 300 and a $100 more for the 400's . I'm sure there are more places that are taking early orders. Is that about the best we can expect pricewise and when will they be in the outlets so I can get my hands on one and try it out?
  8. I was wondering if the Pocket PC version of Wherigo would play on a Windows Mobile 5 - Dell Axin51V. I have a bluetooth gps I use with it and Cachenav. I saw another Axim user stating they were having Out of Memory exception errors when running the application. I haven't had the same experience on my Dell Axim. I would love to know if it works for you. My assumption is that it should as long as you connect the GPS before you open the application. Jeremey, what OS do you have on your Axim that works with the pocket pc version? Also the file is an html file , is that a plugin for Internet Explorer Mobile? I'd like to make sure its designed for Windows Mobile 5 before I try it? Sli23sli
  9. I was wondering if the Pocket PC version of Wherigo would play on a Windows Mobile 5 - Dell Axin51V. I have a bluetooth gps I use with it and Cachenav.
  10. I had spoken to a tech rep and was sent the chipset update a few days ago. He had told me that it would be up on the download page very soon. It installed sucessfully and I had already upgraded to the 2.5 software version. On the morning of the same day I got it, I had gone to a high school track when I had chipset version 2.3 and had walked at 3.0 mph, the odometer and the saved track log read .25 mile. I then walked at a 1.9 mi/hr pace and the odometer and saved track read .26mi and .25 mi. I then walked an excrucatingly slow pace of 1.3 mi/hr by stopping frequently and walking very slow. In that case the odometer read 0.1 mile and the saved track read 0.25. I went home and updated to chipset version 2.5 and went back to the track and walked at a 1.6 mi/hr pace and the odometer read 0.31 mi and the track log read 0.26 mi. I then walked at a 2.8 mi/hr pace and the odometer read 0.26 mi and the saved track log read 0.25 mi. I haven't tested it any further. Its hard to walk that slow. So the chipset revision changed something and it was closer to the correct value after the upgrade, but not correct. Why don't others also post what they find. Sli23sli The rep I spoke with had the update on his personal gps. He was in the tech support department. His manager authorized the release of the chipset 2.5 version. I guess it is a randon hit and miss on who has the update available for release until it gets released via "web updater".
  11. I just spoke to Garmin Tech support this morning (40 min wait) and they told me that there is a fix for the Vista HCX odometer problem. It will be chipset update 2.5. They said it would be on the My Garmin site soon. Maybe it'll work. They also told me that the software version 2.5 fix fixed the momentary backlight coming on then going off when you initially power up. The fix is that the backligh does not come on when you power up untill you click twice. FYI. Sli23sli
  12. Whats the latest version of City Navigator NT DVD? I was about to purchase from Amazon and it said it was selling version 8 since 2006. There is a NT 2008 update available. If I buy the full verson 8 (010-10816-00) will I have a free update or will I also have to buy an update? Or is the 010-10816-00 version the latest and greatest? Thanks. Sli23sli
  13. I also got a Vista HCX for the holidays and was in the same situation not knowing how to send caches to it with GSAK. I had installed the software that came with it (Trip and Waypoint Manager) and I believe it had drivers that were installed also at the same time. I have Windows XP. When I plugged in the Vista to the computer it searched for the drivers on the computer and found them and said that the new hardware was installed and ready. So 1st make sure that your computer can recognize the Vista when you plug it in. With that being done I went to Garmin\Mygarmin per instructions in the manual I think and clicked on geocaching, then selected a few caches in my zipcode then plugged the Vista HCX in and it transfered them to the Vista quickly. I then checked and sure enough they were there in the Vista. I then went to GSAK, read the manual and used the help file then I clicked on "GPS" and set up the Vista HCX as a USB device and then transferred a few caches to the Vista without a problem. I used the default transfer. I'm going to try to use the "smart name" stuff and see what info gets transferred. So make sure you have the computer recognizing your device , then set it up as a USB device in GSAK - very simple - no need for ports etc. - and it should work. Sli23sli
  14. I had a few questions regarding City Navigator before deciding which way to go. I've read through the FAQ's and still have questions. I'd appreciate any replies. Does the Navaigator NT version on the microcard have be be unlocked/locked etc like the DVD version and be associated with a specific GPSr or is it true plug and play, i.e you could unplug and use on a different GPSr. Also does the DVD version allow you to run the map program on your PC, (i.e similar to Streets and Trips) for planning/routing --- in addition to allowing you to load it to your GPSr's microcard. Does the microcard have to be on the GPSr when you load it or can you use a card reader on your PC to load it . How long is the load time for the NT version vs the non -NT version? Sli23sli
