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  1. You can move it up to 528 feet. If you need to move it father than that you will have to go through your reviewer. Go to the cache page them click on EDIT LISTING then you will click on modify your cache coordinates via a log entry. and do it there
  2. They are your caches and you and your wife's numbers. To heck with other people. I say log 'em if you want, but I agree logging a FTF on one of them is taking it a little far.
  3. I agree, a little bit goes a long ways.
  4. I forgot to mention in the above post. You can practice your html codes HERE
  5. {font color=red}The text between these 2 codes will be red{/font} {font size=5}The text between these 2 codes will be size 5{/font} You'll have to change the {} to <> I'm not too good at this but I think you can use them togeter like this {font color=red size=5} The text would be red and size 5{/fomt}
  6. Paper = Printing out the cache discription, logs, hints, etc and taking thim with you. Paperless= Loading all the info above in your PDA and using it from there.
  7. Man that is the neatest thing I've seen for a while. Thanks for the tip I just made a couple of them and they work great.
  8. That's cool briansnat. I just checked all my caches and nothing close. Unless you want to count the one where the last 2 letters are my initials...lol
  9. I don't think they have to be magnetic to be considered a nano. I've seen bison tubes hanging in a bush I would call nano sized. I would just say think small, real small, like the size of a jelly bean or smaller.
  10. There are several places you can get them. Here's one..... CLICK HERE
  11. I never thought of the recycle option. That sounds like a good idea. Might even be a good reason to go out and hide another cache just to use the cache page up.
  12. Hypothetical question. What if you set up a cache and go all the way and click on "Report New Listing" and have not checked "this listing is active" then change your mind about submitting it? Can you delete all traces of this cache or will there always be a record of it on the geocaching website? I guess it could be for any reason but just say: Property owner changed their mind about granting permission.
  13. I say go get 'em. Anyone that don't like it can get out there and try to beat you them.
  14. What makes you think I love geocaching?
  15. Lacomo

    lock & lock

    Reddog15 You can get the labels HERE
  16. How would you rate the Difficulty on a cache under a chain link fence post cap? I'm sure to an experienced cacher it would be a 1 1/2 but to someone that had never found one like this it would be higher.
  17. All this for one Smiley? I would never take the time to do one like this. I would a lot rather find and log 50 caches than I would do it....Just my opinion, maybe others would love it.
  18. Not sure this is a nano. From reading the logs and the hint I would guess this is a magnetic key holder.
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