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  1. I'm going to add this little story here because I think it fits the topic. Yesterday afternoon (1/9), I received a notification of some new caches up around the area where I work (Woodcliff Lake). Since I have yet to get an FTF, I thought I would try even though I didn't have my GPS with me. I did some research on line using Google Maps and decided to go after one called The Rhodo Ranger (GC18BX5). It looked easy enough and was very close by so I figured I didn't have anything to lose. Well, when I got to the cache location, I discovered that it was on a residential street. That seemed okay since the CO claimed that he had permission to place the cache at its location. Anyway, as I soon discovered, there were TWO possible locations for the cache and of course, I selected the wrong one to begin my search. After about 5 minutes of trying to be very stealthy, I decided to give up only to look up the street and see the second possible location. I moved my car up the street and again after about 5 minutes, I discovered the cache. At this point, I was becoming more and more nervous because there were quite a few muggles out in the neighborhood along with a steady stream of cars traveling up and down the street. I grabbed the cache and went back to my car to sign the log. Alas, I was NOT the first to find, however, while signing the log - I entered the date, and a short note indicating that I was disappointed that I was only STF and then placed the log back in the bag. I very quickly replaced the cache and drove off. It wasn't until I was about a mile away that I realized that I forgot to enter my geocaching name (rstefano52)! I had NEVER done that since I started caching! I couldn't go back at that point because I knew that any further delay would get me embroiled in traffic on the parkway so I decided to go home and write the CO a note for permission to claim the find with the understanding that I would go back in the next few days to complete the entry. As of the writing of this note, I still have not heard back from the CO but I really don't feel that it is right for me to claim the find until I completed the proper log entry in the cache. After all - without the ID - anyone can claim that find. In the meantime, I will plan on going back to the cache location to enter the ID so that I can "sleep better at night"! I just hope that I can do this soon because with this find, I am only 5 away from reaching 300 cache finds. I hope you enjoyed the story and I would appreciate any comments on this situation.

  2. Go Mag-man - by the way - what was the cache's name? I know there was one out there that I wanted to do that's on my list but I thought you needed a boat or something to get to it? I don't think I would try the ice - I HATE the cold! This would be a good one to get into the newspapers since geocachers often get a lot of bad press (hiding bombs and such!). I'm glad everyone is alright.

  3. To answer Twocat's question on how the GW sites are chosen - Sandy and Sonny (of Podcacher) had several shows (starting with episode 106) dedicated to GeoWoodstock V. During one of the shows, they interviewed one of the coordinators and it seems that first you have to attend at least ONE before you put your bid in. Then there is some type of bidding process that goes on and I don't know the details of that. I do know that this year's location is in Sacramento and I'm sure that they (PodCacher) will be there for interviews and such once again. They have also attended the Midwest GeoBash but I haven't listened to those episodes yet.

    I would love to have a GW event up closer to home but since we are going to Ireland this year, I won't be able to travel anywhere else. Maybe someone else could answer the question in more detail.

  4. My wife and I will be going on a trip to Ireland from May 25th to June 6 and of course we would like to find some geocaches while we are there. Unfortunately, we won't have much control over where we are going because we are going on a tour (The Emerald Isle from CIE tours) so we will have to be satisfied with finding caches along the way. One "good" thing is that we have already been to some of the places that are on the tour so if we have a choice we might be able to break away and find a cache or two while we are at those locations. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for caching while on a tour. I have already been to Ireland's geocaching web sight and I have gotten some suggestions from there but I want to see if anyone has anything different to offer here. One of the fellows on the Irish Geochacher's forum provided me with the PQ's to identify all of the Irish caches so I already have those. I will re-run those as we get closer to the trip so that I have an up to date list. I am just looking for any other suggestions. Thanks in advance and Happy Caching.

  5. I have the Garmin eTrex Vista HCx , it set's up just like Yours .

    I sent You a E-Mail, if there is any way I can help You let Me know



    Hi... For the Vista HCX, Have you found anyway to get Geocaches loaded to the Memory Card? I would like to get more than 500 onto the Vista but so far, I seem to be having problems doing that.


    I use GSAK and just export directly to the Vista, bypassing MapSource entirely.




    I'm not sure if this will answer your question but I think I was able to do it using Garmin's POI loader. I was able to get it from their sight (it took some digging) but I was able to load the Geocaches as Points of Interest on the memory card and I know that loaded about 1500 caches.

  6. Good news - I think - it seems that our "blockage" has been fixed! I don't know if GC and Websense finally worked it out or if our IT department did something. I just checked and I was able to get the the GC.com web site without any problem.

  7. I just have to add my "two cents" - right now, I have some "extra time" on my hands at work and I know a lot of the other people here are frequent web surfers so I didn't think too much about going to GC.com once in a while to check out the location of a newly published cashe. As of today, the site is still blocked through our Websense application. I checked with one of the guys in IT (who I was trying to get into GC) and he said he wasn't aware that the company was intentionally blocking the site. So I guess, this is still an issue with Websense. I hope this changes some day but in the meantime, I'll have to use the wap site and maybe a combination of google maps or something like that to tell me where the cache is. OR, I can just wait until I get home and any chances of an FTF are out of the question. I've been caching since April and I still don't have one but I'm still alive and healthy and employed so that's saying a lot! Happy caching.

  8. :anitongue: DARN! I was hoping that I was going to be one of the first ones to congratulate you - I can't even get an FTC!!! Well, you certainly deserve all of these accolades and more! I've had the privelege of watching you do a find - you are amazing! I wish that I can spend more time with you but I don't think that I could keep up! Congratulations StayFloopy (I'll keep your real name a secret) - as Sonny & Sandy say "Stay Safe and Keep on Cachin!"
  9. I just found out that one our fellow "hunters" has just reached the 200 mark! Congratulations to ADMO1972 on his 200th find. :(


    Also - keep an eye on STAYFLOOPY - he's getting VERY CLOSE to 7,000 - if we throw a party would he come? Maybe not but he will deserve a BIG CONGRATULATIONS when he gets there. :laughing:

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