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  1. VinceD, Yep, thought about that too, but decided I'd rather keep it simple. My Elmer's first recommendation is to get a mobile unit, then an HT. The quality of sound, the power capabilities, the reach, all of those factored into my suggestion. After a bit of research, I decided to buy a cross-band repeat capable Mobile, be able to extend my range with the HT and to remote control it with my handhelds. Just have to get my dual band antenna for the truck and I'm set. Thanks, and still love that Avatar! Todd - K7PKT
  2. BRM, Also a hunter, cacher and hiker. Hunting is one of the main reasons I got into Amateur Radio - now my reasons have changed a bit - but I was unable to reach a cell tower when hunting in the deep woods. I was concerned that I would be lost, dazed and confused without a way to notify my lovely wife. I wanted to be prepared in case of emergency, or if I came across anyone in an emergency situation. My first unit was a Mobile one - 2m band (144-148mhz) Icom 28-H. Two power settings, 5 watts and 45 watts that let me reach a repeater almost anywhere I am. It's still in my vehicle until I can get my Kenwood D700A installed. I'd recommend a mobile first, handheld (or HT) second. I have two handhelds, but realize most handhelds come stock with a crummy rubber duck antenna. I purchased a tri-band antenna for my Kenwood TH-F6A and saw a drastic improvement on what repeaters I could hit. Antenna makes all the difference in the world. Please search on What Do You Use? Parts 1-? and pay close attention to stuff that Desert Warrior detailed about his. Granted, he uses an Icom HT, but I pretty much patterned my 'hiking/hunting' pack and radio system after his. You CAN get an HT and hook it up to the battery of your vehicle and connect it to a mobile antenna - that may be a more portable/flexible option for you. Recognize there's a unspoken standard of 5 watts maximum for HT's, some will go higher, but 5 watts is common. 5 watts will not get me very far out from where I hunt, that's why I have a mobile in my truck. Basic Ham License=Technician Class AKA Element 2 exam. Just your Technician license to begin with. 35 question multiple choice, get the Now You're Talking book and study it. The book will teach some history, uses, ethics, technical as well as answer a lot of questions for you. Don't forget to search here on this forum for some answers, and if you don't find them, start a new topic. I've found more than enough Elmers here...ham's are friendly folk - most of the time. =) Cost of exam, around $12 here in the Pacific NW. There are many resources out there on the web to help you practice the test. Nope, not normally. GMRS has their own repeaters - different frequencies than are in use by Hams. Some HT's and Mobiles can pick up those frequencies, it is however against FCC Rules and Regs for an Amateur Radio class device to transmit on GMRS frequencies. Since a repeater re-transmits what it receives, it would be an FCC violation. In SAR (Search and Rescue), operators will have many different ways of trying to contact a lost person(s). GMRS is usually a little more powerful than FRS, so will usually be able to reach further in case of emergency. I carry a Rino 130 with me when hunting, and GMRS is enabled as I have a GMRS license. No, it's not the best GMRS out there, but still receives well. My hunting companions each have a Motorola FRS of some model, so I'm able to communicate with them also. Now for the short answer, yes, I use my GMRS/FRS radio even when hiking by myself. If you do choose to get into Ham Radio, you will find it to be absolutely fascinating and enjoyable. It's not that expensive to get your license - but buying all your equipment you 'need' will probably take the rest of your life! If you hunt, you know what I mean. Todd - K7PKT
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    Rino Questions

    TresOkies, I have both a Rino 130 and a 120, both are completely compatible as far as trading info between them, sending location data, accessories, features, Except: 130 has 24 megs of memory instead of 8 130 can send silent text msgs to other 130's(only other 130's, not 120's or 110's) 130 has weather alert, weather channels, electronic compass and barometer. The memory is nice, I have the state of Washington MapSource Metroguide loaded. I could also do a major portion of the state in Topographical if I wanted, but find that the metroguide is working better for me. I'd highly recommend them! OddTodd-K7PKT * edit, spelling
  4. Received my book - in great shape, the line drawings are excellent. Thanks Dave, Thanks Patty! Thanks for putting up the site Zhanna, you're awesome! Todd Cady - K7PKT
  5. For those that don't live near a Fry's - Thomas Distributing is my choice for places to buy batteries. Get a really good charger, one that keeps the batteries cool while charging. Your battery life will be improved immensely! There are other batteries on that web page, and much more in the way of toys. I am not affiliated with them nor benefitting from this plug, they have just been really easy to work with and very prompt shippers. OddTodd
  6. Ditto, thanks for the info, looking forward to seeing the book. Patty is a very nice lady - great phone etiquette too. Thanks again DaveD! Todd - K7PKT
  7. There are many good caches - I'd post a question in the Northwest section and see. I'm E-WA, you're heading W-WA. Offer your TB courier service, they'll love it! Winnie the Pooh's Zany Uniform? Why Plant Zinnias Uncle? You're on your own for the numbers! Heheh, had to remember mine by renaming the My Computer icon to it...WPXD965 - didn't want to try WayPoint Cross(X) Dresser. Todd - K7PKT
  8. Welcome Steve! Greetings from K7PKT in Spokane, just a hop north of you. Glad to have you here. Pull up a chair and order your favorite topic (GPS and Ham related of course). 73, Todd - K7PKT
  9. I actually started out with a GMRS license, just prior to getting my Tech ticket. I bought a Rino 120 at the time and wanted to Fully Use my toy. Now I have the 130 (get it, you'll love it) and will most likely renew my GMRS license when it comes up. Here's the best part. My whole family can use GMRS and for us and all of the convoying we do, that's a plus! Todd - K7PKT
  10. Motley Crew, If you're talking about what I think you are, can you rename the "1" to "001"? "10" would be "010", etc. It may be an interim workaround for you. If I'm way off on this, please let me know. T.
