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  1. Hallo Wolfsrudel1989 Das Forum ist natürlich nicht dazu da, um Mysteries zu lösen... andernfalls wären die Mysteries ja keine Mysteries mehr... Aber ja... das sind Daten, die ganz offensichtlich in hexadezimaler Darstellung aufgeführt werden. Falls Du vermutest, dass das (hexadezimal codierte) ASCII Daten sein könnten, würde ich mal eine Google Suche mit "HEX to ASCII" absetzen. Ich bin mir ziemlich sicher, dass Da *ganz oben* ein Link erscheint, bei dem man die HEX Daten reinkopieren kann und der dann die Daten in lesbare Zeichen umsetzt (sofern dies wirklich hexadezimal codierte ASCII Daten sein sollten)... ;-)
  2. Any news on this matter? Talk to us!
  3. Thank you for bringing back the 'correct' default sorting for viewing. However, there's still a bug when content is loaded dynamically while scrolling down. The sequence of the records seems to be correct (sorted by the *user's* "Found on" date when viewing someone else's finds) but the content is *not*. The "Found on" date of the user (green in the example snapshot) then changes to the (latest) "Found on" date *of the cache* (red in the example snapshot).
  4. Why sorted from nearest to farthest? This only makes sense when searching for a particular location. Now, in most cases, you have to create the result list three times: - Default -> Nearest to farthest - Click on 'Found on' -> Oldest to newest - Another click on 'Found on' -> Newest to Oldest Poor hamsters...
  5. Hmmm... strange things happen. It works! It *never* worked for me - not even once! And I tried many, many (many!) times. But now it does. Wow. I'm wondering what caused the difference. Hope this will last for a while... ?
  6. There is a (undocumented? well hidden?) function when writing a log: Press '@' and you get a list of your friends to choose from. This is a very nice feature to mention somone, including a working link to his/her profile and an automatic 'Someone mentioned you...'-Mail to the referred profile. Nice! However, the function seems to be quite buggy. The popup list shows 10 (randomly selected?) friends. That's it. I'm pretty sure that - some time ago - it was possible to select additional/other friends by pressing the first letter of their profile name. This doesn't work anymore. The function only works once. If you press ESC, it won't popup again. Is this just me? Anyone else using this function? (BTW: Is this an officially supported function? Can't find any documentation...)
  7. As far as I understand, you still may use PNG images - but not from Imgur (not allowed) and not from img.geocaching.com (automatic JPEG conversion). According to https://www.geocaching.com/help/index.php?pg=kb.chapter&id=97&pgid=956 you may use Dropbox or Google Drive to host your PNG image.
  8. Yes. Definitely an incorrect configuration. Some of them just do not have HTTPS (geotrowel.me.uk in GC3AK1K). Others do have HTTPS but no own certificate (mattsphotobooks.com in GC7T963 is using the certificate of its hoster wpxhosting.com). There shouldn't be unsecured HTTP connections in 2020 and it's probably a good idea to move this stuff to the geocaching.com servers.
  9. img.Groundspeak.com DOES support HTTPS - but is using a geocaching.com certificate. Just change the URL from http://img.Groundspeak.com/.. to https://img.geocaching.com/...
  10. Ads are (at least) on these pages: Dashboard Cache Listing (doesn't even fit) My Lists My Profile Result Lists Memory Lane Souvenirs Watchlist ...and so so...
  11. Yes, of course... I know... That's what I mean and therefore the question goes to Groundspeak: How much do I have to pay? +5$? +10$? Seriously! Obviously, the current amount is too little...
  12. ...to get rid of this advertising stuff on listings, the dashboard (etc). NOW: Including videos! Is it really necessary to have ads on paid sites ? Or is there a secret 'platinum membership' that I'm not aware of...?
  13. What's the sort sequence of the logs in 'Latest activity on your hides' ? At first I thought it's by log date (decreasing, most recent logs on top) - but there are a few strange 'jumps' on my page: Visited 09 Jul 20 Visited 07 Jul 20 Visited 08 Jun 20 Visited 28 Jun 20 Visited 20 Jun 20 Visited 25 Jun 20 Visited 04 Jul 20 Or is it by (an invisible) 'last modification date' of the log?
  14. You're right. That's it.
  15. It seems that the textbox is (somehow) not properly aligned on the screen. I can enter a city after clicking in the lower half of the textbox. However, after clicking in the upper half of the textbox, I'm forwarded to the search page mentioned above. Chrome 81.0.4044.129 on WIN10
  16. Do not allow logs on unpublished caches...
  17. RCH65

    Field Notes

    Yep. Seems to be fixed. 11:38:00 (UTC) results in 12:38:00 (UTC+1). Thanks!
  18. RCH65

    Field Notes

    Yeah... same issue here. My timezone is GMT+1 but after uploading my field notes today, all times were displayed as GMT+9 (or 8 hours later)
  19. Same result here. Using latest Chrome 53.0.2785.143
  20. This thread is not about changing the coords of a cache... this thread is about changing the *user-corrected* coordinates (the "pencil" icon). And yes... PLEASE... enable this on ALL cache types. More than a half of all letterboxes (at least here in CH) do have a puzzle to solve and it's a pain to manage these solved caches without an external tool.
  21. What I've just seen: It never works for me (IE11/Chrome - hand remains visible, not able to click on a cache icon) when I'm in "Search" mode. However, it *does* always work, when I'm in "Pocket Queries" mode. One click on "Search"... and it's broken again...
  22. Same problem here using IE11 and Chrome. In the main area, only the first message of a chat is being displayed. After sending a new message, sometimes the first message is being repeated - or nothing happens...
  23. I admit that I like Mysteries, so the "4 of 10" might not be the average percentage on all Letterboxes in the world... ;-)
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