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  1. 1 hour ago, hcy said:

    Oder vom allgemeinen Zeitgeist, der erwartet das jeder immer und überall perfekt und der Größte ist, alles weiß und alles kann.



    Weshalb sollte man alles wissen/können?

    Du lässt Dir ja auch keinen T5-Cache von einem Taucher an die Oberfläche holen und laberst dann im Log etwas von "....war ganz schön anstrengend...".
    Gerade *weil* ALLE ALLES unbedingt loggen wollen, entsteht der Eindruck, dass ALLE ALLES wüssten...

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  2. 40 minutes ago, hcy said:

    Andererseits würde ich aber auch nie behaupten, ich hätte ein Rätsel gelöst wenn ich die Koordinaten (oder die Lösung) irgendwo her habe. Warum auch.



    Aber geht's nicht genau darum? Diese verlogenen "schon vor langer Zeit gelöst" Logs bei denen Du sofort merkst, dass da keine einzige Minute aufgewendet wurde. 
    Ich mag es einfach nicht, angelogen zu werden. Spiel hin oder her. 

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  3. 6 minutes ago, hcy said:

    Das wirst du wohl kaum erzwingen können, warum auch? Das ganze ist ein Spiel und soll dem Finder Spaß machen, wenn ich gerne Caches suche aber nicht gerne Rätsel löse (oder zumindest nicht so, wie der Owner sich das wünscht) warum sollte ich das nicht tun dürfen?


    Trotzdem empfinde ich es jeweils als "Bescheissen" wenn Leute in den Logs so tun, als hätten sie das Rätsel gelöst... sie die Koordinaten aber anderweitig "organisiert" haben.
    Die Tatsache, dass sie in den Logs dann ja eben *nicht* die Wahrheit schreiben, zeigt ja eigentlich auch, dass sie es ebenfalls nicht korrekt finden.

    Aber Du hast natürlich Recht: Während sich der physische Eintrag vor Ort durch die Regeln "erzwingen" lässt, gilt das nicht für das Lösen des Rätsels. Wir haben gestern einen Mystery-Multi Cache geloggt, bei dem man zuerst eines der unsäglichen Puzzles hätte lösen müssen. Null Bock! Wir haben dann aber (selbst!) erkannt, wo wir uns "real" in den Multi einklinken können und haben ihn regulär zu Ende gespielt. Habe das im Log ehrlich geschrieben (natürlich ohne Hinweis über das "wie") und hätte auch *NIE* jemanden angebaggert, um an die Koordinaten zu kommen.

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  4. The ?dl=1 option forces the browser to download the element (and save it as a local file) instead of rendering:



    Use this instead:



    However, it's still not 100% because Dropbox doesn't deliver the correct MIME type to the browser (saying: "This is a PNG image").
    But I suspect that it's always been that way with Dropbox...


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  5. On 4/5/2024 at 2:07 PM, Visyl said:

    Of course I have no pending draft either in the App or the website.


    Does anyone else have this problem and know what to do about it ?


    Check this thread: 


    • You upload your drafts from the GPSr (geocaching_visits.txt)
    • You create the found logs based on your drafts -> the caches DO have smileys
    • ...a few days later...
    • You upload your drafts from the GPSr (geocaching_visits.txt)
    • You realize that there are lots of duplicate entries you have already logged... and you DELETE those drafts
    • All the caches of your deleted (duplicate) drafts will turn into an exclamation mark

    They are (finally) working on this...

  6. 13 hours ago, Rustynails said:

    Before uploading, there once was a date displayed of the last uploaded date explaining and only new logs would be added. 

    Oh, yes! 


    That's what it once looked like (taken from a bug report in 2019):

    -> These date/time values were automatically set after uploading a geocaching_visis.txt file - based on the most recent (last) timestamp in the file.

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  7. On 4/8/2024 at 8:13 PM, worrellsquirrel said:


    We apologize for any frustration related to this drafts bug. As our engineering team continues to troubleshoot, we would greatly appreciate:

    • Screenshot(s) of the issue
    • Detailed steps to reproduce the issue


    Okay... here we go!


    PS: Logging on STAGING was throwing an error. This is why is I reproduced the issue on LIVE with an archived cache of an inactive owner

    STEP 1 - There are no drafts

    STEP 2 - Upload drafts
    Let's assume that I have a brand new (Garmin) GPSr and I have found one single cache. The geocache_visits.txt file looks like this:

    GC3GKH8,2024-04-03T11:43Z,Found it,"Draft 1"




    STEP 3 - Log the cache




    -> Result: Cache has a smiley on all maps/lists and the draft entry is gone -> No problems so far 👍

    STEP 4 - One day later - we found another cache

    Now, the geocache_visits.txt file looks like this:

    GC3GKH8,2024-04-03T11:43Z,Found it,"Draft 1"
    GC3GFWJ,2024-04-04T10:24Z,Found it,"Draft 2"

    -> Yes, the (Garmin) TXT file contains *all* found caches (up to 1000)

    PROBLEM 1: After uploading the TXT file, the Drafts section unfortunately contains both (all) caches. This is a real pain because the list is getting longer and longer every day. Until June 2023, the upload process ignored already uploaded drafts.