  11. Awesome feature addition! Love the Download from GPS! I pulled all 500 waypoints from my GPSr to GSAK and then cleared the GPSr. I organized, edited and modified each of my personal (Non GC) waypoints and dropped them right back into my GPSr. It was flawless and smooth. For my personal preference, I changed the naming from %smart to %code when sending them back to my GPSr so I could keep my waypoint names instead of having them changed to my notes. For the final on ver.3, what say have a pulldown menu that lets you choose Cache Code, Smart Name or User Defined Variable - the variable options in the Help file? For the "maybe consider adding to next version list", I'm going to beg for Routes being able to be uploaded and downloaded from the GPSr. Yeah, I'm a beggar. I know it may be outside the realm of Geocaching to include Routes info, and not being a programmer, I've no idea how much work this would take. GSAK - THE Geocaching Operating System!
  12. Ehh, hmmm. Hehehe, Cadence is our Geocaching handle - that is, mine and my lovely XYL's. I'm Todd - or OddTodd in Geocaching terminology - and my callsign is K7PKT. My lovely wife (CheleBell) has not yet studied for her technician license, but believe me, I'm working at wearing her down! She at least has the book at the head of the bed. Please do get your Technician license, it's a 35 question Multiple-Gues..ahem Choice test. The book to buy is called "Now You're Talking!" and covers history, technology, mathematics, usable bands - and the question pool is at the back. There are also many online resources to help you along with studying for your exam. It's an awesome hobby, well worth your time if you're willing. OddTodd of Cadence - K7PKT
  13. Hmm, doesn't look like it. =) MURS is relatively new on the market for consumers, and while really neat and inexpensive, I know enough people using Amateur Radio, FRS and GMRS that it wouldn't be a good move right now. I have two HT's that are 5 watt capable, and about 20-30 repeaters within a 50 miles radius that I can easily reach almost anywhere within that circle. If more people move to it, it may be a good idea to purchase one then, right now, nah... Todd - K7PKT
  14. For my case, I have a Rino 130, when I select a GCXXXX, I simply look at the Notes page - 30+ characters of description that give the full name. I think the 60C and maybe CS have this too... It also helps that we 'cache with a PPC and using GPXSonar makes it easier to sort by GCXXX and find what we're looking for. In our area, some wiley Team named Ghost and (not named) Rosco named one or two caches nearly the same - smart names are not as specific and clear as the GCXXXX to us.
  15. Hehehe, yeah, but so are Hummers. Tugboats aren't especially pleasing to the eye either! Working in the I/T industry, most of my complaints with PDA's is they are so easily dropped - usually when taking them out of the belt holster or protective cover to dock them. Y'know, they do look like the exterior is made of vulcanized rubber, I wonder if we could have contests to see how high one can be bounced... ...at least they come in different colors and not pastels!
  16. A humble Beta Tester and willing Guinea Pig at your service! Hehehe Thanks for a more than awesome program! Todd - K7PKT Edit: spelling!
