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  1. Tick..ity boo, having seen the numerous replies, and the various suggestions for their removal, and considering the risk of Lymes disease. not pleasant!! Firstly if you want to remove it via tweezers, rotate anti-clockwise as you do so, but dont squeeze so hard to leave the head in, which to the unexperienced is a risk you take also!. Alternatively for a quick fix esp. for your pets, and if you want, use an alcohol based liquid.... use your auld aftershave, any perfume etc (Brut, Hi Karate, etc)..but NOT your best Highland Malt, which incidently will work equally as well if you've got a posh dog! Then on to vaseline, saturating it over the beastie works the same and is easier to apply on nearly hairless skin, but takes a wee bit longer. I appreciate the problem and worry of regurgitation causing Lymes disease while using the last two methods, but similarly, the danger from leaving parts of a parasite within, and under the skin causes similar and other problems, and whose to say it hasn't regurgitated anyway while it's being pulled There has been so much written about this, and various opinions . Personnally I go for, on my hairy pets the alcohol option, on myself the vaseline one. Usually drink the alcohol, while applying the vaseline! That doesn't sound right! Doh!... but you know what I mean..Hi! Regards DD
  2. Hi there, I see that you have had no replies re your Gold, Have you tried the 'magellanmeridian' users groups on Yahoo. Think you might be able to get help there. There are downloads and hints also for using with Meridian series gpsr's. I have used some them successfully for my platinum, which also came from the states. From memory there are two groups...choose the one with the biggest subscribers Best of Luck! DD
  3. I enjoy taking pics whenever I can, particularly when the scenery or location is of note around a cache site. These pics eventually start forming a bit of a diary of your caching exploits to look back on...just wish I could train one of my mutts to take one!. It's a pleasure seeing the other contributions also, as it certainly adds a bit more life to the logs. Praise be to the digi-cameras of the world!!! Oh, & p.s. XP resizes the format no problem for upload....though its easier starting with a smaller or medium file from the camera in the first place (unless your thinking of high quality prints later), and you'll hardly notice the difference (sharpness) on your pc anyway. Cheers DD
  4. Similarly interested, and presume it would be able to be used with Meri Plats as well.. anyone got a link?. Cheers DD
  5. Hey!!!!! Well done FoF, that's must be about the fastest completed ton for a Scottish cacher as well, I reckon !! Great Going & Congrats!!.... DD
  6. Yep, Looking forward to seeing the set of Snaik's caches on the trail, as I hardly know that area at all. What I really need is free time to do them ...or any, for that matter!! Rgds, DD
  7. A DeputyDawg !!...and we used to get the new starts to phone a number (the zoo!) and ask for Mr Lyons re a faulty pelican crossing, or during heavy snowfalls have them sweep snow from the black sections, only, of local pedestrian crossings. Oh.. and clear snow from the orange bulb on the top...and if you had to travel by bus, get them to check the passengers tickets, and even being sent an errand round to the local ironmonger to buy a can of tartan paint, or a new bubble for a spirit level, and as mentioned the ubiquitous skyhook, obviousley! Cheers DD
  8. Congrats on both, another Scottish Ton...Well Done Forester! Cheers, DD
  9. I agree with this but not every cache can contain a hoard of treasures. And if you came across a cache containing a 120GB Hard Drive and really wanted it, would you run home to find that old network card, or would you carry something of equal value to trade? At the end of the day, it's a 'cheap' hobby with the only costs being a webconnection, a GPS and petrol. I really don't spend a lot of time worrying about cache contents, as it's about the location and not the 'treasures' to me. I have placed caches that only contain the notebook and pencil, and have no problem with that. I rarely trade items unless they seem useful and carry some items with me in case I do want to trade. But normally I don't bother. I think this is a bit unfair to any cache owner - regardless of the contents, many caches are placed in locations that are important to the owner. I co-own a cache containing meaningless tat, but we placed it in one of the most spectacular locations in Ireland and get great feedback from visitors. But nobody has said "was annoyed that it only contained a mobile phone deckchair". I have visited caches placed in housing estates and wondered why someone wanted it there - but I guess what makes me happy makes them happy - and that's the mail from geocaching.com saying that someone found it. By the way, I would rather scale a mountain to find a sopping wet cache at the top than log a locationless cache. It's not the same and it still, and remains a question of the location and the significance thereof, and not the trinkets contained in it. I don't have kids and if I had, I would probably look at this a little differently as they would anticipate the toys, but I think I would explain it to them as a shot in the dark - some caches have lots of good stuff, some have one or two interesting things, and some just have the notebook and pen. Such is life. It's a bit like searching for the proverbial perfect pint of Guinness, really. Thanks for the comments and I fully understand what your saying, but back to the original point, whereby a little bit of effort should be put into placing a cache, if not for the contents then at least for the location as you have done. All I'm saying is that a little bit of effort is all it takes to make a cache a bit more interesting and if you can't or dont want to place items of a certain interest or value, the location will always make up for this. Rgds DD
