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  1. The tree of our cache needs a hug Well what can I say U R Right That dreded box the death of family life and ainteractive living. Whilst goeC is about location. location, location how about a new slogan, LIFE LOVE and Living and vedging. Kids Caches and Mayhem what a day in the celtic tribal city.
  2. No personla trasher yet but hey there is still time. Mid you My cache site has been up for ohhh 48 hours so you never know. Are people who trash or steel caches called Trolls ? Kids Caches and Mayhem what a day in the celtic tribal city.
  3. quote:Originally posted by Team Blitz (Michael):When I log on to find new caches in the sysyem, i usually click on "UK" on the homepage and then look at the hiders name, this usually gives me a good enough idea of whether they are close or not. I used to use the "cache map" but i tend not to now because it takes ages to load. Teasels map is good but as G:UK doesn't get cache info nas soon as it comes online, it can be a bit behind. Mike This forum post is copyright 2003 to Michael Blitz and may not be re-produced in part or full without prior written consent. Copyright 2003 All rights reserved Thaught I'd breach copyright too Kids Caches and Mayhem what a day in the celtic tribal city.
  4. I would strongly recomend not to put personal details into a cache. Our stash note in our cache has our website on it and gecaching.com of course this then could be tracked to us via email if wanted to. We have not put a mailto on our web site. As it could be miss used, but rather a form to fill in, it then gets sent to the right email address. I know nhot every one has a website, so would people like what I mentioned above, availabe to them from our website. Kids Caches and Mayhem what a day in the celtic tribal city.
  5. Hey being new to caching I did not know about the counties thing. But if you go to teasels site there he has an interactive map. OK this is in it's beta testing stage, but I use it all the time and it seems to be fine. You can find it hereGeocachinguk.com Then click on caches and the kind of info you want. The map is divided into counties. I hope this is of some help, It uses the geochaing.com database so it is accurate and a gr8 piece of work that needs to be congratulated and used. Kids Caches and Mayhem what a day in the celtic tribal city.
  6. I is amaizing, how other people view the area one lives in. Iv'e lived in west sussex for 28 years and geocaching has taken me to places in the area I did not know off or has taken further down a trail I've been down before, but never ventured that far. The hunt has realy revived our love for walking and the countryside. Geocaching has a big thumbs up from The Targett Family Kids Caches and Mayhem what a day in the celtic tribal city.
  7. Here is the thread I started a week ago about gps interfearance problems. GPS interfearace problems I agree with chriss and maria rain seems to be a problem. but if you read this thread it give some details and a good website to visit to explain all about the GPS and how it works. Kids Caches and Mayhem what a day in the celtic tribal city.
  8. It's nice to have a good location as this makes for a good walk and possibly a good picnic. But for us it's about being together as family, no telly is gr8. I hear you all saying ahhhh but it's true. But whist we are having our family time it's the hunt we enjoy and the supprise of what we are going to find. Being new to caching it's still the thrill of going to find a cache. Maybee this will change in time, but I hope not. It's also about seeing our boys face lightup when he can choose something to takeaway with him. As for the hardness of the cache, we have young children so not finding a cache would be disasterious and would probably produce tears for our eldest. All the caches we have visited have had good contents something for the youngest and eldest of the cachers, this is gr8. Kids Caches and Mayhem what a day in the celtic tribal city.
  9. What are your views on what makes a good cache?. I think this would be help full for us to know what others want from caching. Including location, deficulty and contents. Kids Caches and Mayhem what a day in the celtic tribal city.
  10. I've read this thread too but still no signe of icons. I thaught as I'm a new site that I could experiment on the behalf of geoc.com and let them know what they need. What do you ssay Teasel? Kids Caches and Mayhem what a day in the celtic tribal city.
  11. it was actually of this posting that my icons were formulated, some words were coppied as they said I could. just wanted to see what people thaught with and implemented set of icons as to help out GEOC.com with any further developements Kenn Kids Caches and Mayhem what a day in celtic tribal city.
  12. quote:Personally I'd like to know if negotiations are truly beyond repair. Cache the Bug-Geocaching Yeh me too team minim. fair comment I think, does 2% OF CACHES justify a ban on FC land? Kids Caches and Mayhem what a day in celtic tribal city.
  13. WE have now updated our site to include icones to help Disabeled people, families and hopefully to explaine parkin ect, this was in reply to this thread difficulty and terrain Hopefully this will help people in the future when they visit our website. But do people think Geocahing.com should implement this kind of icon system? I understand the legistics of this for the admin people, but would subscribers find this helpfull? Kids Caches and Mayhem what a day in celtic tribal city. [This message was edited by The Targett Family on March 10, 2003 at 03:25 PM.]
