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  1. do any gps's come with the fine detail maps?
  2. do you need the detailed maps? do the basemaps work fine for a new cacher?
  3. does the venture cx or the legend come with maps already because i don't want to have to pay $100 for a map of WA.
  4. What does FTF mean? i had someone say "our first FTF."
  5. what is an FTF? i have heard people say that and i don't know what it it!
  6. i was lookinn at the Garmin eTrex Legend GPS Navigator, is that good?
  7. i am looking at getting a gps because i am interested in geocaching. what ia an enexpensive but reliable gps?
  8. i am looking for an inexpensive gps, too. any suggestions?
  9. i want to get a gps (i am new). do you have suggestions?
  10. It is hard to find a spot that doesn't have someone near it(you can't have one with someone else's next to it.) where are some good places?(ex:a school, a cemetary, ect...)
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