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  1. They all drive their cars on the left hand side
  2. *sitting on pins and needles wondering who won*
  3. I know you said you had Canada... but I can place trackables in the First Geocache ever in canada
  4. As well... the file that you store the .csv files to load into the GPSr must contain the custom icons for your unit in order to see them on your screen
  5. Got mine now!!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Same here... it's 0610 PDT and still out of stock... what gives?
  7. SYOTT


    I'll take them off of your hands... you mail to Canada?
  8. As someone who is currently serving with the Canadian Forces, I know how much the work put forth by everyone in service to their country means. As well I know how much strength, acceptance and sacrifice is made by the family members of those serving overseas. EVERYONE that is involved with defending the rights and freedoms of all citizens should be thanked for what they have done and are currently doing. Most importantly, I feel it's EVERYONE'S responsibility to take the time and remember the ones who have made the ultimate sacrifice by giving their lives for the protection of their country. They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old; Age shall not weary them, nor the years contemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them.
  9. Nova Scotia, Canada (home of canada's FIRST geocache)
  10. I'd LOVE to volunteer... from Nova Scotia, Canada Our province is BEAUTIFUL, as well Canada's FIRST geocache is located not far from where I live
  11. I had QUITE the scary experience, something that will live with me for the rest of my life... I've told a few people so far... when I'm fully ready to talk more about it I will. Just know that the police got involved and the cache was immediatly archived
  12. You need to have the icons in the same folder as where the POI's are when you run the Macro from GSAK
  13. Well that's not cool... lol.... oh well Thanks If anyone else figures it out, lemme know
  14. Is there any way to show the GC label or name on the map page of my Colorado 300. I have caches loaded via .gpx and extra WP's as POI's... I can see all the items on the map and it'll show me the name when I scroll over it, I'd like to see the name displayed if at all possible... can someone lend a hand in this?
  15. Well I personally don't want to beg and plead, however, I would love to have you see it in your heart to consider my wife, Scatterbrain Cutie, as is the best person to give it to (in my opinion). She gives all she can and asks for nothing in return... unfortunatly she's down hard with a migrane right now... I'm hoping that she feels better soon, and that you would consider a coin for her... she really does love this sport and she just ADORES geocoins!!! Thanx for considering
  16. I nominate my wife, Scatterbrain Cutie... she's been down all day with a bad migrane (and I mean BAD) and I think a coin would cheer her up and make her day!!!
  17. If I can help you in your decision, I'd say neither... if it's Geocaching that will be your main use of the GPS, the a 60Cx or 60Csx will be your best bet... I recently got a Colorado 300 and within 72 hours, it was returned... While the papreless caching was a benifit for caching itself... I (and others) feel like geocaching was an afterthought by Garmin on this model
  18. Happy New Year!!!!! Our Resolution is to cache more and both of us hit the Magic #1000
  19. Happy New Year!!!!! Our Resolution is to cache more and both of us hit the Magic #1000
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