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  1. This is a fine idea. I did this last march for my own personal travel bug. I wanted to track actual milage (and gas expense) and since return trips back home after caching are nearly half of the trip, I wanted to track those miles too. It has worked just fine. Before setting up my homebase cache I worked with my local cache approver. I sent a very detailed email message explaining my purpose and that it would be just a homebase for a personal TB. The approver was great to work with and approved the cache and then immediatly archived it so that it wouldn't appear as a new cache available to the rest of the caching community. Each time I log the TB with just a note not a "cache found" because I don't want to mix up my find numbers either. Hope this helps. Kirk out. aka Search1128
  2. Does anyone know how the current version 3.03 of GSAK will export to the new Garmin Mapsource 6.1? The new mapsource has a differnt database format and a new file name extension, it is no longer .mps but instead it is now .gdb extension. Anyone?? Kirk out.
  3. Several months ago there was a situation where a Geocacher and a News reporter did a segment about geocaching in their local area. It was a good segment from what I remember but then afterwards the news anchor desk guy said some smart remark like "get a life". Whatever happened to that? Did the apology ever happen on air?? Just curious... Kirk out.
  4. Are there any plans to make access to the e-zine easier to get to? Like maybe putting a link on the front page of geocaching.com? OT - Halden, why do you have 42 in your sig line? Kirk out, aka Search1128
  5. I don't mind at all if cachers do a quick log of my TB out and into the same cache. I acutally find that useful in knowing the "well being" of my TB. I am glad to know that it is still in existance and not just floating in nowhereland. Kirk out.
  6. I have noticed that with all the new recent changes to the web site (good job I might add!), that in my PQ's I have begun to see an amount of caches that show up as not found by me but when I go to the actual cache page to check them out, there is the red lettering at the top saying "unavailable but visible". My questions ... Are these caches archived or simply marked temporarily disabled? Which is which when it comes to "unavailable but visible" on the cache page? I thought that archived caches by nature aren't supposed to show up in the query listings... I think I may have remedied my query list by checking the option to list only active caches (as opposed to inactive) when I revised my setting for my PQ. Does this seem correct? Please help. Thanks Kirk out. Search1128
  7. Just a question here to add to this thread... I have noticed on the new Travel Bug page for when I own a travel bug that there is a new option in the drop down that allows you to mark your TB as missing. My question is this... What happens to the TB then? It is removed from the cache in which it was listed? Is it "grabbed" from the hands of the cacher with whom it was lost? How is the bug listed after this option is chosen? Is it simply put back into the hands of the official owner? Dropped into gravyard page somehere, if so where? Hmmm... Any explanation help would be helpful Thanks Kirk out. aka Search1128
  8. I found out last summer that I walk over 2 1/2 miles each week while mowing my lawn on only a 1/4 acre lot with a house.
  9. About 30 years ago when I was in cub scouts, our den leader had us save the plastic sheets that were used as packing within a new shirt package. There was usually a large sheet about 8X10 in the body of the shirt and a strip of plastic around the collar of the shirt. After we had saved enough we drew pictures on them by tracing cookie cutters and permanent markers. They we cut them out and shrunk them in the oven. We gave them to our parents as christmas tree ornaments. I still have one from way back then in our christmas decorations... Another comment... Shrinkage. Whenever we go water skiing in the summer, the first person jumps in the water and we all say "How cold is it?!". The jumper yells back "Seinfeld cold!" . Shrink plastic would be a good idead to use to attach to a TB for the goal sheet. Print it with a large font with the ink jet then when it shrinks it is a perfect size to attach to the chain with the dog tag and TB, and is water proof! Kirk out, aka Search1128
  10. Dec 24, Each year. This has go to be one of my favorite cache trips of the year, besides helping EB on the side during the spring. I printed the cache page and checked it twice. Man, what a multi stage this one is going to be tonite. Over 50 million stage legs to do in 24 hrs. I started the cache run on the eastern edge of Russia and then made a quick jaunt down to the south pacific islands. Sure is a good thing I have my personal TB GeoCoin handy so I can log in and out of each stage. I believe this will be my best night of milage ever. I then continued westward with the sun on my side for the next 23 1/2 hours. I hit all 50 million stops and left a little something at each stop. Couldn't have done it though without Rudy and the gang. Thanks boys. Took a cookie and glass of milk at each stop. Left a big present for the good ones , and a lump of coal for the bad ones . Thanks for the fun. HO HO HO. Santa Claus "speed cacher"
  11. I did a themed cache where instead of maintaining the same theme forever, the theme changed once all the contents of 10 items pertained to the current theme. It was called Everchanging Cache. It was going great until it go plundered twice in a month so I archived it. I want to do another one later on. It was fun to see the comments. Kirk out, aka Search1128
  12. Is it part of the geocaching uniform to have a goatee type beard? It seems that 90% of the picts have late 20's mid 30's round bellied white skinned goatee wearing mugs on them. This sure is fun though to see everyone's picture. Good to put a face to the name. Kirk out.
