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  1. It's NOTHING!!! What do I win???
  2. Kita will require a lift from the Flying Spaghetti Monst-arrrrrrrr in order to get to the Treasu-rrrrrre
  3. Are you loading them directly, or are you loading it from GSAK?
  4. A wikked looking air freshener that you hang from your rear-view mirror???
  5. Darn... I was 1 number off..... congrats!!!
  6. Got my coin in today... finally, LoL!!!
  7. OK, this might sound lame, but given the timing, it was funny... It was December 31st, 1999... of course we were all having a good time at a party, waiting for the dreaded Y2K... shortly before the time, I had snuck downstairs without being noticed... I listened out for the countdown and a couple seconds after the new year had come in, I cut the power to the house... I heard a couple of screams, followed by alot of laughter...
  8. For some reason, mail from the states takes a bit longer for me... not to fear, I'm hoping that it'll be in this week coming
  9. Grr... the 32x32 and 16x16 look like blobs... can't make out much of anything in it.... sorry
  10. I have copies of these as .gifs if it's required.... this is my first attempt at icons, so please be gentle if you have a comment
  11. I'd like to play... I'm on the list address list already...
  12. That's it....http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WAAS#Ground_Segment Take it Shracknel
  13. ok, alot higher...... 37 very close
  14. A quick question for this round.... WAAS is comprised of 3 main segments- the Ground segment, the Space segment, and the User segment. The Ground Segment is composed of multiple Wide-area Reference Stations (WRS).... The question is... how many WRS's are there?
  15. Reading about the shipping charges and with me being in Canada has totally convinced me not to even think about getting this coin.... I'm sorry, but this borders on a scam... $18+ in order for me to receive and $11 coin?!?!?!? You gotta be kidding me!!!!!!!!
  16. The Canadaian Aboriginal Festival, and I do believe it's in Hamilton this year
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