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  1. On that question I had about bringing filters over to my laptop.... Thank-you! It worked great! I had tried the restore feature before but forgotten to check the settings box when I was restoring on the laptop. After I checked that I got all my filters too. Thanks again Clyde for a wonderful program. Kirk out.
  2. Here's a question I haven't seen.... I have GSAK on two computers, my desktop and my laptop. I have set up all kinds of cool filters on the desktop computer but no I want to port those over to the laptop without having to set them all up again manually... Is there a way to take some file or something from my desktop over to my laptop so that those same cool filters will be available to use on my laptop too? By the way, this is a really great program. I am glad I registered. Top notch to you Mr. Clyde! Thanks, Kirk out.
  3. I have metroguide usa v5 with the mapsource v6 engine (hmmm sounds like a new car!), and a b/w legend. The only way I have found to get true autorouting out of metroguide is to use the gps as a sensor on the laptop. I then also run the add on application "nRoute". On the laptop I get true autorouting. Pretty nifty, since the nroute program says is doesn't really support metroguide 5. Kirk out.
  4. Baby oil will disolve the gummy glue residue and it isn't as messy as peanut butter. It also takes gum out of hair when your kids go to bed with gum.
  5. Cool! Thank you to all . Worked like a charm. I ended up having to have Garmin email to me my unlock code. Now all is good. Kirk out.
  6. I just purchased a gps map 60c and also bought city select v6. I loaded the maps on my desktop and then unlocked them according to the instructions in the manuals and the website. It gave me one unlock and I see in the manual that there is the possibility of a second unlock code for a second GPS. What do I do if I want to load the city select on to my laptop ( a second computer) but still use the one GPS? Does that make me use a second unlock code even thought I am using just my one GPS? If I were to ever purchase a second gps would I then have to purchase an additional unlock code? It doesn't seem right to do it that way? Any one know? Any help would be appreciated. The more you can explain the better. Thanks. Kirk out.
  7. pete- I am using mapsource engine v6 with metroguide usa version 5. Nroute is doing autorouting but the garmin website says it won't. I wonder if this is because nroute is currently in beta test, perhaps when it isn't beta anymore they will switch off the autoroute capability for general release on the metroguide usa v5. I like that it works now however. When it autoroutes, it shows my current position on a purple track line it thinks is the best route that I take from point A to point B. If I deviate from its suggestions it recalculates on the fly the next best route that it thinks I should take. It takes about 10 seconds to recalculate the new route. I use metroguide usa on my legend and the legend does not autoroute on its maps When I use metroguide alone on the laptop (with gps attached) and without the nroute application it will simply show my current postion. I can click several things then have it create a route it wants me to take, but if I deviate from that route it does NOT recalculate a new one. kirk out.
  8. I have an etrex legend (non-color) and an old win98 computer. I run metroguide usa on the laptop. I tried the nroute program with my set up and it works, even though the nroute program says it doesn't work with metroguide v5 (which is what I have). I noticed a serious lag as well. I did some experimenting and found that I had hundreds of waypoints stored on the laptop which was slowing down the whole screen redraw process of the nroute program. When I removed those waypoints to only have about 20 it made it go a lot quicker and the lag time is only about 1 sec. Not bad considering my laptop is about 7 years old with an ancient processor. Kirk out.
  9. I have a question.... What is the difference between buying v5 and upgrading to v6 and simply buying v6 straightaway -- financially that is? I underdstand the physical aspects of owning v5 and then posessing the CD and then upgrading to v6 and then posessing yet another cd. If I buy v6 straight away, do I have to purchase an unlock code or is that already built into the price? If I buy v5 and then upgrade to v6 what do I end up pay for? do i end up paying additional money for an unlock code to bring v5 up to v6?
  10. Yes. I like maps... Back in college my roomate and I went to the old thrift store and bought a bunch of maps from the national geographics on the shelves for like 10 cents each. We searched from the early 70's to present (which was then the early 90's). Over the span of those 20 years of mags on the shelf we ended up having copies of maps to complete the whole globe. We took the maps home and posted them on the walls of our room in such a way that we were "inside" the globe. It was pretty cool. We also filled in the gaps with space maps which we painted with spots of glow in the dark paint. At night we left earth and floated through space! Yes. I like maps.....
  11. We have lots of Magpies here in Utah too. They are very pesty birds and annoying as all get out. They hunt in pairs too. When I was younger we lived next to a large field that had several nests of magpies. They would fly over to our yard. One would distract our dog by going to the far side of the yard and get him to chase and the other bird would swoop down and get the dog food out of his bowl. Smart birds but a real pain. We wanted to get rid of them but we found out that they legally can't be shot in the western US because of some agreement between the US and Mexico in the 1800's as part of the mexican cession (or something like that). We have a cache here in the salt lake valley that is near a magpie nest. It was one of the fun caches for my kids to do. Fun hike in the middle of the city in a field. Kirk out.
