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    Aprs Anyone?

    Yes, It works well. It's easy to configure, easy to cable. 5 watts is enough on a 5/8 wave antenna to get to at least one Digi around here, but the interest in APRS is booming on this side of the state. (E-WA) I haven't had a problem with updates even when just using the stock duck around town. I've had reports that folks can see me on Findu.com and usually not more than 5 minutes between updates at the worst. Good audio, (Duh, it's Kenwood) Good APRS rig. You don't even have to have a GPSr attached to it to receive APRS packets. The LCD shows enough information to give you where the person is and their running status. The TNC built in to the D7AG is bi-directional. I have it hooked to my Rino 130 (NMEA in/out capable) and each ham running APRS that is received becomes a waypoint. The waypoints do move as the updates come in for moving APRS stations but don't delete so your Waypoint list fills up very quickly. I'd recommend it - not as a cheap solution by any means, but a fine dual band radio nonetheless. 73, OddTodd - K7PKT
  2. Both your QTH and your mobile station show on FindU just fine. You're saying that the D7AG is not giving you the comforting beep of MY POSITION - New questions: Your QTH is set as a digipeater? Digipeater being a two way communications device and your setup sounding like a one way from RF to UIView. OddTodd - K7PKT T.
  3. Sincerest apologies, abbreviated text causes problems again. Attempt at Alliteration Adds Agitation. I meant that I was displeased that I caused a duplicate message to be created, as I inadvertently hit submit prior to my message completion. To whit, I exclaimed that I personified myself as one commonly known to be described as 'dopish' or dense. No offense was intended, I will in earnest keep with the common phraseology to describe such situations and simply put... Duplicate Message! T.
  4. 1. Is it showing your HT mobile APRS station on findU or on the UIView pages? 2. What is your callsign-#? I usually use K7PKT-7 for Mobile, K7PKT-11 for HT 2.What are your settings? aprs, wide3-3? New nationwide default is wide1-1,wide2-1 for mobiles. Great site for info: http://nwaprs.org/ Do you have it set to notify beep on new only? I had mine set like that and had some issues. Looking forward to your answers, 73, OddTodd - K7PKT
  5. Dang dupes...what a dope. hehe T.
  6. Updating previous post - now I'm a General Class ticket holder, as of 6-14-05. 5wpm code was difficult, only because I didn't have the time to invest in it. Get the ARRL Introduction to Morse Code. DON'T LEARN IT BY DOTS AND DASHES, learn it as a language. It's simply another way of saying the letters of the alphabet. Get used to it that way and you will not only learn 5wpm, but be in a good position to be able to go faster later on if you wish. Practice 15 minutes per day. Don't skip days. On the 2 cd set I practiced A-M for a week, then N-Z another week, numbers the following then started practicing QSO's. I had to go back and re-study all of CD1 because my straight copy wasn't hitting 25 characters. I knew that I would procrastinate, so I studied for my General Theory (Element 3) and passed it on 8/17/04. The clock started - I had 1 year in order to pass my morse code (Element 1) - or have to retake the General Theory test. That was all the incentive I needed. 3 total months, a lot of dedication daily, I finally passed - missed a total of 7 characters throughout the whole QSO as sent during the test (200-250 characters total). It can be done. There are people who it comes easy to, but not me. I'm a visual learner, then tactile, then audial. Now all I need is a radio that will do HF - wish me luck! 73, OddTodd-K7PKT
  7. I have a Kenwood D700A in my rig, and found The BR-304 by GlobalSat. It's a nice and small unit, about a box and a half of Rosebud matches, uses 90mA WAAS enabled. What I had to overcome is the 'ps/2' adapter is for laptops to power the unit on 5V. Since I wasn't using it with a laptop, (but might want to in the future) I cut a mouse extender cable and hooked it to Anderson Power Poles. Added an Archer 12v adapter to the cig lighter to bring the voltage down to 5 and left the factory cable intact. The adapter for my D700A was already there - 9 pin serial to 1/8"stereo and it plugged in and powered on first time. Very fast to acquire sats, beaconing APRS within 30 seconds of starting the truck. Now my Rino can be used with my D7A(G), and I can set the D700A as a digi when I'm out of the vehicle. OddTodd - K7PKT
  8. Cadence

    Aprs Anyone?

