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  1. These are not all good or true, but interesting morock is the 69 morock is standing by morock is the former unda morock is being very brave morock is not all morock is immortal morock is finally coming around morock is now disenfranchised morock is the witty one morock is american variation morock is a much more suitable challenge for you and your cabal morock is a scheming bastard who will use you if you think you can ally with him
  2. Beer, you guys got beer????? How 'bout tekillya???
  3. I carry a Gerber multi-tool on my belt at all times. Have used it to open a couple cache containers. One had a test plug on one end to keep it dry. At another cache I had to use the needlenose pliers to cut and fashion the wire from a spiral note book to pull the log out of a dinkie container. (more than once for that use) It's also a great bottle opener, use it like a sheath knife sideways, leavering off my hand to pop the cap off. Miss C and I are knife nuts and carry on our person or in my backpack/her purse 10 to 12 knives or multi tools. From a Swiss Army knife to a #7 Opinel. Buck sheath and Gerber folder. We wait to be flamed now.
  4. My wife wears flip flops or slip on keds sometimes, drives me nuts. She does stay on the trail or road and walks carefully otherwise. If it's dry and rough terrain I prefer Buffalo 'Smoke Jumpers', the style with the tongue sewn all the way up to the top. Painfull to break in, but no sticks or stones slide around the laces into my socks or ankles. We have more appropriate foot wear as the need arises. Got to try that Gortex stuff one of these days.
  5. Some days, it just doesn't pay to chew through the leather straps. Funny story.
  6. Our pound/hound mix, Chloe dog, has found a number of caches. One we had trouble finding was Fort Hatchery GCE337. After more than 30 minutes on the second try, Miss C had gone back to the rig and I had walked away a couple times, only to get a better signal and return. Chloe ran right over the tupperware, buried in pine needles in front of me, making a hollow 'tunk' sound with her toe nails. As if to say 'here it is, let's get down the road already'. That day she helped find another one. Of course, if a lizard or squirrel catches her attention that's the end of her looking for human caches. If we get our Rino 120s out at home, she won't leave our side until we go or convince her we're just uploading more waypoints and she won't miss an outing. Pretty funny to watch her antics. Jumping, nosing our legs, whining, she will even lick the GPSr. Yeh, more dog slobber. Dogs and geocaching pretty much go together around here. Most areas in our neck of the woods are dog friendly.
  7. A well known cacher in southern oregon won't ante up for a membership for whatever personal reasons they may have. But, they plant alot of good caches and are a big contributer to the local scene. That makes it more than even in my book.
  8. Many years ago, after an outing in the woods, the the wife and I brought home at least 20 ticks with us. Found them in the house for days after. Even sent one home with the baby sitter when I drove her to her house. Picked up from the car no doubt. Just goes to show the one time we forget to check ourselves over good........ Course, that pales to the collection my young cousins, (female) had at their dads cabin in northern Minnesota. They had a quart jar nearly full. Dead, mind you. Good girls!!!!
  9. Most public libraries have computers and free internet access, at least in Oregon. One Southern Oregon cacher I know is on the coast with his rv and finds time to get to the web and keep current. Kinda of a hassle while traveling, but a suggestion none the less.
  10. you may be right. But not enough evil cache fun.
  11. I think there is too much evil in the world as it is.
  12. What kind of cacher, indeed? You know, the kind of cacher that may, eminate the kind of cache, that people that search for, the kind of cache that people like 'that' hide. Don't you? Man, I got to get out of KF for a while........
  13. Girlie hands, come in handy on this cache. Helen Keller's, that is.
  14. Now that I see what profession you're in, Sparky, I understand your concern with my rescue technique.
  15. Glad you liked it, Sparky. Please get it right, I was 'placing' a cache. That's more important than finding???? And, the guy was young (mid forties) with no kids or wife along. He even kissed the shovel before he gave it back to me. He was a very happy traveler to get rescued. I was ready to tow him out after ten minutes, he kept digging away, so I tried to stay busy. PS: I'm not known for my patience My cache is named 'Snow Drift'
  16. While out caching, yesterday, we came up on an Ford Explorer high centered in the snow on an unplowed FS road. Lent him my fire shovel to use instead of his ski pole. Then we hiked off to place a cache. PS. We did pull him out before we left. Got to be prepared in the back country. No pictures. It wasn't that dramatic, normal for spring mountain country. I could hardly get the shovel out of his hands when we parted company.
  17. Just did a simple cache with a projected location. Trial and error determined the cache was at a magnetic north projection. I wish this was specified on the cache page. I was running late to pick-up my son and trying to squeeze in a cache When playing games, please make the rules available to all players. Specify true or magnetic and I'll find the dang thing. It sounds trite, but we were taught to navigate according to true north, as most maps are laid out that way. And navigation means getting where you want to go.
  18. Lucky for Chloe dog there are lots of woods and back country for our caching. I always carry a simple homemade lead in my pocket. Have a walking stick with drilled hole and lead strung through it, too. That puts some leverage on her. If it's not dog friendly I put her on the lead, otherwise she snoops and hoons.
  19. What a small world. I'm working with two NZ cachers on the North Island on a different Locationless Cache. If you're not against a N 42* 44.470 location I think I can help. e-mail me if you'ld like. That Lat is maybe 25 miles north of me. In an area I need to log some caches in. Morock.
  20. I always knew our mail was slow out here. Just tell me how to kill this redundant thread.
  21. This should generate some comments. Mine are: First of all it's a nation park, no caching right. Second point, artifact hunters have been around for thousands of years.
  22. It could be the begining of the end of geocaching as we know it. Rampant commercialism may follow and wide general public acceptance or disapproval. This is the American way. This next comment deserves it's own thread. Maybe it has one. In the April 2004 Nat. Geographic on page 90-91 (this months issue) is a less than positive comment on geocaching. How about some feed back on a new thread?
  23. Young enough to enjoy this cool techno stuff and old enough to know that ya better keep moving before someone pitches a shovel full of dirt on you and says a few words. (pushin 48)
  24. I must admit I lurk once or twice a week. I've learned some cool stuff. What and how to spot Iridium flares, is my favorite. Mostly I'm amazed at the really brainy folks that kill time here. Everybody needs a hobby and there's lots worse than this one. My two bits worth. (adjusted for inflation)
  25. It's my oldest sons favorite color. But he wouldn't wear it anyway. Not cool enough for 19 year olds. I prefer the brimmed hats that are coming back in style. (At least in the boondocks where we reside) 'Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.. the.. Great..er..Oz has spoken.' Frank Morgan, in MGM's The Wizard of Oz 1939
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