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  1. In the Palm version (at least - don't know about the PPC version), tap on the "Wpt" box at the bottom of the list view. Then enter the code in the Graffiti area of your PDA, and the list will scroll to the code as it's entered. You learn something everyday. I've always used the Palm's search function to find the name or waypoint number and didn't even realize this function was here.
  2. I run Microsoft Antispyware (Windows Defender as it is now called) and it's free. I've had pretty good luck with it as I haven't had any problems with spyware since I installed it. The good thing about it is it is active, which means it runs in the background like an anti-virus software does so it catches unwanted software before it has a chance to install itself.
  3. If you want to go meet us at the El Norte & 15 Park&Ride at 7AM (in the larger east lot). We will head out via 79 to 74 caching along the way! Plenty of room for more. I have a Yukon XL 4WD. Of course, I always have the Sirius radio as well! I plan on making it back home early evening. If it wasn't for a company function I've already commited to, I'd be going with you guys. Have fun!
  4. WOW! I heard that the Marscache at Green Mono Lake is a lot like our own Tufa Towers! Oh no! Not another Puzzle Valley!!!
  5. Check out this version of Google Maps. This may be very useful some day.
  6. Sounds like a good possible breakfast for this Saturday if it isn't raining again! I'm up for it, but I did hear there's a chance of rain Friday night into Saturday. (Remember, I'm just the messenger)
  7. Sort of... We drove a long time before finding a spot with a nice hill that didn't have barb wire fence around it. There were about 20 cars parked along the side of the road. When we pulled up a cop had his megaphone on and told everyone to pull farther off the road because they were blocking the road. So I swung around and parked way over off the road but kept my left side tires on dry pavement. We grabbed our sleds and booked up the hill. When I got to the top, I sat in my sled and sunk straight down. Rhonda and Alyssa started laughing at me. The snow was that thick wet stuff and was about a foot deep so it was tough to sled on. So I used my arms and propelled myself down the hill a little bit at a time. There was one spot where I actually went about 8 feet without pushing myself! Woo Hoo! I told Rhonda and Alyssa to follow my deep track. But then another cop came by and told everyone to leave because by that time there were 30 cars and some new moroffs were blocking the road again. He said he was going to start writing tickets and he pulled behind my truck! So I grabbed my sled and ran down to my truck before he could give me a ticket. I talked to the cop for a little bit. He said I was OK but he was clearing out the area and sending people back towards Santa Isabel because Julian was a parking lot! So we headed back towards Santa Isabel. But didn't find any good spots. On the way back to Ramona the solid line of cars heading up to Julian extended about 5 miles past Santa Isabel! The bottom line is that you need to know somebody out there with some land if you want to go sledding...... Anyhow, it was a cool drive! Hey Pat, Brandon and I went to Julian too. What a madhouse! We saw the cops chasing everyone away so we just turned around and ended up at the chocolate factory in Wynola. When we got there, the owner was still clearing the parking lot and there were just a couple cars. As you can see from the photo, this place ended up popular too.
  8. If I have to stay indoors much longer, I think I'm going to scream!!!
  9. We were going to do those but after the rain it may be better to wait a week until it drys out. So we are headed back to Puzzle Valley to pick off some more puzzles! A good spot to meet would be at 3B3 "Down and Dirty" at around 9:15ish.... Ok, you talked me into it. Puzzle valley it is. There's no better way to find a puzzle cache then to hang out with someone that has already figured it out. I'm finally getting my better half to go. We probably will go for pizza later too.
  10. edit Does anybody like S Fortuna for breakfast?
  11. Another camo'd critter found near 3 Sisters today.
  12. I don't know. Anyway, that sounds like country music and I'm not that kind of a guy.
  13. BZ Thanks guys! Now I can rest......not really!
  14. Grumble Grumble... er I mean Beep Beep. Now I know where I need to go on Sunday.... Wasn't this the other way around just yesterday? One good turn...well, you know the rest.
  15. 17 degrees and they want you to turn off the heater?!! Shoot, it hits 68 here and my heaters on.
  16. Coming soon to a hilltop near you... BIG RED You know the drill. Honk if you know it. Beep! Beep!
  17. I'm game. How many Gatorades will you drink that day? I'll probably be riding my mountain bike back up Orosco Ridge again on Sunday.
  18. WOW!!! September 16, 2005 - February 14, 2006...That's like 1 cache every five minutes!!! That's incredible! I NEVER exaggerate.
  19. That's fricking gross! Maybe he wasn't actually playing with his "member". He could have had one of those new fangled wrist-watch style gps units! Maybe he mounted it on his "member" and was just following it to the same cache! Drum roll........So the assistant commisioner must have been in one of those "Members Only" clubs.... Sorry to digress..... Did you notice the geocachers name? "Beiswanger"
  20. Sheesh! I had to change my password before I could get back into the forums. I need to do those caches too. 8:59?
  21. Probably wont get that far west. I had the larger photo first, but I cropped out the area I could not reach. That cache is calling me every pass on the 52 also! Be sure to take a new container for "Without Reason." Read my log entry to see why. I have a camo'd 48oz peanut putter jar. Think that will be big enough? I'll make sure there's no more peanut butter left so as not to attract more deer.
  22. We are planning to do this hike on Saturday. We will meet at the parking coords provided on here at 8:30AM. Here is the Google Earth version. The trail disappears in some areas so I had to guess the route. Looks like these will be a couple well earned finds.
  23. Priorities man, you gotta have priorities!
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