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  1. I wouldn't rule out that your laptop doesn't have a serial port. What model of a Dell laptop do you have?


    Also like others has said getting a cable for your GPS just makes it easier loading more than one Geocache. Which make it a little easy on you to go find Caches! Find one then select next nearest Cache, and away you go! Keep posting here, and I'm sure you will get all the help you may need to getting it all set up.


    To find a cable check E-bay or Amazon.com I'm sure you will get one reasonable.

  2. Yeah! I've been down the Geocoin road, and Paid my dues for the tracking numbers. So I know all about it! Just there is one line in the Geocoin Rules that doe's say "For Personal Profit" I had to mention.


    Just a note, and not a debate I have seen the prices drop on PPC's so my last post that was deleted for them was lower than the quote you just gave. I also ate Shipping, and PayPal fees so you can take that off the current bargain prices.


    Anyway's I've quit my moaning so now it's time to close this thread, and put this Debate to a end before it gets more off topic!



  3. Also only GC.com Trackable Geocoins can only be sold there. Meaning Geocoins which hasn't got the "Paid For Tracking Number" on them can't be sold there. Tracking numbers can only be obtained by Buying them from Groundspeak. So sell all you want! Their getting money from the sales.

  4. Call Garmin support. They are really good at sending replacement things for free. I needed a new battery cover for my Garmin 60CS, and they sent one with no problems, and pretty quickly too! You can get their number from the Garmin website.

  5. If you have the extra money I'd say Petzl or Princeton Tec are the top leaders in the head lamp market. As a Caver also I have both the Petzl Duo, and a Princeton Tec EOS as a back up. The Princeton Tec EOS is a very good 1 watt LED for a reasonable price. The Petzl Duo would for sure be Over Kill for just Night Caching! As well I'm sure the cheaper LED lights out there would work fine too!

  6. These are PDA Pocket PC's, and are running a Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system. You can use them for Paperless Geocaching to look at the Geocache discription while out Geocaching with out printing them out any more.


    Also you can get a GPS Reciever for them along with some Map sets that you can download to it for viewing maps if you wish too.


    Feel free to ask some more Questions. I'm sure they will be plenty of people here to answer them. Or I can just as well!


    Well it is looking like I have all the x3's spoken for. I do have some x5's with a Dell TrueMobile Compact Flash wireless card to make them Wireless too. Just E-mail me for some more Info. Thanks.

  7. I have some Dell axim x3i Pocket PC's ready for Paperless Geocaching.


    These are 400 Mhz Processor 64MB Memory running Windows Mobile 2003 with internal Wireless Pocket PC's.

    With a SD Memory Card Slot for expansion if needed.


    Comes with the USB Sync Charging Cradle, AC Charging Power Adapter. Dell original Slip Protective case, and a Copy of the Original Dell axim x3 Companion CD-ROM.


    Also they will come with GPX Sonar installed for viewing Geocaches.


    $120.00 Shipped USPS Priority Mail, and I do take PayPal.


    Please E-Mail or PM me if interested.



  8. Hi-Yah!


    I have a Dell axim x5 64MB, 400 Mhz processor model with both Compact Flash card, and SD card slots. It is running Windows Mobile 2003 2nd Edition. Also have a Compact Flash Wireless card for it to go wireless Internet surfing.


    It comes with the USB Sync Charging cradle, and the AC Power Adapter. The Power adapter can be plugged in the bottom of the Pocket Pc for charging away from the cradle. Also I have the USB Sync cable to go with for Syncing with your Laptop or to use away from your home computer. It also will come with a copy of the Dell axim x5 Companion CD-ROM, and a Dell Custom Leather Zipper case. Asking $125.00 Shipped, and I will take PayPal.


    I also will install GPX Sonar to use for reading your Pocket Queries on it for you too, and will answer any questions you might have on how to use it for Paperless Geocaching. E-Mail or PM if interested.


    Also as a bonus I will add a New Unopened 128 MB Sandisk Compact Flash Memory card!



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