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  1. Up for trade is my Artist Edition of the Doers and Dreamers Pendant geocoin... I'm interested in Shape coins mainly (Picture shown is the gold finish, the AE is black nickel... only 15 made)
  2. Your mission was sent 2009/11/30. I thought it would reach you in time as a month is normally enough time to cross the Atlantic ocean. I hope it has been only delayed in customs and is not lost. Thanks for the update
  3. Your person responded on Friday that it had been mailed (11/30 i think). You should have received it by now Hopefully it was not lost in the mail. Here's hoping... kinda disappointing not seeing it in the mailbox when I got back today. I was really looking forward to it
  4. Got back home within the hour from our vacation... first place I went was to check the mail hoping to find a package from my secret Santa... nothing was in there... Can the organizer please verify if the package was sent out or at least when it was? I sent my package out and was hoping to have one in return...
  5. Sent my guess... very interesting reading!!! Thanks for the cointest
  6. As of the 19th of December I didn't receive my mission in the mail... however, I'm on vacation out of the province and won't be able to check the mail until the 28th of this month... so I'll let you guys know if it's good after that
  7. The coins are ready... they are $12.49 plus tax CAD You can find the coins here.. Merry Christmas!!! Doers and Dreamers Coin
  8. I have my Look Twice Geocoin up for adoption
  9. I went ahead activated the coin, then sent the adoption request before wondering if this would confuse the issue by having me do two at a time.. and I'm thinking it will , sorry! But we are smart we should be able to work it out, right? So there should be two offers for the next two posters. Activated coin Indiana II Geocoin Adoption completed... not confused... LoL Offering a Look Twice Geocoin Look Twice Coin
  10. I'd like to adopt a coin travelling in Austrailia as well.... that'd be awesome to show the kids where it is
  11. Cointest #1.... I'd shave my head.... I mean right down to the skin for a coin... Not really fair considering I don't have much to go until I reach skin (being military and all)... so I'll shave my head and let's see...... hmmmmm.... let's make and eat a sandwich that would be pretty nasty... How about Peanut Butter, Cheeze-Whiz and Strawberry Jam
  12. This was an easy one to decide... here's my story: I've more than proven from time to time that when it rains it POURS. This day was no exception. It was shortly after New Years and the weather in the area was beautiful (+17c) so myself and 3 fellow cachers decided to embark on a caching journey... one that wouldn't be forgotten anytime soon. Everything started out ok, getting a few park-and-grabs here, doing a multi there... no biggie really. It was on a cache that we had trouble locating that my battle with physics started Shiretown Map Cache (GCY4J9). I was the eagle-eyed one for this find and as I was reaching for this cache (I was on a hill, BTW) I felt the Earth's pull in all its fury. It felt like I was moving in slow motion without being able to do a single thing about it...CRASH!!! there I go as an elderly couple walking by just looked, smirked and continued on. To quote, "I'm ok guys, the thorn bush broke my fall." More caches found without incident, then we come up to Slickenside (GCVAZQ) at a 4.5 terrain. It's up the rock slide we go to a wonderful view of the valley below, which we appreciated AFTER we caught our breath. Found the cache with much effort, but then it was going back down the hill that physics and the gravitational pull showed its face again. Imagine if you will, a baseball slide... only on sharp shale like rock and not on nice level ground but a steep hill where you can gather speed as you decend. Didn't think anything of it really, just thought that I got down the hill alot faster than climbing it. Got back in the car and it was then I realized, hmm, I don't remember that red stain on my jeans before I did this cache. Sure enough I was cut... not bad enough to call it quits. I called the wife and she asked me how things were going. I simply replied, "Things are going great...uh... do we have any peroxide in the house?" With that, the rest of the people in the car were all but wetting themselves with laughter. All in all, I proved gravity still works, even outside of your home... would I do it again, if there's a cache in it for me... yeah!!!
  13. Post #130 was actually me. So, I'm not sure who the winner here is, but I loved all the goofy Santas! Thanks for the cointest! And a belated Happy Birthday to Rob! I have to agree with Surteb here... I didn't enter the racecar Santa... Surteb rightfully deserves the 2nd place... Congrats and Merry Christmas to all of the winners
  14. The proofs are ready... we're waiting on getting them in hand (roughly 2 weeks)... the only detail that I don't have is the price... here's the front, back and icon for the coin... as you can see, it's a 2 inch coin that's wearable (if you choose to do so)
  15. 1. Participating: E-mail sent 23 Oct 2009 2. Received Name: Yes... 1 Nov 2009 3. Mission Complete: Yes...2 Dec 2009 4. Package Received!: Not Yet
  16. I'm thankful for alot of things... mainly my friends and family. If it wasn't for those people, I have NO idea where I'd be or what I'd be doing... all I know is that it wouldn't be good. Thank you for the cointest
  17. I think that the cointest should be "What would you do for a coin?" and the winner must actually do what they said they would in order to win the coin.
  18. Nothing yet... just wanted to see if anyone else was interested... it's a waiting game for when they come in... I'm expecting within the next 2-3 weeks to have them in Pricing and samples as soon as I can
  19. It's a coin produced by the Maritime Geocaching Association... one of two groups on the east coast of Canada MGA- www.maritimegeocaching.com ACGA- www.atlanticgeocaching.com
  20. In your settings on the Colorado, under routing you most likely have it set to "off road" which is line of sight. You can switch that to follow roads for fastest time or shortest route. Hope this helps
  21. I would be honoured to adopt one of your coins to help out.
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