  12. I can see no link where I would select to unsubscribe. Any ideas where this is found?
  13. I signed up to receive notifications of updated yellow jeeps to be sent to my email address. I now need to change the address to which those are sent. I went to the yellow jeep tb page and can see nowhere to change the existing address, only where I can sign up to have them sent to a new address. If I put in my new address without being able to remove my old address, will the old address continue to receive those or is the gc.com site smart enough to reassign the new address to me and "forget" about the old address? Kirk out.
  14. See if there are any geocaches nearby to the letterbox. Then check the geocaching online pages to see if anyone posted their find to what they thought was the geocache (when it was in reality your letterbox).
  15. I used it to track my distance walking while mowing my lawn. I found out that I walk just over 2.5 miles each week walking back and forth and back and forth across a 1/4 acre lot. I found out that planes go faster when going west to east than they go from east to west. I found out that my wife doesn't like 5 minute updates of our current speed, direction, elevation, distance to the waypoint, etc. while driving from Salt Lake City, to St George (this drive takes approx 3.5 hours). She would much rather hear "Are we there yet?" from the kids in the back seat every 15 min... The GPS is a useful tool.
  16. What I am asking for the PC/Laptop is while the gps is connected to the PC, does the PC also have the capability to recalculate the route on the fly on the PC's display. I am assuming that the GPS will still function just fine with autorouting as if it weren't connected even though it is connected (if that makes any sense...). What are yall's experience with the 60c/cs connected to the PC and having the PC display in City selected the autoroute? will it recalculate on the fly or not? Kirk out.
  17. These are great responses! Thanks a bunch to everyone. How about the PC/Laptop (city select) and its autorouting questions?? Thanks again. Kirk out.
  18. I am considering the 60c or cs and have a couple questions about autorouting... When the autorouting occurs on the gps, say from point A to point B in a not so direct line, the unit will calculate the roads to take and turns to make -- here's the question, If I deviate from the route it has chosen, and make a turn at another road, will the gps recalculate the route automatically on the fly? or do I have to hit some button or click some screen option to trigger it to recalculate or "refresh" the route from my current position?? Another question, on the corresponding City select software on the PC/Laptop, if I connect the gps to the computer, I understand that the autorouting can be shown as well. But I have the same questions here also, is autorouting recalculated on the fly on the PC/ laptop also, or do I have to "trigger" it by some way to make it refresh the route? Thanks, Kirk out.
  19. I use a Palm. I have GSAK on the PC and export to html and then use plucker to create the file for the palm. hotsynch and a way I go! Plucker is free. GSAK is free too (but it is so great you should send the request donation). Kirk out.
  20. This has been a wonderful year of geocaching. Me and my family have so much enjoyed the outdoors and exercize we receive from participating in the geocaching sport. So much so that I have renewed my membership for a second year of fun! I accidently let my membership lapse for just one day and was worried that I had lost all my previous PQ's and other membership perks. I renewed quickly and to my happiness, all my PQ's came back and I didn't have to set them up again. Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you! And here's to another year of fun. Kirk out.
  21. That looks like an awesome trip. How did you manage to get so much time off of work to do that road trip? Lucky dog! When you go through Twin Falls, Idaho there is a cache located where Evil Kanevil jumped over the snake river about 20 years ago. You can even see the earth mound ramp that was built for it. Quite impressive acutally when you go see it. Then when you head on down through Cedar City, Utah. The is a cache at a huge burned out tree. It is acutally a huge tree that was burned many years ago. Heading down to St. George, Utah, make sure you visit Zion's Nat'l Park. I don't know of a specific cache but I am sure there are some there. Make sure you take a time out to go see the IMAX theater. Good flick! Next, even though Flagstaff isn't directly on your route you might want to take a quick jaunt to visit the giant metoer hole just outside of Flagstaff AZ. It is over a mile wide and hundreds of feet deep. Quite impressive. I woudln't be surprized if there is a cache in that neck of the woods either. Well, have fun on your trip and be safe and keep on caching! Kirk out.
  22. I currently have a membership that is due to expire on July 20. I was wondering if anyone here knows how I can find out if it will renew automatially through my paypal or do I need to renew it manually each year? Currently on my "my cache page" is says that I am a premium member with the expiration on July 20, but there is no indication whether it is automatic renewal or not.... Please help... Thanks Kirk out. aka Search1128 edited for typo
  23. This was a fun read. I enjoyed your injection of different opinions of the cache through the many different type of logs. You gave some great valid points through a creative entertaining post. thank-you. kirk out.
  24. I was on the verge of purchasing a 60c and now they throw this one into the mix. Do I get the legend color or the 60c? I don't see much of a difference between the two other than the geocaching abilities on the 60c.... and there is of course the price difference... What do you all think? Which would you buy now that you have a choice? Kirk out, aka Search1128
  25. Mechanic, Yes, to both of your questions. So far we have traveled over 2400 miles since we started caching a year ago. At about 20 miles per gallon that comes to 120 gallons of gas, and at 1.75 per gallon this past year as an average, that comes to 210 bucks spent on gas alone just for geocaching. Wow! that is a lot of money. oh well. It is fun for the kids and family. Good luck. Kirk out.
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