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  1. But it is not Purple. It'll never work unless it is purple
  2. I stopped by yesterday at a puzzle cache. I did not have the right answers, but went home and worked on it some more. Today, I am sure I can find it (unfortunately not FTF). So, as the title says, would you log a DNF or would you say you have not given up and say you are just taking a long time to find?
  3. as a semi-newb myself, I've found you need several classes/sizes of swag. minis (film cans) cannot hold much, so I have some guitar picks and pins. Larger cache boxes have cooler stuff so I have key clips and other cooler stuff myself to trade with.
  4. Avon Skin so Soft. (SoS). No deet, smells pretty good, yet manages to make the bugs not like you. Is it OK to leave small lotion bottles in the cache? I've seen them leave the individual deet wipes.
  5. I've seen a few caches that call for the log to be signed in pen as the log is "waterproof paper." What is it and where do you get it?
  6. Still a tadpole myself (30 caches - all urban easy finds), but I have alread found 2 homeless homes and a crack stash. The drugs were in a zip lock about where I expected to find the geo-cache. Thought it might have been muggled, but then looked in the baggie. As to the homeless, just have to treat them like other muggles, don't let them see you retrieve or stash a cache - they will probably muggle it to see if there is anything there they can pawn. As for the drug stash, walked out of the park, made a call to the police from a pay phone. I didn't really want to explain how I found a stash of drugs in a drain pipe under a park pedestrian bridge.
  7. Make it for grades in June. Why wait all the way to Christmas? Grampa's can give presents anytime.
  8. Do I post my log as a find after I send the requried email? Do I wait on a return email before logging my find? Just trying to understand the sequence of events to earn my first virtual cache...
  9. At least one auto manufacturer is being sued for setting the speedometers 5% fast. This gets you to your "out of warrenty" milage 5% quicker, or it gets you to premium miles on your lease quicker and 5% more of them. On the plus side, if you believe your speedo, it will keep you from getting tickets as well.
  10. got the .klm file on google earth? View the area that the cache was found and see if any caches are on google earth..
  11. I've been leaving scratch-off type lottery tickets - I know kids are not supposed to play, but they love doing the scratch-off thing. I keep hoping to read that someone won a grand from one of them......
  12. I don't speak ASL, but it looks like he was having a good time explaining GC'ing.
  13. I don't think so. All the people in the parking lot have pronounced shadows. This red thing has none. Blanket? Trash? Shopping Cart?
  14. Because I had a friend that was killed by drug dealers while he was "just messing around with weed." Because I don't like illegal drugs or dealers or where the money trails lead. Because pot does affect your brain and your lungs.
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