    Well, I finally have a low power GPSr device in my vehicle - it pulls 90mA - had to sacrifice a mouse cable extender to get it powered, but it plugged right in to the D700A and was useful within 1 minute of that. Now I can connect my Rino 130 to my D7A(G) and turn my D700A into a digipeater when I'm out hunting/playing/caching. All that I have to do is set up a 12v connector in the back so the GPSr is out of sight and out of mind. A very small price to pay to please my lovely XYL. OddTodd of Cadence Todd Cady, K7PKT
  9. Cadence

    Aprs Anyone?

    Welcome to the Hobby/Passion Rory! So, when you get your digipeater up and running, contact the owner of the closest and set up a good communication link with them. Bring the good word out to the masses in your area! OddTodd - K7PKT APRS - K7PKT-6(Truck+ TM-D700A); K7PKT-7(Garmin Rino 130+ TH-D7A(G))
  10. Cadence

    Aprs Anyone?

    The D7A-G is really quite nice to cache with! Made a cable to attach to my Rino, now whenever someone beacons their coords I get a new waypoint. Since the Rino does NMEA in/and out - and the radio receives, well, it's pretty nice. Another ham or two around here bought the PocketTracker which is a pretty cool APRS unit, but it won't allow you to receive text messages like using a bi-directional TNC does. I have both the D7AG (HT) and the D700A (Mobile) and both work really well. I'm working on getting a cable set up like this cable for the P type connectors but instead for the Rino. It would make sending text that much easier. Hopefully I'll be able to receive/plot other APRS users on the laptop screen. Sheesh! I almost don't have time to drive anymore! Hihi Cadence (OddTodd-K7PKT and CheleBell) OddTodd - K7PKT
  11. I just got back from a trip to TX. Flew down and drove a U-Haul back. While on the way back, had my Rino 130 attached to my D7A(G) via homebrew cable. Email me for recipe and resources. I had a dual band (2m/70cm)mag mount Larsen on the top of the cab. Unfortunately all I had was 5 watts to play with, and my signal was attenuated as the 'mom's attic' was in the way of the antenna to the rear. I updated infrequently - TX, OK, Kansas, Wyoming, Montana, probably due to the fact that my signal just didn't get out. My 500 waypoints maxed within 15 minutes while in TX as the D7A also sends other APRS users to my Rino as waypoints. I gave up on deleting them. they came in faster than I could remove them. There is no obvious setting for NMEA OUT ONLY on the Rino, so I had to accept the waypoints as clutter. Maybe there's a setting on the D7A that I overlooked. Research time! I had many co-workers and family watching the FindU sight, as well as another that I don't have available for posting. From experience, my recommendation is to have at least 10 watts of power behind your APRS signal if only to reach those slightly distant digipeaters. Updating will be more frequent than mine. I haven't had a problem in town updating every minute. Just wanted to share that experience! OddTodd of Cadence K7PKT
  12. Actually it looks as tho it's as simple as sending KISS ON (off is default) and sending a reset. If you power off the radio and turn it back on everything except MYCALL is reset. This has an older TASCO TNC, and is not as neat as the newer TNC's as far as KISS mode is concerned. OpenTrac looks to use KISS - this is just at first glance. I don't know that I would be able to use the D7A for much beyond APRS and simple Packet. OddTodd - K7PKT
  13. Greetings! The 70cm band goes from 420MHz-450MHz here in the US. In my area it's happily underused. Makes for great simplex chats. The power charger unit that came with the radio is set for 110, but I'm sure that they have an adapter for it for sale. The D7A is the American version, while the D7E is the European. Just wanted to emphasize that the TNC for this radio is VERY Minimalistic and just satisfies the necessary commands and AX.25 protocols to utilize for packet. I do know that there is a way to get the D7A into KISS mode - something necessary for my current learning regarding WinLink2000. One kind gent happened to hook it up to his Linux laptop at a digital meeting we had and successfully got it to be a dumb terminal. I can contact him and ask how he did it if anyone is interested. OddTodd - K7PKT
