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  1. My Girlfriend who I have been with for 8-9 Years, wonders what I do on My time off from work, since She worked on weekends "TILL NOW".(i told her i was now geocaching)

    Now She wants to go with Me. Darn work changes.

    I will have a Buddy/Girlfriend to go with Me.


    She said I could not go out anymore without HER.


    Guess I Will Not Be Alone Any More and Add a New Geocacher.



  2. Since I am new, and placed My first Cache, I did go check on It, after a few logs to make sure It was found.

    After that I have not checked, rely on the Great People Here to Be Honest.

    And I have found that to be TRUE.


  3. I still use My Garmin Street Pilot 111 to get Me to Area, then put in off road mode.

    Alot of money, but works. I have Friends that swear buy the Garmin V.

    I really Think that what You wish to have included in Unit, is up to You, All will get You there.

    PS: I Love The Color

  4. This is My Thoughts and Mine Only.

    If A Person can not afford a simple GPS to Geocache, What do They do for a living?

    I have no problem donating to those in need, but, if They are in that way, Why Geocache.

  5. Beleive It Or Not, I use My Garmin Street Pilot 111, for Geocaching. It is larger than the V, and really meant for vehicles, but It works Great in Off Road Mode. Just battery life is a problem.

  6. After the Great response I had from My Original Cache.

    I have planned a few future Cache's with Collectable Items.

    I have a Large number of PEZ Collectable Items, and Large number of Fossil Items.


    Would This Be A Good Idea for Cache, (alot of money involved in collectables)


    Of course the next Cache would be harder to find.


    Just Love the Idea that Someone Might Like These Items as Collectables As I Do.



  7. Thank You So Much, and Team 360, for Yours.


    Can not Beleive, Someone found in dark, when I stumpled over in day to place, but I guess That is The Fun of Sport. (yes sport)


    The Ones, That Found First, Truly Wanted Cache, and are Dedicated Cachers.


    Great Fun,


  8. Hey VEXORG


    Just Noticed Your EPPD Patch. Did I steal Your's or You Steal Mine? (never saw anywhere here until now)


    Was EPPD from 77-85, Ask the old timers if They remember, PAYNE.


    Will change My Icon, if You Wish, NOT A PROBLEM.

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