  13. This is an awesome improvement. Thank-you! A suggestion... Can caches that are "archived" be added to the THAT section? It would be interesting to see a list of caches in my area that once existed and their proximity to the currently active ones. Kirk out.
  14. In junior high pre-algebra I was given a problem -- "If two trains, one traveling north and the second traveling south on the same line of tracks, are heading towards a junction where one of the two trains can switch lines to avoid a collision, and the junction is twice as far as one third the distance of the second train to the first train when the first train is currently going twice as fast as its normal running speed, how fast must the second train go and what length of distance must be covered to avoid a head on collision?" My answer was "This question is an extra long run on sentence making this math problem too hard to answer." In an ironic twist of fate that very scenario was currently happening on a real set of train tracks in rural usa and my answer was to be used to avoid a real life disaster. Since I chose not to answer the question correctly, there was a terrible crash in which several hundred head of cattle were tragically gassed by the contents of the tanker cars being hauled by train number two. I was subsequently arrested for juvenile arithmatical neglegence and sentenced to 3.1415... years of community service picking up fresh prarie dollars on the plains of rural usa. Kirk out.
  15. I currently have an Etrex Legend from Garmin along with the MapSource MetroGuide USA (update 5.4). The software manual says that the metroguide USA supports autorouting on the PC, when I bought it as 4.13 on the CD - I have since updated to release 5.4 via garmin's website. I wonder if now with the updated release, the autorouting will work with GPS units that support autorouting. I know that the legend doesn't do it but I have read that the new garmin GPS 60c has autorouting. Does anyone know if the new GPS will support metroguide USA autorouting on the GPS? OR is that function strictly limited to their other mapping software called city select? Also another question... MetroGuide USA doesn't need any unlocking codes to use it. Does City select follow that same scheme?, or does it need to be unlocked with a code that I have to purchase seperately? (that is if I choose to buy it when I get me a new 60c!) Thanks for your help Kirk out.
  16. This is cool, never thought of it that way before. Technically the sheaperds were there before the wise men -- some say the wise men actually didn't show up until possibly a year or two or more later after the event. At any rate, It isn't documented if the sheaperds left any gifts or any other trade item so now that I think about it -- you're right. The three kings were pretty cool geocachers. Thanks for the thought and Merry Christmas to everyone. Kirk out.
  17. Does anyone know what has happened to the website for the plucker program to put spinnerized gpx files/html cache pages onto a pda? I have gone to www.plkr.org and get screen message that the site isn't available. hmmmm.... Kirk out.
  18. Besides the price, what is the difference between the c and the cs models? Wow this is so packed with features I wonder if it talks or can make me a sandwich while on the trail?
  19. It is snowing today. I am glad that I put up my christmas light bulbs this last saturday when it was 60 degrees outside. HO HO HO! (Happy Wintertime to all those who are offended by any particular holiday and have a different "holiday" of their own). Kirk out.
  20. I like to read the log books when I go out caching. Sometimes when I have extra time I will read them from cover to cover. It is fun to read about other's experiences and the history of the cache. Kirk out
  21. The 10 best Mexican beaches are just two spaces south of that one country that is just one space north of the lower 48 and one space east of the western 1, and 2 spaces northeast of the extreme southwestern floating 1. There was some confusion earlier in another thread about the location of that country alluded to in the afore mentioned paragraph, whehter or not is was a country or simply an extra big state of the US or a step child state of the jolly old isle on the other side of the atlantic. Mexican Beaches are, by the way, very very nice at this time of year and with Christmas just around the corner, I think a warm vacation would be nice. (It is snowing here in Utah for the third day in a row...) Enough rambling now, back to work. Kirk out.
  22. Does anyone know whatever came of this soap opera?
  23. Note to the admins... It would be nice if there was a link on the main travel bug page to the Graveyard(s). Then owners can "kill" them and "revive" them easily. Just a thought. Kirk out.
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