    STEP 5 - Deleting the duplicates

    All I can do now is to delete the duplicate entries one by one and then log the remaining (new) ones.

    This leads to PROBLEM 2: After deleting the duplicate draft, the smiley is replaced by an exclamation mark (forever):



    Hope this helps...

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  8. 38 minutes ago, Aft3r_Th3_G0ldrush said:

    ich möchte eigene Trckbls (siehe mein Profilbild) erstellen. Wie kommt mensch an einen Code?


    Kauf Dir in einem beliebigen Geocaching Shop einen neuen "Travel Bug Dog Tag" und verwende dessen Code.
    Den originalen TB kannst Du dann in der Schublade "archivieren"...

  9. 15 hours ago, Keystone said:

    The sole distinguishing feature of a Letterbox Hybrid cache is the presence of a letterboxing stamp.  Otherwise, the cache takes on the character of, and is subject to all the listing guidelines applicable to, the underlying cache type.


    In other words: "Letterbox" should be an attribute and not a cache type. But that probably can't be changed anymore...

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  10. 18 hours ago, Keystone said:

    I'm repeating one of the two updates from Geocaching HQ in response to the false claim that there are no updates.


    But there *are* no updates (for this problem)
    It's just... silence...

    Of couse, "posts in the bug reporting forum need to be constructive and helpful to the developers".
    So what do you need to know? Is there anything *I* can do? 
    Is there a workaround? Is there a timeline?

    Talk to us!

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  11. 10 hours ago, Gill & Tony said:

    Many challenge caches ask for a list of qualifying caches.  Is there a way to format this list into columns?

    Multiple spaces get compressed into one.  I can't see how to insert tabs, and I'm not sure that would work anyway.  There doesn't seem to be a markup language tag for this.


    Just enter *four blanks* at the beginning of each line to force a monospaced font:


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  12. 7 hours ago, MartyBartfast said:

    I very rarely get the photo Captcha when checking co-ords so not a big problem for me.


    I'm wondering why I don't get challenged when other do, is it likely to be due to which cookies we're accepting from GC?


    The Captchas only appear (to me) when I solve a whole series of puzzles.

    It obviously shows up when I check more than 10 (?) different caches in a row and *not only* when I check a single cache more than 10 (?) times.
    In order to avoid a brute force attack, it would actually be enough to check the latter.

  13. 12 minutes ago, baer2006 said:

    Anyway, I noticed one interesting tidbit on geocaching.com: I run the site in English, and all country names describing the cache location are therefore in English ("Germany", "Greece", etc.) - with one exception: It's "Türkiye" and not "Turkey". No big deal of course, but does anyone know why Turkey is "special" in that regard?


    The official english name of "Turkey" changed to "Türkiye" about a year ago (not only in Geocaching)

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  14. On 7/3/2023 at 7:19 PM, Vicious Cycle said:
    1. Do you prefer to find TB with specific goals or the ones that just want to get miles or travel from cache to cache? 
      We definitely prefer TBs with specific goals since that was the 'original idea' of releasing TBs. In the early days, we even travelled 'bonus miles' to move the TB a bit more to the final destination. BUT I don't like to check online for a specific goal while logging the cache. Almost none of todays TB have their goal 'physically attached' and sometimes, we're just travelling the opposite way.
    2. Does it seem to you that TBs with a general goal of simply getting as many miles as possible tend to travel further and last longer than TBs with more specific goals (e.g., visit each of the state capitals)?
      That's probably the case. Not everybody is heading 'east' as requested...
    3. Do you ever specifically search for Geocaches with TBs in them?
    4. Does a cache with TBs in its inventory make a cache more attractive to you?
    5. Have you ever kidnapped a TB? (...held on to a TB much longer than you intended)
      In a world of micros, it might take longer than expected to find an appropriate cache.



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  15. On 6/24/2023 at 8:13 PM, kunarion said:

    As an example, here's one of several of my caches where the background disappeared.  There doesn't seem to be anything in common with the vanishings.  Some caches were active, most were previously archived, some old, some new, and a bunch from each category were unaffected.



    The link http://img.geocaching.com/user/21ca6899-ba86-4ba8-a4a1-68bcc8cfbd95.jpg to the background image s still part of the HTML code... but the image itself is gone (Error 404).
    I can't remember that I've ever seen an URL having img.geocaching.com/user/something... they usually contain img.geocaching.com/cache/something...

    Maybe they have removed some conversion/forwarding of old style URLs...

  16. 10 minutes ago, albertpang said:

    Now I have a question... how can I remove the "Needs Owner's Attention" filter on my Cache Owner Dashboard? In my case, I once disabled the cache; fixed the issue and now re-enabled the cache on business again. The filter is still there. Should I delete the NM log? 


    Deleting the NM log won't help.

    Just write an additional "owner maintenance" log.

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