  10. Do you suggest the hider should replenish the cache forever so future cachers can continue the trend of profiting? Greedy cachers cause the contents to deteriorate, not the hider. As far as I am concerned all a cache should contain is a logbook and pencil. If people need to acquire swag I would suggest going to This Location. Ah well, time changes us all, I suppose..remember your earlier logs e.g Haleakala Bike Cache and others back in the early days when you swapped!! The problem originally arises from placing within the original cache, a load of real tack, without much thought, even as towards the insipration for the location of the cache site, this subsequently perpetuates itself into a downward spiral and results into a 'sickly' cache. Personnally I would prefer searching for a locationless cache, rather than find a 'by the road', damp and pinging half empty regular one, with no real point even being there, other than to exist for the short term, self gratification of the owner, saying he/she has placed one! Rgds All, DD Oh, an edit! ..Fortunatley up here in the Northern sticks (Scotland), this doesn't happen to often, thankfully, we huv class cache's here...... AND!.... Mastercard, Visa & Diners are all accepted readily! ..but 'Bring yer Boots', GD GC...DD
  11. Don't worry Spiora ,as per some recent experiences from around M25, think quantity..not quality!... I've noticed overall though, that the 'poorest' , if that's politically correct, caches seem to be set originally by enthusiastic beginners, and after a short time when the novelty wears off, the cache deteriorates, primarily by not having proper maintainance. Would anyone support a policy of a specific number of caches found, before that/those person(s) are allowed to place a cache?????. Maybe '5' for example?. This might help the quality and standard of caches overall, and perhaps would help eliminate, the here today, gone tommorrow brigade? by showing, at least, a bit of committment to the hobby/sport. Obviousley there would be circumstances which would be exceptional to the general guidelines, e.g. disability, transportation and locality etc. I just wonder what the general feeling is regarding this? Rgds. DD
  12. Loony Troons also!.... and is closest to the airport...only a 5 minute drive away.. Whilst enroute via A77, take the Troon, B class road, cut off just before the airport (not the earlier A78 one at the roundabout!) and on the first really sharp left hand bend, marked with chevrons, go right, and up the wee single track road for about 300metres....is now a 50 metre walk from car! Good Hunting , DD
  13. Yep! another Scottish Ton in!! Well Done, TT Rgds, DD
  14. Great idea FoF, particularly along the Great Glen, I wonder if some of the more Northerly cachers would take it up?... a Caledonian Canal series perhaps..Ft William to Inverness. would tie nicely with the end of the WHW. Similarly, further South, from East to West, a Forth and Clyde, Union or Crinan Canal series might be an easier option in the meantime. Hhmmmn?? Cheers, DD
  15. Thro' the net..and still love it! and well over a year now , but wish had more time and the oppertunity between working...trying my hardest though! Tnx DD ....Hey!
  16. I was deeply saddened to read about the tragic circumstances of Lucy. Having working and pet dogs, I can appreciate how you and your family must be feeling around this time. My sincere condolences and thoughts go out to you all, Nodrog. DeputyDawg
  17. Congrats, Ye olde Codger...but tell me if your 'Jude' ever needs a new home!, She looks better than you will ever do!...Hi! TK CR...Well Done, Mi Amigo! Rgds, As Always, DD!
  18. Thanks for that ER ...am obviously dealing with an expert!!...Thought I was doing ok with C1DER on the plate of a drinks company van many moons ago! Cheers, DD
  19. Ah! yes a fine example of Adams vocabulary or rabbit speak! 'HRUDUDUIL'... I think?,... being the noun, specific. Thanks for that one, ER! Regards DD
  20. Hi there, HaggisHunter, There are six cachers intending placing these caches out along the 8 sections of the WHW... Flyfishermanbob is co-ordinating all, and who is in also touch with SYHA also re the same. Contact him for further info or possibilities/arrangements. Regards and good GC as ever! DD
  21. Spioradsaor/ Murrin.........Why can I not find a '5'....????? Well done anyway! Am still looking, and tho I've seem to have seen plenty in the past..where have they suddenly all gone? Anybody in Ayrshire, with a personal plate with a '5' willing to oblige....?? Cheers & Gd Hunting!, DD
  22. MCL, there's another possibility!...there are loads of AYR's in Ayr up here. Am sure there must be L3EDS, in Leeds, or an ELG1N in Elgin etc etc!....I suppose you could also log it much as VR boxes, so long as had your gps handy and hit the GOTO or Waypoint button while in the general area.....or somat like that, haven't really thought about it....hmmm?? I cant believe I'm stuck still looking for a measly '5' tho , as this started out as just as a bit of fun ! Think Spiora is up to 14 with Murrin a 17 already, Hi! Then of course you could always then look for 'Eddies' ..... these are the green, gold and red 'Eddie Stobbart' HGV's which have an individual girls/womans name's discreetly painted on, just under the windscreen. Apparently there are 30, 000 members. see http://www.eddiestobart.co.uk/Fanclub/ Cheers, DD
  23. Hi Frank, The first of eight caches has just been placed on the West Highland Way, hopefully there will be a few more before you start your walk, see.... ... WHW Day5 (Saint Fillan's) ... it is at the halfway point. Hope you enjoy your visit! Cheers, DeputyDawg
  24. Hi All, I suppose with the demise of spotting VR boxes , and the new car numbering system, which is making it progressively more difficult as time goes on, it may be a bit of fun/interest for some folk travelling about the country…or stuck in a traffic jam, more like. .....If you were keen enough, I suppose you could try it using the last three letters and working down through the alphabet.. e.g. **51AAA, **02AAB, **04AAC..etc,etc,..this would run to thousands of course ! .....or spotting ones from each DVLA Local Office Identifier sequentially or not, i.e. (AA)51***(Peterborough, Anglia), (LA)02***(Wimbledon, London) Just a thought anyway, and of the many permutations possible!.. see the list of each DVLA Local Office Identifier, if your interested, at. www.dvla.gov.uk/public/press_releases/2001/p_release22_english_310801.htm Cheers, DD
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