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  1. 118 within 5 miles 382 within 10 miles 888 within 20 miles
  2. I love how the word "pilot" is stuck with palm, even though there hasn't been a Palm Pilot" in many years. Pilot Pen company sued, and Palm had to drop "pilot" from the name.
  3. I understand that, but I still see no reason why my finds on the geocaching maps should be hidden if they are archived. Archived caches show up in my list of found caches just as all the others. I guess my primary motivation is when I look at the map for unfound caches by me, especially if they are newly placed caches, it's nice to see what caches nearby that I have found. Helps with recollect as to the area, parking, etc.
  4. I don't know if this is the best way, but it can work to your benefit: Buy 4, 5 or 6 pairs of boots (yes, that's a lot up front cash) from an online seller such as zappos. Try them on in the leisure of your home, walk up and down your stairs and a ramp if you have one. Then return the ones you don't want. Shipping is free both ways. My wife bought me 4 pairs, and we simply sent the 3 I didn't like.
  5. When browsing the map of caches, I often click the button to hide my found caches. But once in a while, I like to see the ones I have found, click on some based on location to see what's happening. But I've noticed that caches that I have found, and then were archived, don't show the smiley. I'd like to be able to see found archived caches.
  6. Well, make sure that the electronic compass is set to on, or if you prefer it to be off, make sure you are walkin gquickly, in a straight line. Once you stop, the arrow will spin all over the place, as it won't know what direction you are facing. If you do use the electronic compass (which I do), make sure you calibrate it. It needs to be calibrated every time you put in new batteries, and more often if you feel it's a bit out of whack. Hope this helps.
  7. Garmin Vista (the greyscale one) It's been serving me great, I bought it in April 2007. It's tiem to upgrade, most likely the Vista HCx
  8. The Legend and Vista are comparable, with the main differences being: The Vista has an electric compass (will point towards the cache even when standing still, the Legend requires you to be moving, ideally in a straight line), and the Vista has a barometer. Generally, the cx's were color versions of older models, and the Hcx's are the cx's with a higher sensitivity antenna or chipset. But, there are other differences as well. I'd recommend sticking with any of teh HCX models. The Legend or Vista ideally. When I upgrade, I am getting the Vista (about $220 online), as the electronic compass is important to me.
  9. Well, my older Garmin Vista doesn't have geocaching mode, so I can't comment so much on that. Automatic turn by turn directions will give you driving prompts, similar to in-car gps systems. You do need to purchase, separately, the City Navigator maps to use this feature.
  10. Ahh, didn't realise that. I have a much older topo discs I guess. Most roads are just labeled "road".
  11. I dropped my Palm T|X in the snow. It was in a case, but somehow snow still got inside the case and on the Palm. Luckily, it still works just fine.
  12. I guess I'd recommend both. Topo is what I have, and gives you a nice, but not too detailed of your surrounding terrain. It has most streets, but most not by name. City Navigator will give you all streets and roads by name, and is needed for automatic routing (having the unit give you turn by turn directions while driving). But it’s detail as far as terrain and rivers is not as good
  13. Well, my Vista got buggered again. Still shows correct time, but I have the date as November 66. I think I'll soon be getting the Vista HCX, so I'm not going to worry about this too much.
  14. Glad it worked, papamouse. I find looking for caches based on attributes of very limited value, so better just to leave them unchecked. Cache owners often don't use them at all, and we are limited to using a handful when creating a cache. Plus, the use is very subjective. I've seen a few landlocked caches that have the scuba gear attribute.
  15. I think long logs are just fine. I will usually try and write as much as I can in the physical log, but more often than not, that is not possible (micro log, full log, bad weather, being eaten by mosquitoes, etc). So I use the online log as the spot to detail my adventures, if it is warranted. But, the cache owner has authoritarian control in the end.
  16. I've just looked at it a bit more, and I am sure that it is the attributes that is causing the "problem." If you select all the attributes to include, then a cache with 4 attributes will show up in your PQ 4 times. Again, make sure that you have none of the attributes selected. All the attributes have 3 states, so make sure you leave it in the greyed out (not chosen) state.
  17. It's the attributes that is causing the problem. Don't select any of the attributes to include. If you select all of them, you WILL NOT get any caches returned where the owner didn't select any attributes.
  18. I agree that on the surface, it seems a bit scary that a thief may get your home address if he steals such an item. Plus, a thief who breaks into a car can get your name and address quite easily by grabbing insurance and registration. Your address isn't what they're after, and such fear is misplaced. My address is published by the phone company and distributed everywhere, for free, to anyone who asks. And I highly doubt that owning (or have owned in this case) a GPSr makes me a bigger target to a thief. Now, if I leave an empty HDTV box outside of my house, leave all the lights off and the front door wide open, THAT would make me a target.
  19. At geocaching.com, click on the left side click on "Hide & Seek a Cache". There, in the "by address" field (the top most field), type in Mazatlan, Mexico. Currently, there is only 2 cache within 100 miles of Mazatlan, the closest being 47.8 miles away.
  20. What he said. It's in the 3D View Tab, which seems like an odd place. But anyway, there it is.
  21. Weird. After your post, I checked again, and there were still no sat images from my computer at work. Today, they're back...
  22. Or, you can just change the prefs in GoogleEarth, so that the coordinates are in the same format as geocaching.com
  23. Sounds like you did just fine. Carrying an extra piece of paper, or even some extra log books is great, but not necessary. In the end it is up to the cache owner to maintain the cache, but it is a group sport, and it is always good to do minor maintenance if we can as caches, if only to keep the cache going until the owner can get to it. Sounds fine too.
  24. Well, I am having the same problem with my Vista. today, it read 26-Sep-25. Not sure if that is 1925 or 2025, and the time was wrong too. Yet, otherwise the unit works fine. I have been using the latest software (ver 3.70) for quite a while. I did the master reset, and like you, if fixed nothing. Then I did the "super master reset" and now my date and time are fine! I'll keep my eye on it to see if/when the time and date get all messed up. Should be interesting...
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