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  1. SHOTGUN! 85 degrees and you want heated seats? Hey, it's only supposed to get to the mid 70's on Sunday, a regular arctic weather front. What kind of girlie Jeep has heated leather seats anyway?
  2. I'm flattered It's been awhile since I've seen those exclamation points! Beer? Did someone say beer?
  3. Hey Hey I wanna come too. Sunday is good for me and 0800 works too. I called the Naches ranger district this afternoon to see if there were any trail reports for Aix. The lady said that they (the rangers, I supposed) had not gone up there yet. I asked if there was a website to watch for updates. She said no just call the station for info. That's what I plan to do from time to time until next week. I'll keep you all posted. I think I'll go for Aix either way. There is a cache at Nelson's Ridge that I haven't found and I'm pretty confident that the trail is open at least to that point. Maybe the group could split if need be. Some going to Frying Pan (or elsewhere) and others to Aix?
  4. Dang, he's onto me. I had seriously considered coming just to car camp while others hiked and maybe doing some cooking. But with Abbey's comment maybe not. All kidding aside I would love to be there with you guys but next week I go in for open heart surgery to replace a valve. I won't be up to camping by this date. Keep me in mind for future hikes though as soon as my doctor releases me. I'll need some easy ones before Criminal takes me on a killer hike. Ironman Wow Fe, good luck with that. That's so scary, but I'm sure you'll pull through....after all, you're an Ironman!
  5. I'm with NWCREW. Sure wish I had known about your plan earlier. Do you have a date set?
  6. I don't know what most people are planing, but we'll probably lay low Friday night (maybe a couple of beers and visiting) My husband will be fishing all day while hikers hike and he claims that he'll grill for us Saturday. (we'll have to work out a menu as the date draws near) I think there will be a few tasty brews consumed by me on Saturday evening.
  7. I just booked up site #051 for both nights. The sites are going fast. Party!
  8. You could camp at the trailhead. If you'd like more "civilized" camping, you could stay at the Bumping Lake campground. Either way, camping the night before isn't a bad idea.
  9. Ya know, we could always make the Aix hike an overnighter. Just throwing it out there.
  10. I'm in as well, Abby. Mt. Washington sounds great, GrnXnham! Thanks for the invite. I'm in on Sunday. What time shall we meet and will you be bringing a dog? This is all coming together.
  11. Making this an AHOTM sounds good to me. This still leaves my Saturday open. hmmm... maybe I'll go get those Sugarloaf caches. I haven't cached is awhile, I wonder if I still know how to load co-ords in my GPS.
  12. Yeah it's probably too early anyway. I think I'm getting too antsy. Maybe I should look to the Olympics for a Saturday hike.
  13. Hello everybody! It's been awhile since I posted here. How have you been? I was thinking about maybe, possibly hiking up to Aix and Pains this Saturday to check on my cache. I just did a quick check to find any recent trail reports but found none. I'm pretty sure the snow leaves the area pretty early in the spring, but this year may be different. Anyone care to make this trek with me, or have a better idea?
  14. I Would love to visit Mt. Aix and my cache again. If my vote carries any weight. This carries a lot of weight Og. It's been a very long time since we hiked together and I'm always glad to have a cache owner in the group. I'll plan this for later in the year when the weather is a bit more tame. Great! I can't wait!
  15. Thanks guys! That did the trick. 7 missing trackables, what a shame.
  16. I've not been a very active cacher for a while, and haven't kept up on the latest and greatest. I have a cache with oodles of trackables listed on the cache page but none in the cache. How do I fix that? Og
  17. I Would love to visit Mt. Aix and my cache again. If my vote carries any weight.
  18. Looking for folks that want to hike with me. I'm open for suggestion in western Washington.
  19. Aww, I'd totally be up to this, but I've got tickets to the Mariners game. No really, I do! I hope you survive to tell the tale! Catch some fish!
  20. The hike was awesome! WOW even. I would highly recommend this one! I'm too tired to post my log right now, though but here's a teaser photo.....
  21. Awesome ! Thanks for changing your plans! I could pick you up at the P&R on my way up. I'd like to hit the trail early, what'd you say to meeting at the P&R at 7am? Anyone else?
  22. Anyone want to join me Sunday on a hike to The Katwalk and Beyond? It's supposed to be a nice sunny day and I've wanted to strut my stuff on that Katwalk for a long time! Any takers?
  23. Dang! I really missed out. I know you're having a blast out there! I just got back from a trip to tha mid-west and had limited access to the net while I was there. Ahh well, next time.
  24. Wow! What a great day! A great hike with some great people. I'm too pooped to log my finds or to post my pics. It'll have to wait until tomorrow. Thanks for setting this up Marcus!
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