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  1. Sometimes I wish that the people in our area would let some of the newcomers have a chance but I guess that is too much to ask. I have my one and only FTF and I am happy to say that I don't need to get any more. If I do, that's great but I just will not go nuts anymore because I have accomplished that one goal. It's a good feeling to have an FTF and I hope that all cachers get a chance to get one - maybe that's what those who are "in the race" should think about when they have to be FIRST all of the time. Besides some of us have daytime jobs that we have as priority!
  2. Just my two cents but when my son and his friend started caching the actually found SIX geocaches without a GPS! All they did was use Google maps/earth to get to the general location and then "geosense" from there. I was kind of PROUD of my son for doing that - I'm not sure that I could. In fact I tried it recently to get an FTF and I probably took longer than I should have to find a very simple cache. I didn't get the FTF but that wasn't because I didn't have my GPS. In addition, I had heard about someone who still hasn't used a GPS and I believe that they have thousands of finds! I don't know the specifics but I had heard about it somewhere. I think it's a real skill to be able to do that and "more power" to the person who can. Geocaching is what you make it - after all - it's a "game where YOU are the search engine"!
  3. Hi - welcome aboard. One of my favorite caches that I have placed was a bird house. We were able to purchase a pre-built one at a local Michael's Craft store. My son was able to spray paint it, block up the hole, and cut a door in the back for access to the log and trade items. I attached it to a tree with wires. I set it up as a puzzle cache so it doesn't get a lot of hits but everyone who has found it really compliments us on the container. The house was less than $5 and we have a second one that is ready to go as a replacement just in case something happens to this one. I hope this helps. Good luck and happy caching!
  4. Congratulations - it was great to watch you in action at the Frosty Mug cache. Ever since we were there, a lot people have been finding it but I think that's because Dennis added a very helpful hint. Cache On!
  5. You wake up the next morning after a good day of caching only to find a TICK embedded in your leg! Here come the antibiotics!
  6. I'd be interested as long as it's not between June 1 to the 13 - I will be away then. I am pretty much open to any location at the moment.
  7. Congratulations and keep on cachin.
  8. When I saw that polskikrol hit his 1000th find, I figured you should be close - congratulations! Keep on cachin.
  9. The way I figure it, I should be reaching this mark in about two years - as long as I stay healthy and I don't run out of caches. Congratulations.
  10. What the hey - I'll keep congratulations coming from EVERY DIRECTION! Good job and keep on cachin!
  11. I know that I'm going to mess this up but I hope that I remember everyone - there were a ton of milestones that occured this weekend - GranAndPap, PBS Sailors, TwoCat, and more I'm sure have hit milestones. PTBilly had his FIRST FTF. So CONGRATULATIONS to all and to everyone that I missed - it's hard to keep up with everyone but please accept my congrats on jobs well done. Keep on cachin.
  12. I just saw the Old Navy millstone (sorry - MILESTONE) - CONGRATULATIONS and the same to everyone else who has hit one recently - I could probably go on and on and on and ...!
  13. I received a similar type of email in one of my other email accounts. Supposedly this "geocacher" found one of my "signature coins" with my geocaching email address on it. Fortunately, this is NOT my primary email address and just one that I use specifically for geocaching. I the "geocacher" wanted to know if I wanted to go geocaching with them. I never responded and when I asked some of our local people about this person (they actually gave their name and an email address), no one seemed to know them. This person never gave me a geocaching Id nor could I find anything more out about them on the GC web site. I'm almost sorry now that I put my email address on the coin!
  14. I'm sorry - I "gummed" up the works without reading this thread first. I agree - it would be better to add all of the milestones in one place - I just forgot to look here. I had inadvertantly added a congratulations to my brother (JGSTEF) in a separate topic. I will know better for next time.
  15. Congratulations but will you ever catch up to Stayfloopy?
  16. I'm sure others have mentioned this but I only go out in certain types of weather - no rain and the temp has to be above 32 degrees fahrenheit. In addition, I don't particularly like going out alone but I've done that on occasion - I am just very selective on where I go because I've gotten lost once when I was by myself - that wasn't fun.
  17. It took some effort - especially on a cold day but JGSTEF has reached his 200th find at Round and Round the Block!!! (GC126T2) by Joe & Jeni. Congratulations and thanks Joe for a great day!
  18. This smacks of applying a "grade" (for lack of a better term) to caches and I'm not sure that's what caching is all about. However, I am going to Ireland in June and I have already contacted some Ireland cachers to help me identify caches that I might be able to do while I am there on my tour. Since I will be limited on my route, I would have to plan it carefully so that I can pick up a few caches here and there along the route. A "must do" list in this case would be great but I don't want to cause any hurt feelings if someone's cache did not make the list.
  19. Congratulations - you won't see me ever doing this cache!
  20. One thing you have to remember is there is a 0.1 mile limit between caches and that's "as the crow flies"! I made a mistake of not checking for nearby caches ahead of time and had to replace the cache at another location (not necessarily a better one). Otherwise, I think what I've done (I've only place 5) is that I find the location first, then I think about what I what to put there and then I get the coordinates to make sure I'm clear.
  21. I love a geochecker.com puzzle cache! I use it with my puzzle caches (when I remember) and think it's great! I do know someone who doesn't like it because she thinks that some people just sit there and plug in likely coordinates until they get the right one. Personally, I don't have time to do that but I guess there are those that do. One of the problems with checkers, that I have noticed, is that they seem to allow an exact match only. This can be an issue if a puzzle is mathematical and involves any rounding - the person solving it may get an answer that is slightly different from what is in the checker, but is more than good enough to find the cache... a difference in the thousandths of minutes, for example. Consequently, a checker can cause frustration. I know this because I have this issue with one of my caches. For what it's worth, I used geochecker.com for one of my caches and I found a selection for a "fuzzy search" and then it gave me some options for how close I wanted that to be. I don't know if that's new or not but I used it within the last 6 months.
  22. Just 400 more to catch up to you - congratulations - keep on cachin!
  23. Whistler & co - thanks for the story and the advice. Unfortunately, in this particular situation - I was very unprepared for a caching hunt! Not only did I not have my GPS, but I didn't have my camera. Sure, I probably could have used my phone camera but it's a royal pain to retrieve pictures from that. I've been having trouble with storing pictures on my Clie so I couldn't use that either. Nevertheless, this is a VERY GOOD suggestion and one that I will conside for all future cache finds. When I first started out, I had always taken a picture because I was very excited at finding the caches. Now, I find excuses for not taking pictures - and most of the time I don't even have my camera with me - that's my biggest excuse. Again, thanks for the advice.
  24. I'd log the find and go back at my leisure to re-sign the log. I can't say that I went out of my way but I tried going back during my lunch time today - I was able to accomplish the task in about 15 minutes - including the drive time - so now I can rest in peace. By the way, the CO never did reply - I suppose he's very busy! Thanks for the reply.
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