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  1. Why is it that so many Cachers have SO MANY identities? What is the point of this? How is this accomplished?
  2. So how do I open the case to access these "connectors"? Are they ribbon type? Point-to-point soldering?
  3. Not to flame, but this is not a 'fact' by any possible stretch of the imagination. Your unit has something wrong with it. That may or may not be Garmin's fault, but making broad generalizations about an entire brand is not helpful, especially since that brand has been so supportive of our hobby. No offense taken... Looking at this from a consumer's point of view, I am LESS LIKELY to purchase ANOTHER Garmin because of the problems inherent to this brand. Feedback from others has convinced me that this problem is NOT unique to mine, and the fact that several other have this SAME PROBLEM indicates that this is a manufacturing FLAW. Has this flaw been corrected, or is this model STILL in production with this flaw? Yes, I've had many enjoyable moments with this eTrex Venture, but as anybody will tell, it's the BAD experiences that stick with you, and I consider a unit that craps out AFTER its warranty expires, to be a bad experience.
  4. The fact remains that this brand seems to be unreliable...WHY should I devote time, energy and money to "repair" something that couldn't make the cut in the first place? I'll bumble along for now, smacking its logo as it freezes until my CCRA refund comes, then I'll buy a Magellan or something.... Thanks to all who offered advice.
  5. Which "connectors" do you refer to? From the problems I described, the geniuses at Garmin have determined that the unit "sounds like it needs to be repaired"... For a $115 Cdn (flat rate) + $35 shipping + GST, the folks in Quebec will repair it and have it back to me within 2 weeks. OR, for another $35, I can go to my nearest Walmart and buy a new one TODAY. Which leads me to 2 questions: i) Do I WANT to have my GPS repaired by people who are obviously such magnificent troubleshooters and... ii) Do I WANT to own another Garmin that will croak after this new warranty expires? Answer to BOTH questions is NO...and I told them so. The NEXT GPS I own will definitely NOT be a Garmin!
  6. I should also add that the entire unit seems to "FREEZE" during these episodes. I tried SMACKING it as suggested and that worked...not too fond of the implications though! Also did a software update, perhaps a complete COLD-START would help? I can't believe that these units can be so fragile...it's never been dropped or soaked, baked or frozen...this isn't much of a testimonial for Garmin products, or does this happen to other makes as well? Sending it to Garmin is out of the question, since their FLAT RATE to repair this model is $79 US PLUS shipping...would cost less to replace it!
  7. While out fetching co-ordinates for an upcoming cache of mine, something bizarre happened and I am wondering if anybody else has had a similar experience. I have a Garmin Etrex Venture, and the "click-stick" just stopped responding! I could maneuver my cursor UP or DOWN, but not sideways. I had FRESH batteries in it, this has NEVER happened before. I turned it OFF and back ON a couple of times, but it still wouldn't function properly. It has since started working again, but this spooked the hell out of me, this thing is just over a year old! Anybody!?
  8. I have also designed a "Fridge magnet" as a Signature item: With full blessings from the folks at Groundspeak... That magnetic paper is cool...but I don't think the "magnetic" part of it is thick enough.
  9. Are we talking GCM's? There are several in this town I live in...I would like to have a place to log these finds!
  10. Hmmmm....it would seem as though this "Benchmark" hunting is reserved strictly for our friends to the South. Perhaps a site dedicated to hunting for Canadian GCM's is in order.
  11. Apologies if this has been addressed before, but is there any difference between BENCHMARKS and GCM's? If I discover a GCM, can I claim it as a FOUND benchmark? Do we have BENCHMARKS in Canada? Ok...there's more than ONE question.
  12. The following have been discovered: I am stumped 3RD Rock From The Sun-Cacher Sointula Cache as falls widgeon, so falls widgeon falls
  13. While we're on the subject, is it considered proper for the SAME Cacher to hit four or five different caches with the same bug? Take a look at this one: http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?ID=18268 The same cacher PLACED and RETRIEVED the same bug from a dozen or so caches...wassupwidat?
  14. Thanks for the replies...I have contacted GC since my original post, and am awaiting their reply...
  15. Thanks for the link. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Guess I'm stuck with a half-dozen or so fridge magnets!
  16. OK...I have supposedly changed my avatar to one of these new "fridge magnets"... What do you think? Am I in trouble with Geocaching.com's lawyers?
  17. I don't know WHO I should ask... I made up some nifty little fridge magnets the other day with those Magnetic Sheets (an AVERY product) you can buy at London Drugs. I used the Geocaching.com logo with our moniker underneath and it looks pretty sharp! My question is: Have I violated some copyright law...am I going to be sued...is this "legal"? I plan to put them in Caches as signature items, but if I'm going to be hounded by lawyers, I'll just use them at home instead! PS. I wish I could post a picture of one but this forum doesn't seem to allow attachments!
  18. The person above me is from a place I've never heard of before!
  19. Well, thanks to all for the varying replies. I tend to agree with Jomarac (since he's almost my neighbour!). The Hike = good The Hunt = good Cache full of McJunk = Anti-climax to the above!
  20. I guess I should add something to this monster I created... I too, will often move items from one cache to another... Perhaps "disappointed" was a bit HARSH for an adjective...but when it comes to kids, one McToy is much like the next, and the cache in question was FULL of them, a couple of old permanent markers, two pencils...you get the idea. YES, the hunt IS more important...when caching by myself I don't care about the baubles and trinkets.
  21. The BEST Containers? Easy...Star-Frit "Lock and Lock" containers. Totally waterproof and easy to use. Our local Zeller's stroe has them...just ask! All sizes available too, from regular down to micros.
  22. ...the trade "values" decreasing lately? I come across many logs stating: "Took pocket knife...left a sticker" or "took Mini Maglight...left two AA batteries" I thought the idea was to trade EVENLY!? Maybe it's just me, but I am noticing this a lot lately...Our last cache was so disappointing, even the kids didn't want to leave anything since there was nothing of any real worth in the cache. I still enjoy the hiking and the hunt, but seriously folks...TRY to trade evenly!
  23. Just curious... What if your cache hasn't been found or visited in a while, would you consider packing it in and planting it somewhere else? Or would you let it sit until someone finds it. I am not talking about "Wilderness" caches, but rather the urban caches. Fishing for opinions...
  24. Is it considered BAD ETIQUETTE to visit your OWN cache and Trade items? Just testing the waters...so to speak...
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