  14. I'm currently playing with packet on my d7ag, it's hooked to my laptop. Connecting to nodes and clusters, basically goofing off and familiarizing myself with it. I did open a port with WinPack to the d7ag for monitoring, observed about 20 different hams reporting location. Heck, some of the text even made sense. I did have to make sure that the GPS was set to NMEA In/NMEA Out. It transfers data at 4800 baud. Tried the simple "Plug the GPS in to the d7ag" but there is more setup required than simply plugging and playing. I'm reading about it right now. Part of the difficulty is that I sent my d7a in to Kenwood to have it upgraded to the d7ag hardware, none of the documentation I've found itemizes settings - the menus have changed since the upgrade. I'll let you know what I find. Watching thread with interest. Todd - K7PKT
  15. If you use eBay, be sure to send the seller a note/ask a question... put your call sign at the bottom when you sig. When the seller responds with their callsign, you check that on QRZ.com and verify they are in fact a ham. Establish that you are dealing with a ham and you can't go wrong. This is experience from many purchases on eBay, each of them very, very positive. Amateurs make the best buyers and sellers on eBay. I've run into incredibly good deals - my Kenwood D700A with all accessories, separation kit, external speakers, extra powercord, brackets, Manual, orig box, Magellan GPS unit with cabling to connect to radio and power, computer/radio programming cable, serial adapter and shipped/received w/in 5 days for $400. My TH-F6A HT was $235 - the ham who sold it to me wanted to save up for a mobile unit as he had a travelling job between states... Check eBay, and if you are not that type, www.gigaparts.com I've found that they also have good prices. Todd - K7PKT
  16. Thanks BRM! I appreciate the input! Hey, is anyone else here willing to pitch a vote or comment? I want to make sure that there is wide support for this. Right now I'm only seeing widespread apathy. No offense meant! Todd - K7PKT
  17. I've noticed on a lot of other forum segments that the group determined there was a need to have a topic Pinned(or made Sticky in some forum languages) to the top of the list. See any of the General Geocaching Discussion forums for examples of Pinned. I see a clear need for a couple of pinned topics, but would like to have everyone's input before we ask our kind forum admin for help in consolidating and pinning the topics to the beginning of the GPS and Ham Radio forum. Here is my beginning list of topics that need to be pinned. Please add to and discuss and vote and... 1. Any Ham Radio Operators Here? 2. What do you use, Pts I, II and III - Consolidated into simply What Do You Use? 3. FRS/GMRS, Rules, Units, Use . Not just this topic, but it's an example. 4. How to get your Amateur Radio License It's not that I don't enjoy all of the activity here, but I find myself hesitating and counting to 10 every time someone posts and asks about a topic that's been hashed out time and time again. I offer to search, even provide a link, yet the topic continues to get hits, same info in 20 places... I shouldn't complain, at least there's activity, right? Does any one else see this need as I do? I'm willing to search and compile messages, remove redundant and fill the Pinned topics with concise and easy to digest information. Big undertaking? Yep, but heck, it's worth it to me. Thanks for reading, your future input, opinions, subtractions and additions. *********** NJ Admin, is this something that can be done easily? Am I asking for something that cannot be done in our forum specifically (limited by policy or software)? 73, Todd - K7PKT
  18. Here's the previous topic 73, Todd-K7PKT
  19. Greetings DW! Well, lets see here, a Heathkit 4 way antenna switch - the old silver connector type, and a dual antenna switch - MFJ make. I love buying stuff from hams on eBay! It's nice to deal with honest people. I'm looking at purchasing a MFJ-269 and have read some reviews. Does anyone out here have any experience with the MFJ SWR meters? I know this is a bit more than just a SWR meter, but had to ask... Todd - K7PKT
