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  1. A subdivision has been built at the location the final was at.
  2. Well I can hide them on the website, but how the heck do you do it using an android phone?
  3. Yep the cache owner was retiring, so the cache retired with him.
  4. It may be a related problem that occasionally the map quits loading on the screen. It's like you scroll off the maps with nothing but white showing as you drive. This problem happens at the same spots around the state. If you turn around the map will scroll back on. Turning the unit off and on gets it going again.
  5. Map set is North America lower 48 NT2011.31 Occurs just about anytime you are navigating to the next cache, I've been in the settings menu where supposedly you can tell it what to avoid or not and chose distance or time. GPS software is up to date (and problems started several software updates ago).
  6. I'm having problems with the routing on my Garmin GPSmap 62st not wanting to take the shortest distance. I am unable to find a way to reset it. If there is a four lane road anywhere within 30 miles, it wants to use it. I have been within a mile of a destination that was on the road I was on and it wanted to make a 52 mile detour. Changing to cycling, motorcycles, tour cycling, mountain biking, hiking, or any of the other choices doesn't help. Anybody have any suggestions or instructions. Life was a lot easier when the only choices were shortest or quickest.
  7. Using Basecamp, I loaded an aerial map and updated the software on my Garmin GPSMAP 62st. Now when I power up, the setup goes through a couple of sections, then the screen goes gray with lines across it before fading completely out. Batteries good and changed. Same results with power cable and USB cable. Basecamp no longer recognizes it. Garmin support not available on weekend and email support will reply "within 3 days". Anybody have any ideas on a workaround. I need it tomorrow morning.
  8. Does the reviewer still see the NA log if the cache owner deletes the log, but never performs any maintenance?
  9. The gentleman has replied and stated he will remove it from ebay. Now my problem is that I don't know how many more are out there since he says he has had it a while and doesn't remember who he got it from.
  10. So far no reply from the seller. The seller could indeed be reputable, but the coin is not.
  11. Someone is offering a non-trackable Blue Canary geocoin for sale on ebay. I never created or authorized a non-trackable version of my coins so buyer beware, this is apparently a fake coin.
  12. Well almost half of the coins I have released have been geosnatched. Defacing the coins hasn't stopped it. If someone wants that particular coin, apparently they will take it regardless of its condition. I've even had someone release poker chips with the tracking number of the coin they stole so the unknowing would move it away from the scene of the crime.
  13. I told the person that found the fake coin to destroy it. And yes I have a lot of things it mind I would love to do to the thief. Unfortunately most of them wouldn't be legal.
  14. I just had someone contact me that had "retrieved" one of my geocoins. It seems that someone visited a cache in the Texas panhandle, took 7 geocoins, and replaced them with 7 poker chips with facsimiles of the geocoins attached, each in its own zip lock bag. Has anyone else heard of similar occurrences. Here is a link to the photo of the fakes. missing coins
  15. I'm having the same problem, but occasionally it is even worse and omits everything on the first page except the header at the top.
  16. Well you found nine caches and had the exact copy and paste log in each one except for one. You are certainly entitled to your opinions, but it is my experience that most caches start out well stocked and degrade because other cachers either take and don't leave or leave the "junk" you describe. A polite note to the cache owner would probably be better than yelling at them in public. And posting in capital letters is considered yelling. Just be glad that most of these geocachers you have fussed at don't go around deleting logs that they don't agree with like some in another nearby state. OK, I'm off my soapbox.
  17. The 16 mile limit makes the map almost useless in the most the areas I cache in. I guess it makes sense in an urban enviroment, but not in a rural one. There are places in the state where caches are 30 miles apart.
  18. Well apparently it just takes a couple of days after you delete the photo from the log for it to disappear from your personal gallery. It is gone now.
  19. Is there anyway to delete a photo in your gallery. I deleted it off the log it was attached to but it is still in the gallery and that makes it a spoiler I don't want.
  20. You have to wonder about some folks. When I offered my geocoin for sale, very few actually sold so I had to "eat" the difference. Since I have been releasing them in the wild I am almost at the point where more have been stolen than sold. Geosnatching is not a very good image for the geocaching community, but apparently becoming one that fits a large portion.
  21. Pssst. There is still a bunch available for sale.
  22. Well max zoom on MY GPS still drops the railroads off the screen if you zoom further out than .3 miles. I know how to change the flags to dots. But when I download something from mapsource to the GPS, I would like the icons chosen while using Mapsource to stay the same. It would with my old GPS. With the new one it doesn't and it is time consuming if I have 40 or 50 waypoints to have to go back and manually change each one. On the 76CX the parks are NOT shaded. I would like them to be as on the other GPS. The CX does not have the calibrated compass. That is on the CSX. I have the correct course pointer selected. Declutter does not effect the contours. So if I haven't selected the proper settings, and I have read and reread the book, someone tell me what sequence of buttons from which screen I need to go to get this solved.
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