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  1. Sorry but the clues are already there! Just about every other post has a clue for you. I sure hope you figure it out! Try checking up on the cache page, maybe there's a clue there? Og
  2. What a great conversation. Thank you all for the great advise and links. So what about gaiters? I've thought about buying a pair. They'd sure save a ton of time picking out those wild grass seeds that attatch to wool/polyester socks. You know those nasty bugers that don't even come out in the wash? Are Gaiters worth the money? Og
  3. I agree with Pepper. I don't really mind the cold but I'd like dry weather for my first night caching. Og
  4. It looks like there's some sort of problem with the bug's page. Kfam apparently has the tater and it looks as if GEMS tried to post a "test" note to the page. Does this have anything to do with the weather? A power outage? Or maybe that virus? I hope everything's all right down there, Kfam. Og
  5. I'd like to join in on a Gig Harbor run. I've been in that area before but never in a cache mode. Count me in! Og
  6. Busted! I, too am a log addict! I guess it's like your own little private research study on a particular cacher or group. You can make a ton of assumptions about someone by reading their logs. (right or wrong) ((you know assume makes an A** out of U and ME)) I was thinking of applying for a grant to do my research. There's a lot to learn about folks out there by what they chose to type in their logs. Og
  7. AWW Man~! I thought I had those blue horns tucked up under my elvis toupee really good! You saw them?? Drat! My secret's out. Very nice meeting you Cin, you're not too bad yourself! Og
  8. And may I add that's the best Harry Potter cache I've seen! Well thought out and well done! I only wish I was closer so I could find it! Keep it up bons, Og
  9. WOW TY bons! That should help a lot of people! Og
  10. Way to go! Welcome to you I hope you are hooked! Good luck, Og
  11. Was going to add some blither........decided not to. It's just that this posts reminds me of those annoying e-mails I get from annoying family members where I'm supposed to send it to 10 different people or have unbelievable bad luck for an even more unbelievable amount of time. Og
  12. Hey! By the way, Thanks for that link! I like that "Bring a pencil" animation! I might just use that!
  13. If you want to add a picture to your cache, type this in the cache description. Be sure to click the box that says HTML is being used. <center><img SRC="your uploaded picture"></center>
  14. I think what you need is a introduction to HTML. HERE"S a link that may help. Og
  15. Thank you all for your suggestions. I think the answer to my problem is to find the right boot for me. So where do I look? Most shoe stores are staffed with kids who will tell you anything to sell their product. Any shopping suggestions?
  16. I'm not sure what you are asking? Can you give me an example cache page? Og
  17. Go to the cache pages that you've found. You can find them by clicking on the "hide and seek" a cache tab in the left of the home page. Once at one of your finds page......look in the upper righthand of the page, there's a tab that says......"Log your visit" click on that and follow the instructions. If you need more help e-mail me by clicking on my name over there <------ Og
  18. I've been buying those Duracell Ultras. They seem to last more than twice longer than the regular Duracells, although I haven't done a scientific study on the matter. I have a Sport Trak Pro, too and I leave the WAAS on, so I go through a lot of batteries. I've seen those huge packs of generic batteries and allways wondered if they were a value. Og
  19. I did a micro last week that was 4.5 miles one way with an elevation gain of 2400 feet. I'm hoping to get myself into shape so I can tackle this one this summer. Og
  20. I'm approaching my one year mark in March. I've not participated in an event, yet. I guess I have no excuse. Just shy, no not that, I guess it just takes me a while to get used to things. So here is my formal......HEY! To all out there! I'm glad to be a part of such a great group! Og
  21. Wow Thanks Carleenp, I didn't even think of that. I guess size really does matter , I wear a womens' size 10. Maybe it has something to do with the way they design footwear? I mean can a boot desisned to perform in a size say....5 achieve the same dynamics stretched to a size 10?
  22. Thanks carleenp, I'll look into that . ChrisCindy? What kind of replacement insoles did you buy? And do your hikes usually involve elevation gain? Og
  23. Yes Sax, that's about it! I just quit smoking about 3 weeks ago, and for some odd reason I've decided to have a few beers tonight........YOU WANNA SEE HOSTILE???!!! No I'm fine........really! OG
  24. I've been hiking in a pair of North Face womens hiking boots for about a year and a half. I think I paid around 90 bucks for them. The problem is my feet still hurt after long hikes and I'm still getting blisters. They are pretty well water-proof and don't seem to be falling apart in any way. I always wear non-cotton socks. The blisters I'm getting are on the tips of my second toes, (both of 'em). And for the sake of arguement.......YES, my big toes ARE bigger than my second toes. I've gotten into the habit of fitting those problem tootsies with mole skin before a hike but sometimes it comes unglued, resulting in an annoying lump migrating around my sock. I never did buy replacement insoles. Do those fancy-schmancy $25 insoles really make a difference? Or are my problems the cause of a bad fit, or a bad boot design? Any suggestions? Og Edited because comas is not a word
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