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  1. Well got a New 60CSx! Now it's time for the trusty 60CS to go to a Good Home! It has only one minor ding on the case, and little hardly noticeable scratches on the screen! It's been recently updated, and works like a charm! It will come complete with the OEM Box, and everything that came with it New! Which includes the Usersguide, QuickStart Guide, Garmin Trip & Waypoint Manager Software, The USB Data Cable, the unused Beltclip. The lanyard too! Which is on the GPS! Also I will Give you either a Copy of Garmin Mapsource TOPO USA or Garmin Mapsource MetroGuide USA Vs.5. Which can be Updated to Vs.6 via a Download from the Garmin Website. Also I can put the Mapping of your area in for you before I ship it to you! Please let me know which Mapsource Software you want. I can also E-mail you Pictures of the GPS if you wish! I would like $250.00 Shipped to you! I do take PayPal or any other means of Payment. Thanks, and Please E-Mail me if you are Interested!
  2. Well I have No Palms that would fit what you are looking for. But the Dell axim x5 with 64MB of memory, and with both Compact Flash, and SD Card memory slots would work. Now for the Wi-Fi. Get a Compact Flash Wi-Fi card, and now it will be Wi-Fi capable. If you want more Information E-Mail me. Scott
  3. Update! Sold two! Still have more without the extra battery! Same Price includes shipping. Thanks! Scott-N8ZUS
  4. Ok! Price Drop! Dell Axim x5 with the USB Sync Charging Cradle, AC Charging Adapter, The OEM (Not a Copy) Companion CD-ROM with all the Original Paperwork (Users Guide, Quick Start Guide, and Systems Guide). Extra Battery, and a OEM Dell Leather Slip Case. All for $110.00 Shipped! Thanks, Scott
  5. Hi-Yah! A PM has been sent! Let me know if you get it.
  6. Hi-Yah! Sorry Gang! It's sure been a Busy Summer! Ok! Here is What I Still Have! I Have Three Dell Axim x5's! They are in Used Almost like new shape! No scatches on the Screen, and maybe little to none on the Case either! Here is the Info on them! They are 64MB of Memory with 400 Mhz Processors. With Both SD card, and Compact Flash card Slots, and Windows Mobile 2003. Also a Extra Rechargable Li-ion 3.7v - 1440mAH Battery! Comes with The USB Sync / Charging Cradle, and the Charging AC Adapter. Also to note the AC Charging adapter can be used for travel use such as in a motel. With a DC converter. Or camping! I will also throw in a USB Sync cable to also use for Travel use with your laptop. Or just keep handy away from the Cradle! I'm working on getting the some Original Dell axim x5 Companion CD-ROM's to go with. But until then I will send a Copy of the Original CD-ROM with the Complete Paperwork which includes the UsersGuide, Quick Referance Guide, and the System Information's Guide! Also comes with a Dell OEM Leather Slip Protective Case! Now for the Price! Say all for $125.00 Shipped to you! Unless it's going Out of the USA! Then I'll give you a Quote for the Shipping or something reasonable. Thanks! Scott
  7. Hi-Yah! I'm Here at the Midwest GeoBash, & Brought Some Dell Axim x5's with me! So if your here too, and have a Interest Look me Up! Might even make you a Deal! Thanks! Scott-N8ZUS
  8. Hey! Back from the Sunny Florida Vacation! So just a update! Still have some 64MB 400 Mhz Dell Axim x5's left. E-Mail me with your interests! Thanks! Scott
  10. The 60cx is the Newer Model to the 60cs. The major difference it has a Mini SD Card slot for More Memory expansion. Also I think a more refined receiver for better satalite reception. I know it is confusing! There is the 60c, and the 60cs. Then now there is the 60cx, and the 60csx. The difference between them is the 60cs, and the 60csx has the electronic compass, and a few more extras.
  11. Well if it is a GPSmap 60cs it does have electronic compass. At least mine does! Also that is a good Price! I've had mine for over a year now, and still enjoy it! Yet to decide to Upgrade to the GPSmap 60csx! Heck if you have the Money It would for sure make a great first GPS for Geocaching! Get some Mapping Software for it, and you will be all set! Good Luck!