  17. Clyde, You may have heard this before, but you are an awesome individual! I needed to make sure you knew that. Now that you're buttered up... I've converted a few people over to GSAK, those that haven't ever gone into the Forums here before - but they have a question, and I have read MOST of the entries here, but not every one I'll admit. I have about 50 or so favorite waypoints and I don't see a way of backing them up to GSAK like I have in the past with EZ. I would love to get rid of EZ. Is it on your extensive "To Do" list to Download waypoints from a GPS? Apologies if this was requested already. Todd - K7PKT
  18. Thanks everyone for the well wishes and congratulations... I've purchased 3 radios and was given one, so the total is two handhelds and two mobile units. BTW, I've had nothing but exceptional luck purchasing equipment from fellow Amateur Operators through eBay - yes, I still check their rating, but what a great example they're showing by being awesome as sellers... I've convinced two or three other friends to study for their Technician license - even bought the Now You're Talking book for two of them. I've completed the Level 1 ARECC course available at ARRL (this is not an advert) I've signed on with Spokane County ARES/RACES (just waiting for the RACES background check) and volunteered for two upcoming races/bike-a-thons. Today I accepted my first Radiogram - even copied it correctly - then raced home to transfer it to a form. I'm still trying to reach the recipient via phone... no answering machine dontcha know! Playing with Packet and APRS, lots to learn. All I need now is money to buy an HF rig to spur me on to getting my General Ticket... It'll happen, eventually! Any advice for brands and models that will give me the widest range of use? Oh yeah, and I did a comparison of Dual or more band Mobile Radios - 21 different columns including: cross band repeat, alpha characters, detachable head, dual RX, extended RX, power consumption, output, etc. Email me at k7pkt@arrl.net if you would like a copy. It is in MS Excel 97, specify if you'd like it in that format, or Comma Delimited, Tab Delimited.... you know... I'm working on a similar comparison for HT's. 73 to all, Todd Cady, K7PKT
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    Velda, Sounds like what I'm interested in, what are the specifics of the receiver and NMEA sending unit? Websites, products, etc? I'm familiar with the VX-1R. The Foretrex just looked like it was functional as a stand alone unit as well as a usable part of a bigger construct. I am in no way intending to re-invent the wheel, I'm interested in what others have used. Todd - K7PKT
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    Y'know, they even have different colored duct tape - you could look pretty spiffy - even if it did cost you your arm hair... the price we pay for style. (Sigh).
  21. Cadence


    Okay, how's this: we use the PC interface cable that's available in the Foretrex Accessories Page and find out what each of the pins do. In the past I've been able to make other adapters --computer to TNC and Radio to TNC cables, I don't see how this is different. Did I miss something in the specs that said this was not able to be used for the purpose I was suggesting? It looks to be able to be interfaced, and in their Sneak Peek it looks to be similar in design to the Forerunner, but with the GPSr "...navigation features found in Garmin's popular Geko 201 unit." - which is able to send it's data to a PC in NMEA format.(Please see the PDF manual for the GEKO 201 - here and search on 'NMEA') Please note, this is not the Forerunner, it's the Foretrex - kindof a half-breed of the Forerunner and Geko - probably didn't like the idea of a "ForeGeko". I'm looking for a very compact APRS setup usable for biking, hiking, mountain climbing, etc. that doesn't add a lot of weight to to the pack. I'm seeing this as a 2.75 oz (Maybe less without wriststrap) addition to a TinyTrak and a TH-F6A radio. Interested in others views on this. Granted, the Foretrex isn't even available yet, so we're going on a Supposition Trip based on their Sneak Peek of it. 73, Todd - K7PKT
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    Apologies, didn't know it was also called the Forerunner. The Garmin home page has it as "Foretrex". No wonder the search provided no finds. Thanks Karma Hunter! OddTodd - K7PKT
  23. Cadence


    My apologies for using a turn of phrase that wasn't accurate. This unit is spec'd to connect to a computer to be able to download software updates, waypoints etc. I'm guessing that it probably would be able to send NMEA data to something like the Tiny Trak-if not, then adaptable very readily. It's size along with the TinyTrak would make for a very small APRS package to connect to your radio. It's about the same size, 3.3 inches wide by 1.7 tall with an LCD. It was more of a physical description, as twins are normally compared. Todd - K7PKT
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    I put this on the GPS Units and software, but here I have in mind a different use. Nice Sneak Peek on Garmin's site for their wristwatch GPS. 007's companion 2.75 ounces, 15 hour use time. George N. was mentioning that he wanted a GPSr for his model rocketry. It's WAAS enabled and about 1/3 the size of a Geko. For those involved in R/C Airplanes and boats...nice. The unit will connect to a TinyTrak - I'm sure someone's thought of that already, but what an awesome and compact APRS rig you could make! This doesn't have a basemap, but looks to me like a really nice unit for many projects I've heard mentioned on this board. Had to share! Todd - K7PKT
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