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  1. Yes, I have a nuvi 660 for just auto navigation to the cache area and then a 60csx to get to the cache. The nuvi stays is the nice dry car where it belongs. :D Up to recently, I was working with TomTom on my T3 for the auto navigation and Cachemate and then an old SporTrak pro for cache finding. It worked good, but these new toys are even more fun.


    Here's how you have to build POI categories on the Nuvi:


    1. Export GPX files from GSAK

    2. Use POI loader to get the exported file on to the nuvi. The POI loader mergers all files in a source directory to a single file called "poi.gpi"

    3. You then rename this file to something else. Doesn't matter what. Whatever the original GPX file name was is what will show up on the nuvi.

    4. Rinse and repeat for every POI category you want.


    A bit tedious. If Clyde could get GSAK to do direct GPI file exports that would be awesome! Took me about 4 hours of research to just understand how to make multiple folders on the Nuvi like "Found caches", "Not Found caches", "xxxx city caches"...


    It would also be very cool for GSAK to use the different fields that the nuvi processes to send not only the cache name but also the description. I can't find the main GSAK thread so maybe I'll just email Clyde directly if no one thinks GSAK can do what I'm wanting. B)


    I'm surprised no one has figured this out yet ... usually I'm the last to know.


    Thanks for any more info or ideas you guys have!




    P.S. If you're still using a T3, check out the Proporta aluminum case. Allows you to drop your T3 in the field and still survive (I've tested it several times :D )

  2. I got a Nuvi 660 for Christmas (thanks Santa!).


    I'm using GSAK and was wondering if anyone has figured out how to even get GSAK to send waypoints to the nuvi? I get an error every time I try. :laughing:


    If GSAK can send waypoints to the nuvi 660, what are:


    1) the max number of waypoints the nuvi 660 can accept?

    2) the maximum number of characters for a description?

    3) the other settings that GSAK uses?



  3. This thread was originally asking if the screen size is worth it.


    I had the 350 and the screen was a bit too small for me so I returned it. The 660 is much bigger and I think is worth the extra money. Not only are things easier to read, the screen itself is brighter, AND it's even easier to touch and enter data. The 660 unit is of course is bigger, but still fits in my pocket (3"x5"x1").


    I also like the FM Transmitter. If you can find a clear station, I think it works fine. I'm still learning how to upload custom caches and MP3s. I've had some problem with larger MP3 files crashing.


    If it won't break the bank, I definitely recommend going for the 660.

  4. OK... I'm starting to get the hang of it. I have GSAK and I'm familiar with it.


    The Garmin POI loader was most of my problem... it loads everything by it's "GCxxxx" name into the "waypoint" category. When I upload with GSAK, I can upload all cache types into the "Geocache" category but with only one icon OR I can choose loading into the "waypoint" based on type and can have multiple icons. Bummer you can't have multiple icons in the geocache area.


    1. It seems to always over-write whatever category I'm uploading to. Is there a way to upload into a new category. For example, if I want multiple cities, can I upload to a specific city folder with GSAK?



  5. I have a new 60csx (thanks santa!) and I'm trying to figure out how to get geocaches loaded on it. I use the POI loader, but the geocaches just load as "waypoints" and by their 6 digit name CGxxxx.


    1) How do I load GPX files so they show up as "geocaches" on to the 60csx?

    2) Is it possible to show the geocaches by their description and not the GCxxxx name?

    3) How do I load different GPX files on to the 60csx so they show up as different categories? Where on the 60csx do I go to see the different categories?!


    Feel free to point me to other links since I'm sure this has been talked about ad naseum. For some reason, I'm not getting it. I'm used to my Magellan SporTrak, so I'm on the bottom of the learning curve. :P



  6. Although the screen protector does protect the screen from scratches, I enivitably drop my GPSr while hiking and it gets scratches. I like to have a protective case since I'm so clumsy. :unsure:


    Thanks for the link to the sharkskin case. I hadn't seen the sharkskin covers, just the neoprene ones that would be harder to cut to fit the mount.



  7. I currently have TomTom and love it. With GSAK I can even upload the GC caches files to TomTom and use them as destination points. TomTom doesn't work good at actually locating the cache (since most caches are off road), but it's great at getting you to where to park the car.


    I've tried the TomTom GPS transmitter with CacheMate and I think I've found one cache that way. Not very good. Defintely a handheld GPSr is the way to go for the actual caching. Sounds like the 60csx will be an adequate back-up to TomTom but not a replacement.

  8. Thanks for your feedback. I know my question is a little bit silly since TomTom is made just for auto navigation, but it's good to hear that Garmin did design a good GPSr-based system. I really couldn't get any sense for how Navigator even worked it from the Garmin website.


    TomTom can reroute incredibly fast when you make a wrong turn. When we rent a car and use Hertz NeverLost it can take several minutes which is totally useless if you need to know immediately how to get back on course while navigating city streets. Sounds like the Garmin reroutes fairly fast.


    It will be interesting (and hopefully not too painful) to make the switch. :laughing:


    More opinions welcomed!



  9. cool... thanks for the link. still looks like the battery clip are too big to fit inside, but i'll take everyone's word that they do fit.


    as a side note, the 2500 mA Sony NiMh AA rechargable batteries are incredible. they last a good 2-3x times longer than alkaline batteries and recharge in only 15 minutes. i recommend them for any electronic device!




    (you can just search amazon for "Sony 2500" to get to the page). the charger comes with AA batteries, but you can buy AAA batteries needed for the 600 that work with the same charger.


    happy cachin'!



  10. I currently use TomTom on my Palm T3 for auto navigation. I have no complaints. The 3D display, routing, and menus are awesome. Unfortunately, my T3 is starting to wear out and mounting and unmounting it from my windshield isn't going to last much longer.