  15. I got a Vista HCX for the holidays and it's really a step up from my PDA Catchnav. My wife bought it from REI in early Dec 07 and it had software version 2.3 and GPS SW version 2.3. I sucessfully updated to software version 2.5. The Garmin explanation on the 2.4 to 2.5 software version fix was "Removed the turn backlight on action when unit is initially powered on". I'm not sure what that means because I still have to turn on and adjust the backlight everytime I power it up. Maybe you don't need the backlight on a sunlit day but it hasn't been sunny here since I got it. I was wondering if that was the intent of the fix but it isn't working on mine. I'm still learning how to use it and I'm impressed with its accuracy and utility. Sli23sli
  16. 1 - Approx. Date Of Purchase? Dec 7,2007 2 - Purchase Location? REI 3 - Unit Software Version? * 2.3 4 - GPS SW Version? *2.3 5 - Unit ID? * 3366330554 6 - Have you updated the firmware yourself? Yes to ver 2.5 for Unit software 7 - Have you noticed the Trip Computer bug firsthand? ** Not yet - seemed to be about right first time I tried it. 8 - Does your typical usage depend on the Trip Computer function? Yes, it would be nice to have 9 - Have you contacted Garmin about the issue? Not yet sli23sli
  17. I have been seeing quite a discusion regarding the bugs that the Vista HCX has regarding the trip computer and the altimiter. Does the 60CSX have these same bugs or is it now bugfree? sli23sli
  18. I've read as much as I could in this forum and I realize that the Vista HCX still has some problems that need to be resolved based on recent posts. I believe some early problems were fixed with software updates. My impression is that it is a great unit for geocaching - holds the signal well and has good accuracy. Is it a unit that's comparable in performance to the 60CSX and other Geocaching frontrunners? I'm considering getting one. Thanks. sli23sli
  19. I've been using an Axim 51v and Cachemate/Cachenav to find geocaches. I also use a Nuvi 350 to travel to the location. I've been thinking of getting a handheld gps that could take the place of what I'm currently using i.e navigate to the cache and find the cache. It would replace a compass, a GPSr, a Nuvi 350 and possibly the Axim 51v. (Although the Axim 51v with cachemate has more info than the GPS handheld units, therefore I may still use it.) I'm considering Garmin units that can fit the bill. To the best of my knowledge, and please correct me if I'm wrong, the Garmin etrex Legend HCX, etrex Vista HCX, the 60CSX and the 76 CSX have similar features including a compass, an altimiter, a base map, routing capability, and use of storage memory chips. If that is correct, I'm leaning toward the Vista HCX or the 76CSX. The other piece of information I'd like to know is whether the base maps are good enough for driving purposes or whether more deailed road map software is recommended. The cost for the map software is rather expensive so it would be nice to not have to get it. I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks. Sli23sli
  20. Peter, I had a similar problem recently with a Nuvi 350. I asume the sucion cup mount is similar. I had left it on the windshield for about 2 weeks in February while on vacation in very cold nothern PA. When I tried to take it off, the rubber was fused to the glass. I eventually called Garmin and they replaced suction cup part of the mount under warrenty and told me that I should take it off after I finish using it each day. I've been doing that and it's been working OK but I assume it will eventually fail again. I've been cleaning the glass inside with windex to make sure it's clean. Sims Roy
  21. I have read a few posts on this topic and a also a blog from a windows mobile 5 topic on this but did not see a clear resolution. I just got a WM5 Dell Axim 51v and I have been trying to use a Bluetooth GPSr to provide data to 2 apps. I have not been getting consistent results in being able to do this. I can connect to the hardware port most of the time for each app alone, and to the intermediate software port sometimes but I have not been able connect two apps to the software port as I understand can be done. There was a flurry of discussion regarding this about 11 months ago then nothing further. I assume this issue has been cleanly resolved but I checked for a new driver download from microsoft but did not find any. I have WM5 version OS 5.1.195 (Build 14957.2.3.1). I also have ROM version A12 (06200600). I'm not sure if there are upgrades. I was hoping some members of the forum is using WM5 and sucessfully connecting a Bluetooth GPSr to two or more apps. I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks. Sims Roy
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