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  1. Great article John! Would you believe that some people have mistaken that picture for me??? I don't think there's any resemblance but it's all in the eye of the beholder. I wrote Kelly a note yesterday to thank her for the POSITIVE news about geocaching. I was hoping that she would have emphacized the "family" aspect of it a little more because as you and I both know, this "sport" is enjoyed but kids from 3 to 80! Thanks for getting geocaching in the news.
  2. Is it possible that the "amazing" Pofe will be traveling through the maze "incognito"??? There are a number of NJ geocachers who are trying to get a "caravan" together to try out the maze and then do some local caching. Nothing is definite yet but it's still in the planning stages. You can also check out the Central NJ web site or the Northern NJ site . Hope to see you all there.
  3. Congratulations to JINXDUDE30 on his 300th find!
  4. I am sure that this is way too far from my home but I'm curious - where is this being held? Is there an waypoint number attached to the event?
  5. I can't speak for the Rubber Ducky event but we at the "Wild about caching" event (put on by the Central New Jersey Geocachers and ERICLES) had a great time. We hade about 50+ people (not including some geo-dogs) show up and I know that some went on to continue the event by group caching and enjoying dinner later in the evening. My daughter was jealous of those who visited the eating establishment because she really wanted to go. Thanks again to all of the volunteers to help make this event a success.
  6. Congratulations - I'm just about 94 behind you. I sympathize with you on the family thing although I don't have that problem. In fact at a recent family gathering my 80+ year old mother was explaining the whole thing to her siblings! It was great to hear her in action. On the other hand, I have difficulty trying to get my friends enthused about the hobby/sport/game. Keep on cachin'.
  7. Hey Keruso - I'll bet the caches that you found were "quality" caches and not just any old cache that came into your sites. Fifty-eight is just as good a number as is 1,000 - remember, it's not about the numbers it's about what you get out of this game/hobby/sport. Congratulations on your 58 finds - think about all of those interesting stories you have and can remember for those. Once you start getting high numbers of finds, it gets harder and harder to remember where they were or what they looked like. In fact, my son and I just recently went back to a cache that we had already found by accident - thus wasting some time and some very precious fuel! Enjoy and happy caching.
  8. Congratulations to BlueOrca and all of the others that I've missed recently - it's getting harder and harder to keep up with you all. I guess I should increase my difficulty and terrain levels!!!
  9. You have to be retired and get up very early in the morning!
  10. Congratulations Brian - I don't know if I'll see 1000 in my lifetime but that is quite an accomplishment - keep on cachin' and sooner or later you'll catch up to Stayfloopy!
  11. Let me add my congratulations to Uminiski and everyone else who has attained a milestone recently - it's very hard to keep up with everyone.
  12. Thanks Adam - I still want to do Steeps over Greenbrook - I think I'll save that for 500 or some other milestone.
  13. I was told by a friend of mine that one of the New Jersey TV channels had a show on Geocaching - he wasn't sure of the channel but he said it was a half hour show. I'm suspecting that they broadcast the Geocaching DVD that has been floating around but I'm not sure. If anyone caught the show, please let me know if that's what it was or if it was something entirely different. It was supposedly broadcast during the week of April 14th.
  14. I guess somebody has vision trouble but I second the motion - CONGRATULATIONS to ThEMaDRuSsIaN on his 300th find - it's great to have you as one of my caching buddies!
  15. I haven't ever found one but I worked with a friend and put one out for one of his caches. It's a lot of fun to see the comments - mostly positive from finders of the actual cache. The decoy is in close proximity of the cache so you don't have to go crazy looking for it. I just thought it would add to the challenge of the hunt. I had seen the concept of a decoy on a geocaching video and my friend's cache lent itself well to adding the decoy. I don't think there was any harm done because cachers are still finding the original with no problem. Happy caching.
  16. There's a North Eastern Pennsylvania group (NEPAG) but I don't have the web link at the moment. I know that they have a forum there and I'm pretty sure there's an associated web site.
  17. Please forgive my ignorance but what does it really mean for the parks to be "closed"? Will someone be in charge of stopping you from entering trails and wooded areas? Most of the caches that would be in these parks would be just off of a trail somewhere so as long as you are not concerned about having a park ranger available and you realize the risk, is that going to be okay? I'm just wondering. I am sure that there are a lot of caches in these parks that I haven't gotten yet and I would really hate it if I didn't have a chance at them because of the politicians playing these games because that's what it is - a big game! As long as they have money in THEIR pockets they are okay - we really need to start thinking more about who we put in office! 'nough said.
  18. Congratulations Laura - I hope you are doing well at your new location. We all miss you at TTB&B.
  19. Congratulations Gerry - and to all of the others who I've missed since I was last on here. I am sorry but I've been out of commission for a bit and have been lax in keeping up with my GC activities. That includes congratulating all of my "friends" on reaching their milestones. Please forgive me for not recognizing everyone individually but it would take too long and I'm at work right now. Again - CONGRATULATIONS to ALL!
  20. Just out of curiosity - what is the real URL for cachebox.com? When I try to go to "www.cachebox.com", I get a web site that says the domain name is for sale and the listings have nothing to do with geocaching! I am always looking for new resources for caching stuff and like the others, I have gone to Staples or Office Depot and cut up the spiral bound notebooks - they work pretty well as long as you have the proper types of scissors to cut them.
  21. I understand that CONGRATULATIONS are in order for Moozehead2020 - 200 finds when visiting PLUTO!
  22. It's hard to keep up with everything - I've been home sick for part of the week and I still haven't seen everything that I usually look at (when working!!! )!
  23. Congratulations! How did I miss this - I must have been playing CHECKERS!
  24. Sorry I didn't see this sooner! Congratulations! - the "Energizer Bunny" just keeps on going and going and going....
  25. Congratulations - a little less than half-way to StayFloopy!
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