    I'm looking at the Garmin 60csx with the City Navigator v8 software. Will I be cringing the whole time if I try using this as an alternative to my TomTom?


    It appears there is no voice navigation and only a 2D display. Besides those obvious differences, what are your opinions of the City Navigator software?





  11. Can anyone suggest a case that works for the Garmin 60csx that you do NOT have to remove before putting the 60csx into the Garmin dash mount?


    It seems like the Garmin case is a bit tight for the 60csx, so even if there's not one compatible with the dash mount, ANY alternative case suggestions would be welcomed.





  12. OK... if the batteries fit inside the unit, that's not too bad.


    I'm leaning towards the Garmin 60csx. Now that I've done more research that seems to have all the features I'm looking for. I'd be interested to hear what Magellan people have to say as negatives with the 60csx, though!



  13. Yes, there is a known issue where evidently poltergeists are trying to geocache when the 60csx are being left unattended, especially at night. It is recommended that you sprinkle a circle of ashes from incinerated wet cache logs around your unit before you leave it alone for the night.


    Don't worry, Garmin is looking into developing a separate "Poltergeist line" of their mapping GPSrs to address this phenomena... :anitongue:




    [sorry... couldn't resist... your description sounds so much like a ghost story :laughing: ]

  14. I'm leaning towards the eXplorist 600 but having trouble finding some of the accessories.


    1) A carrying case with a clear plastic panel so you can use the GPSr without removing it from the case.

    2) The optional AAA battery clip. I think this exists, but can't find a pic of it anywhere.


    And of course, any deals that you could point me to would be greatly appreciated.





  15. I know, I know... I'm busted. I was looking for a lame excuse to get a new GPSr, fully knowing all along I could just get a serial -> USB adapter. :anitongue:


    So in truth, my old SporTrak is B/W, and I'd to upgrade to color and the e-compass. I thought I'd see what the latest greatest is out there. So much Magellan vs. Garmin stuff. It's hard to sort through it all.


    So my basic criteria again:


    + Uses normal batteries (XL)

    + Decent size screen (XL)

    + Topo map capability (400, 500, 500LE, 600, XL)

    + Has a built in e-compass (600)



  16. I'm replacing my SporTrak (since my new computer doesn't have a serial port for it to plug into :anitongue: )


    I'm a big Magellan fan. I've done my Magellan research, and although they have all the features I want in a GPSr, they do not have all the features I want in any one model GPSr. :laughing:


    So my dream GPS (not considering price) would have these features for geocaching:


    + Uses normal batteries (XL)

    + Decent size screen (XL)

    + Topo map capability (400, 500, 500LE, 600, XL)

    + Has a built in e-compass (600)


    Does Garmin (Gasp!) or someone else have a unit that would have all these features?





  17. The Explorist 500 is discontinued. The 500 LE is the replacement. Same unit, but it uses the AAA battery clip instead of the rechargable Li-ion battery. Costco currently has a great bundle deal for $179 including the Topo3D software:




    There is a similar thread going here:




    I'm off to research Garmin units. :anitongue:



  18. I'm replacing my Magellan SporTrak so this thread has been great to get me up to speed on the latest Magellan / Garmin units.


    I've always been a Magellan fan. Here's are some considerations for the eXplorist:


    1. The screen is slightly smaller than the SporTrak (more of an adjustment thing for me, but I don't know how much smaller I could take... the SporTrak wasn't that big to start with).


    2. All the eXplorists use a rechargable Li-ion battery. This is a HUGE negative for me. Besides the cost of a spare battery, they enivitably get weaker and weaker. Especially if you tend not to use them frequently (which I don't). When I'm out caching, I just want to swap in some normal AA or AAA batteries.


    3. Before you correct me on point #2 :laughing: , the 500 LE (and optionally for the other eXporists) are the exception to this. It uses AAA battery adapter. However I believe this is a separate extermal adapter that you need to connect back into the eXplorist (I can't find a picture of the AAA battery adapter anywhere... including the Magellan site so I don't know if it needs a cable or just clips on the unit). Either way, it's one more bulky piece of equipment you need to deal with.


    4. The 500 does NOT have an electronic compass. I didn't have this on the SporTrak, but I always wish I did. The electronic compass determines your heading even if you are standing still. If you don't have it, you have to walk back and forth to determine the direction you're heading. (Granted at times this can be entertaining or good excerise for the kids.) Still the e-compass in the eXplorist 600 sounds great.


    5. But wait... Magellan has read my mind and has the eXplorist XL to meet all my needs. OR so it seemed for a few seconds. It has a much larger screen (and price). It uses normal batteries! Ah... but now we've lost the e-compass. Grrrr. :anitongue:


    So my dream GPS (not considering price) would have these features for geocaching:


    + Uses normal batteries (XL)

    + Decent size screen (XL)

    + Topo map capability (400, 500, 500LE, 600, XL)

    + Has a built in e-compass (600)


    For me, it does not seem that Magellan has anything that has all these features in one unit. I need to hang my head low and go research some Garmin unit now... :laughing:


    If you can live with the external battery back and no e-compass, the costco deal is a steal, especially since it includes the topo software.

  19. I am trying to set up an offset cache. I have the starting location (let's say "START") and then the cache hiding spot (let's say "HIDE").


    1. What's the difference between Heading and Bearing?

    2. How do I figure out what degrees to tell people to use to go from START to HIDE?


    The distance I can figure out just from walking from one point to the other and seeing what the GPSr say is the distance. The Bearing and Heading seem to flip all over the place when I move around. I'm very confused!


    I'm using a SporTrak Pro if anyone has specific instructions on how to figure out what Bearing (or Heading?) I should use.




    John (aka Robotman)

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