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  1. Here's a shot I took of the old harbour lighthouse in Chania, which is on the Isle of Crete:
  2. Just wondering... I'm a cheapskate..... Is there any chance of this app being available for free if you have a premium membership? Maybe provide a redemption code for Apple?
  3. I'll be in Cornwall, Ontario from the 6th of October until the 11th of December... was wondering if there's any nearby events, or cachers willing to meet up and cache... I'll have either a transit system or 2 feet and a heart beat to get around though :-(
  4. you can open the picture and there should be an edit picture link somewhere... open it and in the upper right hand corner, there will be a trash can... that's where you can delete it
  5. THANX!!!!!!!! Not bad for making it up on the spot!!!
  6. Skylark 4 beat me to it by 1 minute... HMCS Lauzon (FFE 322)
  7. I'll guess on your dads sea cadet corps: 024 MAGNIFICENT - Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
  8. There once was a man in the bush, Who bushwacked and fell on his tush. He figured it out, Grabbed the cache and yelled out, THERE'S THE TRAIL!!! Instead of the bush
  9. Unless you OWN the coin (which in this case is no...) you should not sell it... it's meant go be released spreading awareness of Diabetes.
  10. As far as I know it's located in Victoria and not Vancouver. They're called Landsharkz
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