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  1. Hey Poppa Duck, I'm a cub scout den leader and just got back from teaching the boys how to carve ivory soap with a plastic knife. Was wondering if you would be willing to post here how it went (teaching the boys about GPS's and Geocaching.) I'd be interested to see. Thanks! icon_smile.gif

  2. Hello wormfarmer1, this is GeoKong, we are south of you in Aiea. We couldn't really get together with you to go geocaching, but I just wanted to say Hi. We are new to this as well, and I've been cruising the site for any signs of fellow Hawaiians. We have some very active geocachers on the Island, so I thought I'd find a thread or something, and haven't so far. Maybe some of them will see this and pop in a hello. What caches have you hit? What did you like? We've done the ones near us, and I found my first travel bug, but we've been delayed the last few weeks with sick kids and busy schedules. If I don't hit another cache soon, I may go crazy. (How did I survive before geocaching? I've only known about it for a month!)

  3. I know they said they were going to stop the count of female cachers two months after December, but I've got to get myself counted, if only to the other female cachers. My brother told me about geocaching and I pestered my hubby till he bought me a gps unit. I've dragged the family out several times, and while they enjoy it, the are only willing to go so far. I was determined to get my first travel bug and I dragged everyone out to the cache site. It started to rain, it got dark, and we didn't have flashlights, so they all made me take them home (bunch of babies.) I took the 3 year old out with me the next morning and found it. I'd prefer to not go by myself, but if they continue to whimp out on me, I will. I'm too hooked not to! icon_smile.gif

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