  20. Hehe, good luck, let me know how you did the convincing! 73, Todd - K7PKT
  21. I helped a friend get his Tech ticket, the VEC had input the results to the FCC site and he had his callsign within 36 hours. Yes, 36 hours. She doesn't mail them in, there's a website that she said almost all VEC's have access to and can do the same thing. Congrats Bilder! What did you use as study materials? Todd - K7PKT
  22. Eham reviews Alinco HT DJ-190 Hope that helps. Todd - K7PKT
  23. Hmm. Nice concept. I work in a building that has security badges. You put the security badge in front of a resonator - it sends a signal to the card, a chip in the card vibrates at a certain frequency and if allowed in, opens the door. It's RFID. Google that and you'll be inundated with info about how, why, infringment of consumer rights, crazy stuff. It even works at a distance. Oh yeah, and my cat has an ID chip inside the skin on the back of his neck. Pet Police handheld scanners will tell them who the cat belongs to. Cadence (OddTodd - K7PKT and CheleBell)
  24. BRM, you're AWESOME for volunteering your time. Thanks, even tho I don't directly benefit from it. A couple of things I can think of, more preparation than procedural. The events I've been part of have been mixed both Mobile and HT. This is primarily about HT. If you can get a headset with boom mic for your radio, do. It helps to cut out extraneous noise. Go to your assigned station before the event and test at lowest power first, increase until you're copyable. If it's a simplex event, I'd show up earlier than they asked you to and be ready to do a radio check before things really get rolling - see how well you get into NC. If it's a repeater hosted event, check it the day before from your assigned location. Turn OFF VOX - it only causes grief in an event. Crowds get noisy, setting the sensitivity is not always easy. Bring extra batteries, recharge the Ni-Cads, bring alkalines if you have an adapter that can use them. Know how to program your radio in a hurry. Whenever I get to the Command Post, wherever it may be, I get a schedule and list of frequencies and make sure they are programmed in. I keep the upper 5 memory locations free for this purpose. Showing up early may give you the chance to ask for help programming it too. Some people bring a spare HT with them. Know who has a spare in case of problems. If you have a spare HT to bring, bring it. Someone may need to borrow it. Bring Water. As my survival instructor friend says, "Itsa Gotta Have" - He's New Jersian. Go to the bathroom before you check in to the Net. Have fun, listen well. Put mind in motion before engaging mouth. Todd - K7PKT
  25. Criminal... Chris... let's hear it! If your brain isn't addled too badly by that car accident - glad you're okay. My lovely wife and I began caching, I had done a cache before her so set up my account as OddTodd. My name is Todd and as some will attest, odd. When my lovely wife set up her account, the Rhyming/2Syllable method was the pattern of the day, Michele became CheleBell. My wife and I will have been married for 5 years on the Solstice of '04. We're still on our honeymoon. She and I are in step, and if separated at a party will tell the exact same stories to everyone - in order to not bore them to tears we usually stick together. After many failures on my part to find caches without her, I recommended that we combine our user names into one. There begins the name Cadence - our last name is 'Cady' and one of the definitions for cadence is Pace, in-step. It seemed to fit. To maintain our own identities, I parenthesized our individual names. I became a ham radio operator in September of '03, so added my callsign. My lovely wife needed an addition, so I added XYL to hers - that's Ham talk for 'My Wife' -okay, okay, it really means eX Young Lady - but she's still young, she's just mine. Usually I'm the only one to post on the forums, and I'm told that Cadence can also be a woman's name - this gets confusing for some. Nice topic, thanks! OddTodd - K7PKT
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