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  1. That whole situation stunk down here. I don't think ralann had anything to do with our cache problem.


    The scouting and feed back we got from him, was very valuable in getting a picture of the scope of this incident.


    Now we have scores of new caches and more people involved in the game than 5 months ago.


    May have been a good thing. :huh:;);)


    It's only a game folks.

  2. What is the magazine capacity limit for deer hunting rifles in Wisconsin? Here in Oregon it's five rounds. My SKS holds 10 rounds and one more in the chamber, if I want to press my luck. And I would never use that for deer/elk hunting, anyway. Was this guy even hunting with a legal firearm.


    Most of our best caches are in hunting country. We dress in bright colors and the same for the dog. Same as we dressed our boys when they were little guys. My oldest loved wearing camo, still does, the last thing I wanted to tell the search and rescue folks was "yeh, he's 4ft 2in tall and dressed in woodland camo" :):laughing:

  3. The land barons around here use some ingenious, heavy steel containers to isolate the lock and connecting hardware. Pretty much defy bolt cutters. Short of extreme means, like the dynamite suggestion or an oxy/acetylene torch most casual explorers are stuck looking for another route. Guess we'll toss in that battery operated sawzall and metal blades.

  4. Got ours today. Very attractive coin, much better looking in person than the two dimensional photo that we purchased from. Kudo's to the crew that made this happen. <_< Really like the, epoxy? coating covering the 3-D mountain design.


    One question, are these trackable on GC from cache to cache? And...One more, after activating on WGC, then what? To log the coin, the page asks me where it was found. (Inside my screen door doesn't cut it.)

  5. The cave tour is awesome, Miss C and I took it 5 or 6 years ago. I hear they have opened more areas to the public since then. As far as the rooms at the Chateau ...unless they've remodeled....they are not very plush. The dining was great, though. Bring your own light and dress for caving.

    We went before geocaching started, but there are many caches in the area now and some very cool cachers around Cave Junction and Grants Pass.


    If they still group strangers together for the guided tour, try to get people of your physical caliber in your group so there aren't too many stragglers slowing the pace. We had a group with some very unsteady older folks that finally bailed out at the midway point. I'm sure they had no idea of what they were in for when they started. No offense intended, especially to the 50-60-70 year olds that can walk my tail off. :(

  6. Whole new game for snow country caching. Forget it when the snow is 3 foot deep or more, I won't dig that far. Tracks can be covered with an evenings fresh snow and make for a new adventure for the next seeker. Small caches in tree forks or fence posts are welcome. I suffer from cabin fever much of the winter so any excuse for an outing is good and there are still animals and birds around if you keep your eyes open. Plus less muggles. :D:P

  7. There is only space for twelve satellites on the display screen of my, well used, Rino 120.

    Usually we get 4-8 including #47 WAAS. A couple weeks ago, on the side of a mountain wilderness area, during the afternoon of a crystal clear day, ten sats were locked in big time. The WAAS, was nowhere to be seen. I was on the east slope of the mountain and had already found the cache.

  8. I've taken both my sons along geocaching. They are experienced in the brush and I'm trying to 'street smart' them up for the city. My oldest, thought it would be a laugh to move the first cache he found a couple hundred feet away. I put the brakes on that idea. They are both over eighteen and have better things to do with their time. Or so they think. :huh:

  9. Picture of a cache we found in an area recently logged. Gathered up the parts and took them home. The owners had moved out of town, but some fellow cachers relayed the bad news. Only thing unscathed was the yellow wood pencil??? Go figure.

    Same people had one up on a trail near (not in) a wilderness area, that we found animal shreaded and scattered for 50 yards. Ammo cans would do better but people swipe them around here.


    Logged cache

  10. I find lots of bottled water in caches in our neck of the woods. Very hot, dry summers.

    I bring my own water and would have to be delirious to drink any I found in a cache. Of course I'm old and careful, now. :blink: To each his own.

    Never seen bottles cause any problems, breaking, animal damage, etc. So I have no issue with them. :lol:

  11. Took me three trys to find my first cache. Once with my son and twice more with my wife. She lost her brand new Rino 120 that evening and we went back the next morning and found it and the cache!


    PS: I'm really stubborn. I find that helps. :blink:

  12. Sounds like a great trip you have planned. That Hwy 197 threw me for a second, had to get out the road atlas, haven't been that far up Hwy 97 for awhile. If you go to Crater Lake, highly recommended, try to take time for the launch ride and start early so you can stop at Wizard Island. Wear a swimming suit under your hiking duds and go for a swim. The water is cool and you'll remember it forever.


    Lots of caches around Klamath Falls. Check out Moore Park. On the way in north of town is Hagelstein Park, good rest stop and a new cache, that I hope stays put for a while. I'm headed out the door right now but I'll list some of the better caches I can think of. Enjoy your trip. :(

  13. From msn tech review page on Tom Tom Go


      "Won't Catch Me With One"

    Flower Child on 25-Jul-2004 10:44:17 AM

    Pros: It's a wonderful invention at first glance. Ease of navigation, ease of use, good value, good reliability, etc. make it very appealing. I can see why everyone would want to own one.

    Cons: But, there is something that most people do not realize. GPS units work by tracking sattelites owned by the U.S. government. The sattelites then also know where you are. Ever wonder how OnStar can always figure out where you left your vehicle? They're tracking you.  Gov't tracking of civilians is a dangerous road to travel. Learn to use a map and forgo this invention.



    Is any of this true. I thought the satellites transmitted to our hand held units not received any signal. Don't think my Rino 120 will transmit to the necessary range. Are the automobile units transmiters, too.

  14. Even better for Miss C


    miss c is a radically different person from the one she was when it's influence began

    miss c is still standing a little to the side of the blank expanse of wall

    miss c is correct by encouraging people to work at it if they have problems

    miss c is thick enough to fog up the hottest windowpanes

    miss c is a claybank buckskin

    miss c is my cookay sis and bonfire girl

    miss c is saved and has been attending penny’s teen girls class

    miss c is the friend of every one of the queens of the usk

    miss c is no exception

    miss c is indeed an actress

    miss c is perfect if you want to rent something surprisingly funny that won't stick in your head past 24 hours

    miss c is a single parent with two children

    miss c is a strong

    miss c is another of this community’s “everyday unsung heroes

    miss c is generally depressed

    miss c is not letting the monsters have candy until the end of the day

    miss c is required to attend those activities

    miss c is an eccentric

    miss c is mgk and painter

    miss c is 95% blind

    miss c is covered up much more in this scene

    miss c is exactly the same

    miss c is a 34 year

    miss c is getting old

    miss c is a very private lady

    miss c is clearly one of the best trained animals on stage today

    miss c is stymied

    miss c is 18 years and lives in the inner city community of southside with a `common

    miss c is a 15 year old girl who has been brought to see you by her mum who is concerned about vague lower abdominal pain and nausea

    miss c is opting out of opting in

    miss c is a good thing

    miss c is a relatively new teacher

    miss c is emphatic

    miss c is healthy now but has put on a very large amount of weight and they are concerned about the long

    miss c is one for punctuality


    I had to leave one very funny one out because the language was unsuitable for children. How many kids really read this stuff???? :P

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