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  2. It seems like the authentication issues are back again. I was logged out when I clicked on the watch this cache link for a cache. I logged in again a few minutes later, go to do the same thing, and get logged back out again. It's also rejecting logins if you attempt to log in right away after being logged out.
  3. The website keeps asking me to log in. When I do, it will show my user name like I am logged in, but if I try to do anything like look at a cache page, it tells me I have to log in again. Anyone else having this problem?
  4. All PQ’s that you run on Geocaching.com will automatically download to the Geocaching® app and remain there for 7 days. If you want them for longer than 7 days, then you can create an offline version.
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  6. Same thing happened to me a few weeks ago. Within a few minutes it corrected itself. @thebruce0 it was not a retracted cache listing. Only happened once and has been fine since.
  7. Try this. Or not... When you go to your dashboard, there should be a line at the top that says "This is a new dashboard experience. If you prefer, you can go back to the old page.". Click on the part that says "back to the old page" and it should send you there. Edit part 3: Actually, try this! Edit part 4 (the grand finale): Yay, It works!
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  9. I remember that. Had a good chuckle at the time, and again just now.
  10. I had a log on one of my cahes stating they had found it with another cacher about 5 years before, I emailed the other cacher who responded that his son was logging all of the finds that where made with his father. Needless to say I let the new (old) log stand.
  11. I am able to syc lists with the app quite handily. Is there a way to instead sync with the outout of a PQ? Pocket queries offer a few filters not available in the list generator.
  12. Indoor? Ne, gerade nicht. Bier? Nie. ;-) Aber wenn du einen meiner Caches hier in der Gegend nach Feierabend machst, komme ich mit dem Rad dazu, wenn ich Zeit habe. Zum Beispiel https://coord.info/GC6N7HA könnte genau das Richtige für dich sein. T4,5 ist doch sicher genau deins... :-)
  13. PS, deactivated phones can still make emergency calls, no SIM/plan needed. Occasionally useful. But for normal use, you may as well keep it in Airplane Mode. Battery will last longer if the radio circuits are off.
  14. When I click on that link it just takes me to the new profile page. I don't see a way to change that. And why wouldn't it be available with the new profile?
  15. This is a GREAT idea. Thank you.
  16. How about an old, surplus phone fished out of a drawer? No matter if it's no longer on "a plan". Just set it up over WiFi for offline caching, and use it much like you would a GPS unit. The Groundspeak app will work offline, and various 3rd-party caching apps do too, eg Locus Map (Android), Cachly (iOS). No SIM needed, no plan needed. If you drop it and it breaks, meh.
  17. I'm sure that's the business case. But I'm also sure the people that competed against and beat the PN product line were thrilled to finally stomp it into the ground for good.
  18. Hello! My kids (8 & 10) and I are new to geocaching. It's something we've taken up while I've been furloughed from work and we're really growing to love it. I've been using an app on my phone and for the most part it's been okay, but 1) it runs my phone battery down 2) the GPS isn't always the best and 3) I worry about dropping my phone while we're climbing up hills or scrambling under bridges. Can anyone recommend a decent GPS device that isn't too expensive? I'm looking for something for less than $100. I'm being very careful with my spending while I'm furloughed, but we plan on continuing to geocache throughout the summer and fall. Thanks!
  19. No kidding? I *would* have found it useful, but it wasn't there for the first few months, so I stopped looking for it.
  20. From the 2 screenshots, it doesn't appear that you have found that cache. You can't mark a cache as a Favorite unless you have logged it as Found.
  21. Back to the old page even momentarily and click over the text "Download Viewer" to download it, on the right column of the page of your profile.
  22. Da hast Du auch recht. Ich bin in den nächsten 2 Wochen halbwegs in Deiner Homezone dann könnten wir das Thema evtl. auch bei einem Feierabendbier vertiefen wenns passt.
  23. Ich hab leider nicht die Zeit jeden einzelnen Cache zu besuchen. Ich nutze die Statistik von GC oder Projekt-GC und die ist bei Dir gesperrt. Warum das weis ich nicht, meine ist dort mit allerhand Zahlen zu finden. Ich benutze meinen Kopf und nicht eine Software und ja, auch ich bin nicht unfehlbar und mache Rechtschreib- oder mal Tippfehler... Bei einem Text den ich >30x mittels Copy und Paste online stelle würde ich aber extra nochmal schauen. Ich bin mir sicher Du findest Deinen Fehler auch ohne meine Hilfe.
  24. Logged 37 caches today, and think I saw about 37 notifications <g> related to 4 souvenirs. Yeah, tiresome. 4 more for the "Hide This" button on the souvenir page.
  25. They have actually entered a (remote) past date, so it seems strange this would be an inadvertent GC code log. Maybe they fired up an old GPS and the log was in there. I would query it, I think in the case of a 10 year late log the onus can be on the finder to satisfy the CO that their log should stand.... and there needs to be a reasonable reason..... which should be offered up front in their log I think. Maybe the website could query logs backdated by a certain amount with the splashscreen suggesting what they should do, especially on an archived cache.....
  26. Hi folks, I can't find the Google Earth Viewer to download on the new profile page. How do I find it?
  27. Hi folks, I can't find the Google Earth Viewer to download on the new profile page. How do I find it?
  28. There's something weird going on. I just tried it on a cache I recently found and I got the Add Favorite option but it didn't show the percent FPs. When I tried it again a short time later it did. Maybe the Memory Lane promotion is overloading the hampsters.
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