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  1. The 2009 GONIL "Sweet Home Chicago" Geocoin is sold out. Keep an eye out for the soon to be released GONIL 2010 Celebrating 10 Years of GEOCACHING Coin. Thanks for your support. 2 CBR Treasurer - Geocachers of Northeast Illinois
  2. Both yesterday's and today's PQ's just arrived. Thanks!
  3. The ISP I'm using is Comcast. Ran four PQ's this evening, only one arrived in my inbox.
  4. I too had a problem with the "remember me" function this week. I had to delete all cookies from my browser (firefox) than log back into GC.com.
  5. It's about 7 miles from Bedford Heights, but I enjoyed Stairway to Nowhere.
  6. Thanks, I'll give Gmail a try.
  7. I've never had a problem getting my PQ's through Comcast till this week. Can anything be done besides using a different provider?
  8. I'm having this same problem today.
  9. Try GpxView, I've been using it for a few years. Works great on my Dell Axim Pocket PC.
  10. Yes, Turkey Run is a great spot for camping, hiking, cachin', and canoeing. Be sure and check out all the covered bridges, there are caches at most of them.
  11. I liked the story and the cache. MI first time.
  12. You can. A feature I really like combines Google Earth with GSAK. There is a macro for GSAK that allows you to build a customized KML file for Google Earth. A finds filter would be great as I use Google Earth mainly to find caches along a route without having to get generate Pocket Queries for the route. I've been Bookmarking the caches along my route, generating a Pocket Query for the Bookmark, importing the PQ to GSAK and then deleting my finds.
  13. If this was at a Camporee in Rochelle, IL I was there, hilarious. That's what I was thinking.
  14. I did these two this week. I'm also recomending them.
  15. The custom waypoint icons were not working correctly on my 60 CS. When downloading waypoints from GSAK to the 60 CS, custom waypoint icons would appear as a small blue dot (small city). After updating the firmware on the 60 CS from 3.60 to 4.00 the custom icons display properly.
  16. A quick and easy way to determine if someone has already logged a locationless site without scrolling through thousands of logs is to: Click on “View them all on one page” Click Edit on the Internet Explorer toolbar Click Find (on this page) In the “Find what” box enter the first few digits of your West coordinate Click find next You will then only have to look at a few logs among thousands on some of the more popular locationless caches. Using this method I have found that a few that I wanted to log had already been logged multiple times.
  17. I’m trying to figure out why highway rest areas will not display on the map page. I am running CitySelect v6 on a 60CS. The only way I can get the rest stops to display is if I zoom out to at least 5 miles, but at that point the base map takes over and CitySelect is not in use. I’ve tried changing map detail, map points, street label and land cover. Also if you do a search for the nearest rest areas, =>Find => Exits => Menu => Select Category => Rest Area => Map, it will automatically zoom to 5 Miles and use the base map. Any ideas?
  18. Garmin has great customer service. This happened to me twice with my eTrex Vista. The first time the unit was a month out of warranty, and again about a year later. Both times the unit was repaired at no charge. Not only was the rubber grip replaced, they replaced the entire case! This was an unexpected bonus as the first time I had some deep scratches on the screen. Also both times I had the GPSr back in about a week. I haven't used the Vista much since the second repair as I am now using a 60 CS as my primary unit. As briansnat mentioned it is probably caused by leaving the GPSr in the hot car. Although I have never left it in the sun (I always leave it in the glove box), or gotten any bug spray or sunscreen on it. Garmin is FIRST CLASS all the way!
  19. I've had good luck using Novus brand scratch remover on my eTrex Vista. The product comes in two formulas, number two for fine scratches and number three for heavy scratches. If using number three, it must be followed up with number two to remove the haze. FiddlinFool lists some good techniques for the scratch removal process
  20. Check out what my kids did for me.
  21. I have heard that this is a problem with the 60 series. One thing I noticed is that the USB cable from my camera will work with my 60 CS, but it takes a little bit of force to insert the plug, while the Garmin USB cable plugs in easily.
  22. I have been using the Garmin bike mount with my Vista for a couple of years. When using the mount I always wrap the lanyard around the handlebars, just in case.
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