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  1. Got the prize coin in the mail yesterday!!! It looks beautiful!!!! Thanks so much for the cointest!
  2. Email Sent: Oct 26th 2010 Name Received: Oct 31st 2010 Mission Sent: Mission Received: Yes, Dec 1st 2010 I've e-mailed the person I'm sending my mission to... my coins STILL haven't arrived yet... I feel like a tool :-(
  3. I'll get a coin out as soon as possible too... but I'm being serious here too... was there an option to use drivers more MORE than 9 races??? If so, that would have SERIOUSLY changed planning and stratigies :-(
  4. STILL waiting for the new coins to arrive in the mail... I'm not too sure when they're gonna get here... but as soon as they do, my mission is going to be in its way
  5. Missed it by one!!! LoL.... Congrats to the winners!!!
  6. Canadian Forces since March 2002... started off in the Navy as a radar operator and currently in the Air Force as an Air Traffic Controller... been on 2 deployments (Op Apollo 2003 and SNMG1 2006)
  7. E-mail sent off... thank you once again!!!! Congrats to the other winners!!!
  8. Email Sent: Oct 26th 2010 Name Received: Oct 31st 2010 Mission Sent: Mission Received:
  9. My browser messed up, but I got a copy of the e-mail I sent, so I'm assuming it was sent out ok... Email Sent: Oct 26th 2010 Name Received: Mission Sent: Mission Received:
  10. Not so much a story, but I'll share my most treasured day at sea. I was sailing with the Canadian Navy aboard HMCS Iroquois (DDH280) as the flagship for SNMG1 in 2006. We were in the middle of exercises in the Mediterranean Sea when we were scheduled to do a pre-dawn RAS (Replenishment at Sea). Everything that day went as planned and we were enjoying some well deserved down time in the long mids watch. As we were called to RAS stations, we proceeded to the gun deck of the ship to set up our gear (Distance Line). Once we were set up, we noticed that it was during the Leonids Meteor Shower!!! There wasn't a cloud in the sky and the water at that time was as smooth as glass. It was one of the few times where everyone on the deck took the time to stop and appreciate the show that was being presented to us. It was at that moment where all of the problems in the world seemed to disappear for a short time... it was peaceful and serene... one of the best days I've ever had at sea!!!
  11. One of my favorite was where you had to find the coin in the picture... some of the pics were VERY challenging!!!
  12. Received one in the mail today!!! #193 Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I was recently diagnosed with epilepsy and I'm very curious to if there's any other cachers out there living with epilepsy as well? I'd love to get in contact with you SYOTT ***Moderator- if this is in the wrong area on the forums, could you please move it as I wasn't sure where it would go***
  14. Louisiana style: Under the oil slick.... (too soon???)
  15. Absolutely. If you don't use it already get GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife) and this macro found Here. It gives the entire cache page description, hints, etc. I use it with my CO 300 and wouldn't be without this combo. Worked like a charm... thank you so much!!!
  16. Fun time had by everyone in Bridgewater, NS, Canada....
  17. It's been a while since I've used POIs in a GPS and I've never done it with my Colorado... I was wondering if the gpx data is able to be loaded with each cache in the POI or is it only location information that is provided?
  18. Been a while since I've dealt with POIs and I've never done it for my Colorado... the Garmin POI loader will accept GPX files and upload them as a POI... has it been upgraded to include any GPX information on the cache(s) or is it only the location information still?
  19. A couple of things... I'm sure they've been addressed already, but I'm asking anyway, LoL the .zip extension will only show up for download when you do NOT click the add the query name to the file checkbox. Is this a bug? I've previewed the PQ by listing and it shows the 1000 caches, however, when I view the PQ on the map, it shows only 655 caches... anyone else get something like this? I'm loving the larger PQ size BTW :-)
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