  12. Update! Here is What I have left! I have two 32MB 300 Mhz Dell Axim x5's, and Two 64MB 400 Mhz Dell Axim x5's. Again I would like $100.00 Shipped for the 32MB 300 Mhz Dell Axim x5 Pocket Pc's, and $120.00 Shipped for the 64MB 400 Mhz Dell Axim x5 Pocket Pc's. Please E-Mail me with your interests! Scott
  13. Yeah! I agree! I'm the one that Posted the Last log on that Cache today! Out of about twelve Cache's I did today at least two or three still showed the SunShine gang Mission TB Geocoins as of being in the Cache yet! I'm Planning a trip to Florida at the end of Next week, and I'm still looking for some TB's to move down there! Kinda Sucks to see a TB that's suppose to be in a GeoCache Not there! Well I'm Done Venting!!! Next Please!
  14. Hey! Now that I think of it! JP's is where I got the one's I have. They are still sealed in the original packaging. I can save you some $$$ on shipping if you are interested! I Have also PM'd you. Get it yet?
  15. Hi-Yah! I Have some I ordered from a Coin Website. They are 2x2 2 sided flips. They are Not the Nice soft ones that most Geocoins come in though. I will E-Mail or PM you with some more Info.
  16. Why Yes! I have one of the Dell Axim X3's with Wireless. Also have several more of the Dell Axim 64MB X5's too! I think I have a Compact Flash Wireless card to go with one of the Axim X5's to if someone is interested! Thanks! Scott
  17. E-Mail's & PM's Sent! I will update as soon as Possible! Thanks! Scott
  18. E-Mail sent to KC5TTY! I Have one Dell Axim X5 still available! Also now have a Wireless Dell X3 Pocket PC! Dell Axim X3 64MB of memory with a SD Memory card slot. 400 MHz processor. Windows Pocket PC 2003. Removable Rechargable Battery. With Wireless Connection! In like New Condition! NO scratches on the Screen or Case! It will come with the USB Sync Cradle, & AC Charging Adapter, & Travel Charging Adapter. A copy of the Axim X3 Companion CD-ROM. A Custom Dell Leather Case. All for $145.00 Shipped! Please E-Mail if interested! Scott-N8ZUS!
  19. Hi-Yah! Well I Still have one Palm m500, and the two Dell axim's x5's available! Just a Update! Thanks, Scott-N8ZUS
  20. The little Michigan License Plate with N8ZUS on it is my own Icon. So label it Scott-N8ZUS. Also the link for Geocaching Icons should help! It looks like it has every Icon known to Man! Scott-N8ZUS!
  21. Hi-Yah! Still have one Palm IIIxe & one m500 available! Also have the Compaq Ipaq 3850's Pocket PC's! Now have 2 Dell axim x5 Pocket PC's! They have 32MB of memory. 300 MHz Processor's. Both SD & Compact Flash memory slots! Come's with Rechargable battery, USB Sync / Charging Cradle, AC Charging Adapter which can be used for Travel use! A USB Sync Cable for mobile use too! A copy of the OEM Dell companion CD-ROM, and Dell leather slip case. All for $100.00 Shipped! Please E-mail me for more Infomation! Thanks! Scott
  22. You ordered some from the GeoCoin Store right? I'll have to check with them as when they shipped! I know they have them, and they should have been shipped by now! E-mail me with your Info,and I'll check with the Geocoin Store! Or do I owe you a Trade! Let me Know! Scott-N8ZUS!
  23. Hey All! Well now's the chance to get My Personal Geocoin Cheap! The Geocoin Store has now dropped the price to $5.00 each, & with $1.63 S/H = $6.63 a Coin! The picture Proofs Really Don't Show the Finished Coin off like the Real thing Does! Come see it Here! Scott-N8ZUS Geocoin Now $6.63! Thanks! Scott-N8ZUS
  24. About the E-Bay thing! Just seems like if I was the Seller, and your were the Buyer. You would have more Satisfaction buying the Personal Geocoin from the Actual owner! Also it was Kinda "a Funny"! LOL! Also YES the finished product is Very Nice! They did a Great Job on the detail! Need to mention! The Geocoin Store HAS NOW Dropped there Shipping Price! SO NOW you can get my Geocoin for under $10.00! Thanks to all! Scott
  25. The m505 is sold! Still have the m500, and the Compaq Ipaq's!
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