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  1. The cache is not being singled out. Numerous similar caches have had to be re-written in order to be published.

    Briansnat, thank you but it sure appears that it is indeed being singled out. Especially since there is another "support our troops" cache that was active 1jan08.


    Reading the page, it makes no mention of support or troops. I guess the vanilla police have already gotten there and purged all the bad words.


    Caches are going to be rather dull reading from here on out.


  2. It has nothing to do with political correctness. It has to do with keeping political anything out of the sport. If you didn't have the no agenda rule there would be caches all over the place espousing this worthy cause or that one.

    It seems this is all about political correctness. "We" cannot determine which things are worthy anymore, so nothing can be supported for fear of someone being offended.


    The fact that this cache is even up for reveiw when we have caches titled "Support our troops" smacks of hypocracy. If this cache is politically incorrect (has an agenda), then certainly those are as well. This cache has been running since November 2, 2007 without a complaint and has been found 153 times. But suddenly one person whines and it has to be changed because it might offened?


    Briansnat, I do want to thank you for at least coming forward as a "voice of TPTB". I find your views understandable and reasonable. But if I apply that same logic to nearly any other cache, I think I could find an agenda by your definition. If we pulled all caches that made us aware of something then caches would be a lot less plentiful.


    @SixDogTeam, I you beat me to the punch. I could not have summed it up better myself.

  3. If some other caches with agendas have slipped through, or been edited after being published, that doesn't justify listing the next one to come through the review process.


    We are not talking about approval - this cache has been up and running for a while. We are talking about selectively going back and 'deleting' caches that might offend some poor soul.

    And, they are relatively easy to find. Why purge the one. Let's be fair and purge them all.

    It is certainly not fair to single out this one "support the troops" cache.

    Plugging in "support" generates 51 other caches and the first ones on the list are 3 different "Support Our Troops" caches.

    Plugging in "troops" brings up 35 caches (granted some of them are duplicates of the first).

    "God" gets 0 hits, but "Buddah" has 3.

    "Agenda" brings up 3 more.

    "Political" brings up another 12


    I put it to you that you would be very hard pressed to actually create a cache page that does not support some sort of agenda. Even my one measly cache asks you to feed the ducks and fish.


    "The Sunshine Canyon Landfill, operated by Browning-Ferris Industries (BFI), has been handling the solid waste disposal needs of Los Angeles City and County for more than 50 years. It is a state of the art urban landfill that meets or exceeds all state and federal safety regulations for solid waste disposal, water quality, and air quality. It's location near the junction of the I-5 and 210 Freeways makes it covenient for trucks coming from all over the county, avoiding long trips to more rural locations."

    Advertises for BFI, promotes sending trash to landfills instead of recycling. Way out? That is about the same logic that is being applied to the OP's cache.

  4. I would work with the reviewer to find acceptable wording for your cache page. And if this cache was re-reviewed because someone was trying to get it archived then sock it to them by bringing the cache page into compliance with the guidelines.


    I wouldn't. We've been shown several caches that have similar tributes and are apparently without agenda. If there is no agenda there or here, then what has to be changed?


    If this one is changed, I'd expect the rest of those easily found tribute caches to be changed as well. All of them.


    After all: "The thing is that if you allow one worthy agenda, the next person comes along with his worthy agenda. Then you get into a debate as to what is worthy. "


    Please let us know how this turns out.

  5. I use MEK (methyl ethyl ketone) to remove the yellow markings. Takes it completely off in about 10 seconds and does not affect the olive drab paint underneath.

    MEK is one of the few solvents that will cross the skin barrier. That means that if you disolve anything in MEK (the paint for instance) and are using it with bare skin; the MEK will be absorbed into the bloodstream and bring along some of the paint with it. (think nicotine patch).


    As solvents go, it is very good - eats away almost anything. But be sure to wear protecive gloves, etc. when using MEK.

  6. Once you learn his style - it may be a typical cache from him.


    We have "Slim Bob" caches here. They are generally a 1" x 2" ziplock with a log folded up in them. They are carefully and craftfully tucked into the weirdest places. Once you find your first slim bob, it helps finding the rest. I'm not saying that a Bishop cache is anything like that, so take it for what it's worth.

  7. A friend of mine had a bison tube cache in an old fence post. When the rangers tore down the old fences and put up new fence they drilled a hole in the corner post (as close to the old spot as possible) and put the bison in the hole! Did it at both the north and south trail heads (5 miles apart).

    I'm glad they did that instead of the hider.


  8. ...Are you tossing in your card in exchange for a geocoin or a wooden nickel? Because if you are, I think your opinion stinks.


    If not, carry on! I think I could get into collecting geocards.

    I always just add my 'wooden nickle' unless I trade out another sig item separate from swag.


    I'll trade bouncy balls or mcToys, even little rubber snakes for like items. But sig swag is separate.

  9. ...In passing, could I ask a favor? If you use a separate note to drop the tracking coin, either because you forgot to drop it with your log or if you're retroactively logging the coin, PLEASE delete the extra note. This keeps the cache page neat and tidy. You can do that without affecting the geocoin's history.

    Thanks, I didn't know that.


    While catching up, I did find I could back-date notes to the day I logged the cache so it doesn't show up a while later. Now, it is almost automatic.

  10. A geo-buddy showed me a neat 'trick'.


    Get one new unactivated geo-coin.

    Activate it.

    'dip' it in every cache you do. That is place it in each cache and then retrieve it back out.

    You can then look at the coin's path in google earth and see all of your finds and see how many miles you been caching.

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