  14. It seems to me that NO FOOD STUFF + DRINK should be in a cache. I support this site due to the peoiple and the Idea of shairing the gre8 outdoors with my family. That is all of the globe. I understand about restricted areas, but forestry comition land is vast, if we adheard to the GO rules then we would have had access. I run an enviromenatly friendly site, help for people who want to be green in their living. Geocaching seemed a gr8 place for people to explore the gr8 outdoors and help them to appreciate the green stuff that is out their and maybe help them to think about what they are doing. With this ruling we as country side lovers have less of an impact now, to help people change their ways. T&J it's gr8 to see people out there willing to fight the cause. A geocachers abide by the guidelines as they help the administraitors to claim lands for US TO HIDE CACHES. LOL Kids Caches and Mayhem what a day in celtic tribal city.
  15. Thanx for all your help. it transpires that i was typing it in. in the worng format. Being new to geocaching and GPS their is alot to learn quite quickly. I will probably write a help page for beginners. after this episode. Thnx for all you help. Kids Caches and Mayhem what a day in celtic tribal city.
  16. quote:Originally posted by el10t:You have made an error in converting from dd:mm:ss to dd.dddd 50:49:57 converts to 50.8325 00:46:91 converts to -0.7919 Rich _mobilis in mobili_ I copied and paisted the co-ords in but still no luck, any suggestions????? Thoes co-ords always lead me home. but can get an acurate map Kids Caches and Mayhem what a day in celtic tribal city. P.S. How did you work that out? My actual GPS Reading is:- N50­­°49.471 and W000°46912
  17. Hi there I am setting up a cache, just thaught I would check out the parking and make sure the co-ordinance was right, or as near a damit for the parking any way. But it seems to be way off. I've been back several times the co-ords are the same, i've even put in my house co'ords and whilst i get lead back time and time again, the maps say I live in the middle of the ocian. What am I doing wrong. This is how I right the co-ords in 50:49:57 or 50.49571 and for west 00:46:91 or -0,46912 can any one help please. Multi map says I'm out too, but I can explain it, ive been back time and time again and it reads the same. Using Garmin Etrex, Kids Caches and Mayhem what a day in celtic tribal city.
  18. The site you suggested is gr8, more knowledge than my little pea brain could ever handle. But some good tips on what to watch out for. Thnx again Kids Caches and Mayhem what a day !!!!
  19. There was a thread the other day saying that cloud coverage wont interfere with a gps signal. I have recently found out that this is not quite the case. If the clouds are rain clouds then they will, and the more water they are holding the denser the cloud. This means a weaker signal getting through. Is this true? My readings also seem to get a little scudded if I’m near electricity pylons, is this just me or can they have an effect? Is their any thing else that can affect the gps signal I should know? I know about Trees and being indoors The Targett Family
  20. Have a look. http://www.promotionalkeyrings.co.uk/promotionalkeyrings_blankkeyrings.htm Also try these very small min orders still very reasonable. http://www.mainframes.co.uk/mf/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=15&products_id=49 Also 100 min order £24.00 free postage: http://www.keyringsupplier.co.uk/photokeyrings.htm Thats enough to be getting on with The Targett Family [This message was edited by The Targett Family on March 02, 2003 at 11:53 AM.]
  21. One is 2 1/2 the other 22 weeks. I have to agree with nia 4 the most part. except for the Alchole, sorry guys and galls The Targett Family
  22. I personlay see nothing wrong with adult content, being a new cacher and a perent of two. But I do have a couple of consirnes. Alchole and Adult content(adult books) My kids are only 2 1/2 and 5 months. but whathappens when they reach 14-16 an acceptable age to find caches in my oppinion. If we dropped them off and picked them up in a certain area or at a certain time. I would not like them to find alchole or porn. But I would hope they were responsible enough to handle a penknife or simular object. Theire was a thread written about caching with kinds in the new cachers section, and they said check contents before letting your kids see whats inside. I don't think this is always posible, especially when you lett the kids find the cache. I can see it now. Sorry little Joney I know you found the cache but mummy or daddy ( cairer ) has to check the cache before you can look in it." Could you emagin the dissapointment they would have. But if the caches were marked addults only then their would not be a problem would there. The Targett Family
  23. Mind Box Hey I agree the Queen Elizabeth is so vast I can't believe it either. If I was'nt so now to this game I would have place another cache there myself. Do let me know if you have placed a cache there. Planning a visit in 3 weeks. Jstead The QECP is a lovely part of hampshire. The park is huge, with picnic and barbique areas, walks, treks, mountain bike trails, and a visiter center. It's worth coming down over easter time as there is the one and only EGG ROLLING COMPETITION, it's great fun, and it's on Butser Hill. Probably hard to find a cache though as it is well attended and people come in their hundreds. Here is the URL for the Park:- http://www.hants.gov.uk/countryside/qecp/ The Targett Family
  24. Hi there Time and June Thnx for the helpfull hints and tips you have placed in the forum. We have only been doing GoeC for about 2 weeks now and have found 4. We are waiting to reach about 15-12 before we place a cache. We are receying a posible cache site now to see where people tend to trek and where the dogs go etc. Is this a good idea ? As to this forum and a new cacher feeling out of place. I have found the forum very friendly indeed. It's the friendlyness of everyone that attracted us to persue Geocaching. As we joined before we went acaching. Thanx Tim & June again, gr8 thread The Targett Family
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