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  1. I'll have to check the manual about the "northfinder technology"... I know it shows the sun, moon, and waypoint positions around the compass. I was wondering what's the point of showing the sun and moon since you obviously could just see them in the sky (if it's not overcast). Makes more sense that you're supposed to use them as a reference to find North. The Robot Family
  2. I have a Magellan SporTrak Pro and the US Street/Topo Maps software. It may be able to do the conversion, but I was hoping to find something a little quicker to use. Not to mention that the street info in the Magellan software isn't the most accurate. It would be really nice if MapQuest had a way to give you the lon / lat coords. The Robot Family
  3. Is there a way to convert a street address into lon / lat coordinates? I seem to suffer a gap from knowing an address and trying to figure out it's coordates to put in my GPS or mapping software. MapQuest will show you the original coords you searched, but doesn't update the coords as you move around. Any utility or website that anyone knows of?! Thanks. The Robot Family
  4. Thanks for all the info! I'm a little reluctant to spend too much money on anything since I don't know what extent I'll use it other than geocaching. We're going on a trip to Europe this summer, so having something that can do streets would be nice, but again, I don't want to spend a lot on something I may not use too much (who does?!). The GPX2HTML program is pretty nice. I kinda get how Plucker would work with the PDA now. Anyways... if anyone else has more opinions or suggestions, keep them coming. Everything is really helpful! Thanks to everyone! The Robot Family
  5. Thanks for all the definitions and explanations. They all make sense. It's a little confusing to keep everything straight, but I get the concepts. I have a SporTrak Pro which I think has the electronic compass because I thought I saw a COG option. I didn't think it mattered which direction I held the GPS as long as I moved every now and then, but it sounds like the GPS even knows which way you are holding it! Wow. I'll have to check the manual. Thanks again! The Robot Family
  6. I guess I'm such a newbie to PDAs that I'd be interested just to know what people use PDAs for and which ones they like. It's a little overwhelming with all the choices there are. The only function I currently know I'd use is to read the GPX files. What else do people use their PDAs for? What models are good for what? If I just want to use it to read Geocaching GPX info, I'd guess I'd only need a lower end model. Anyways... any input and information would be great. I know it's a broad topic! Thanks. The Robot Family
  7. I'm learning more and more about all the fun gadgets and software you can get to help you with geocaching. I have now figured out how to get a GPX file doing a pocket query which looks like it basically sends you the cache pages for the caches you request, but I'm not sure what PDA to use to read these files. Any suggestions? Is there a good site comparing different PDAs? I know very little about them. Thanks. The Robot Family
  8. Simple question... what's the difference between "heading" and "bearing"? They seem to change independently of each other when I'm moving around. Thanks. The Robot Family
  9. I've never seen the navic@che.com site before... looks like a lot of geocaching.com. Who copied who?! The geocaching.com site is much easier to read and use, though. The Robot Family
  10. Ah... good name... a CYBERcache. So... do any cybercaches exist? If so, how do you find their descriptions? The Robot Family
  11. I think welch is working on it.. but how do you find descriptions of "locationless" caches? I think I saw that as an option under the Pocket Query. But even under there, what coords do you use as an origin? Hmmmm..... I know that an internet cache defies the general definition of a "geo"-cache. I just thought there was probably somewhere in this creative bunch who had created such type of a treasure hunt in cyberspace. The Robot Family
  12. oops... Welch must have posted right when I did. THANK YOU for the explanation. I wondered what what a "locationless" cache was (in addition to if internet caches exist)> Do you know where I would find internet caches (if they still exist)? What about "locationless" caches? How do I find out more about these type of caches?! The Robot Family
  13. No one is understanding what I am asking. :-( I KNOW what a "virtual" cache is... it is a place where there is no physical cache box. A place to sight-see (or where a cache was stolen). I'm asking if there are any LOCATIONLESS caches. A cache which is only an internet hunts for example. Something you can do from just in front of your computer. Maybe they don't exist. Although, what IS a "locationless" cache? The Robot Family
  14. No, no... I mean a TRULY virtual cache that doesn't exist by going somewhere outside... but exists somewhere on the internet? I've seen references to "Locationless" caches which made me think of this. What is a "locationless" cache? The Robot Family
  15. Are there are truly virtual caches that exist that require you search the internet for clues? And if they do exist, how do I find them when searching the www.geocaching.com site? Thanks! The Robot Family
  16. Thanks for the suggestion! This might work out perfect because someone else wants us to get Grampa Vampa TB to the Tomb Raider 2 cache. It's good to know that this first Tomb Raider cache is worth it if we can't figure out the 2nd one. The Robot Family
  17. All TB's are welcome! Unless they are in the nearby San Fran area, we'll need someone to send them to us directly or deliver them to a cache in the San Fran region for pickup. Just let us know via email if you'd like to coordinate a delivery.
  18. We'll be travelling in Italy from July 6-16 and would like to find some caches. Since we're very limited on time we wanted to get some suggestions for the BEST caches in Italy. Here are the cities we'll be in: Rome Florence Cinque Terre Milan Venice (maybe) Thanks!
  19. We're planning a trip to London for July 1-5 and would like to find a few caches. There a 1000's in the area, so we have no idea which ones are really the highlights of the area. If anyone has some suggestions of the best caches around London or nearby, we'd appreciate it. Thanks.
  20. Does anyone know of a way to get good cache suggestions for England and Italy? There are literally 1000's of caches over there and we can only look for a few. Knowing what are some of the best would be great. We'll be in London, England July 1-5 And Italy July 6-16. Rome, Terre Cinque, Florence, Milan, and possibly Venice. Any suggestions for great caches in these areas would be appreciated!
  21. Red Dragon - Thanks for all the cache tips. We're not exactly sure about where we'll be in Italy, but if we're in Tuscany we'll retrieve "noone" and bring him home. This is great that people are recommending caches because we don't know which ones are worth going for.
  22. Sounds like a great TB to take! We're looking for cache's to go to in Europe, so this would be a good excuse to go for the Tomb Raider 2 one. If you can get it to us, we'll bring him at least to UK is not the actual target cache.
  23. We're planning on geocaching in England / Italy in the beginning of July. We'd like to take several bugs with us and bring several back. Kinda a foreign TB exchange program. If you have a TB who has the urge to go overseas, let's see if we can get them to the San Fran area for boarding before July!
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