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  1. I think you going to need more then two days. Don't forget to do your homework on some of the puzzle caches.
  2. The Nokia 6110 comes with Route 66 installed plus SA maps on it, so it does not need to connect each time to download maps. Assuming you buy the product with in SA. Route 66 works with Nokia landmark, both only use UTM co-ordinates. But one can get around having to convert all the co-ordinates by setting up all your caches you want to do in your landmarks. Running a Macro within GSAK can output a file in the Nokia Landmarks format. There is also a routing compass installed on the 6110, but only really gets you to within 10 meters of a point. That equates to a large search area when looking for Tupperware. Since starting to geocache I have only ever used a cellphone to find caches. Started with a Nokia N70 and external Bluetooth receiver using Nav4all.com free software. Now use Nokia E65 and the same external Bluetooth receiver with Geocache Navigator software. <http://www.geocachenavigator.com/NokiaEdition/tabid/225/Default.aspx>, also free of charge. The Geocache Navigator is the best piece of software I have found as it communicates directly with the geocaching site for live updates. It is so really time, that during a search of a cache I was being directed to a cache about 500 meters away, when my phone froze on my. After I had rebooted the phone and then relooked for the cache it had disappeared off the geocaching site. i.e. Temporally disabled. To complete my paperless caching I use SmartGPX as a backup which enables you to view GPX files on your cellphone. As for the GPS signal received by the 6110, it does battle to get a good signal under tree cover or near cliff faces, but for your average cache it works fine. I have found that my External Bluetooth receive gets a very good signal under tree cover and near cliff faces compared to a lot of other expensive products on the market. As for Wherigo caches, the 6110 does not run off Windows Mobile so I am sure it will not be able to work. But don't quote me on that, as I have not played around with it yet.
  3. Give us an example of one of your UTM co ord and where about it is. And i see if I can help
  4. Sad to hear you moving away. I was looking forward to a little competition on the next FTF here.
  5. Out of the caches I have done these are some of the better ones. Caches with a view. Nahoon River view, Bell River Bends, Clifftop View and Endless Vista Caches with great surroundings. Milling around, Chloes cache at "The Gates", Lady Grey Dam Thoughtful Cache contains. PA Maller's Madness
  6. Should all bug's not at least have 50 points for visiting Africa. Or does South Africa not fall within Africa.
  7. There is some new (FREE) software available for GPS enabled Nokia Phones. Visit www.geocachenavigator.com for more info. Models capable of using this software or Nokia N95, N82 and 6110. I have a Nokia E65 with bluetooth receiver and it seems to work fine. I can't see why any other Series 60 3rd edition smart phone with bluetooth receiver won't work. So give it a try. This software works together with the geocaching site and give up to date info. One can navigate to any cache using a compass, radar, street map or topo map. Unfortunately the road maps around East London where I stay only have the main roads and no topo maps yet. One can only hope for an updated street map in the near future. I think this is a brilliant package and its free. . Looks like I'll be using this one from now on.
  8. I have never been to Tiffendell or been skiing, so I can't comment on any of that. But I had done all the caches in the area. There are three in the Rhodes area and one on the way there. Bell river bends (GCV2M8) had a good view and will worth a visit. The other two in the area, I did in the Dark while snow was fallen so can't really comment on there views. I did enjoy them never the less. Hope you enjoy your skiing and that you manager to get some caches done when your friends are not looking.
  9. I think the idea behind Beestekraalnek cache is to visit this small monument. Quote for the cache "Park safely at the locked gate at S30° 34.173 E026° 47.109 – and walk 50m to the south along the fence to view a small monument (Mon #1) commemorating the Anglo Boer War. This was first erected during the war by Cmdt JH Olivier and the burghers of the Rouxville-Zastron Commando in October 1899." The only problem being the cache and the monument is about 700 meters apart. A good road side cache should allow for a leg stretch, but a 1,4 km walk round trip is a bit much. I have done this cache but did not view the monument. Perhaps I would have felt more rewarded if the cache was closer to the monument and one could view it while finding the cache.
  10. The Zuma Challenge (The Race to become number one in the country)
  11. Yippee another cache to find. Licking my lips at the prospect.
  12. Does coming from the Eastern Cape Qualify as a Capey ?
  13. I've got a question. I know of a geocacher whos profile shows he has not logged in for over a year. Yet his three caches have been updated into there provinces?
  14. Give me a shout mid December. Keen to meet up with other cachers. Some great caches around and Addo Elephant park is a great day trip with 2 caches. I believe there are now 5 caches inside the park. + one just out side. Missed you over the Heritage weekend - pity. How new are the other caches in Addo? Bummer that we missed those. Cache Date placed Domkrag dam 10/02/2006 Zuurkop 10/02/2006 PPC 24/09/2007 Blue Bishop 09/02/2006 Spekboom 22/08/2007 Dumbo drop 07/04/2006 Saw you're logs at blue bishop and domkrag. But not at Zuurkop when I got there. Thought you must have spotted some good game along the way and was running a little late so I left a message for you at Zuurkop cache. Thought you where going to be right behind me. We managed to find 2 Male lions near spekboom on the Monday. And as usual many elephants at hapoor.
  15. Give me a shout mid December. Keen to meet up with other cachers. Some great caches around and Addo Elephant park is a great day trip with 2 caches. I believe there are now 5 caches inside the park. + one just out side.
  16. Don't forget to stop by East London on your way to Port Alfred. We've been working hard here to place some caches. []
  17. Was using a Webmail address and was working fine for 4 months no problems, and then just nothing. Have now changed to a gmail address and all seem to be working fine for now.
  18. Hi there I have not been receiving any pocket queries, notifications or owner notifications for the last week. Is anyone else experiencing these problems.
  19. iNokia


    I use my cellphone as my GPS. Its small enough and my start up cost were only R800 in buying a GPS receiver. If you got a up to date phone you can try this.
  20. iNokia

    The Sandpit

    Will be in Durban on Friday Night for some business, Might consider dropping some TB's off. Can you recommend a large cache (Large TB’s) near central. Also something not to dangers, and able to do at night.
  21. iNokia


    I was wondering if it would be possible to be able to receive notifications on note entries on caches. As you can just about get notifications on all other entries. Why not notes.
  22. When you leaving? I have TB Eeyore in my possession who wants to get to Euro Disney Land (France). Plus I have TB half bait in my possession which I am sure you would like to see again. Only going to be in Durban on 31 August. Edit: Sorry just realised that getting to Durban probably does not help anything
  23. URGENT ESKOM ANNOUNCMENT - RISK METER (RED) Please don't use the stargate between the hours of 6pm and 9pm as this it peak consumption time and all non essential appliances should be turned off. []
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