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  2. I'm building a Top Trumps cartridge. I need to keep track of how many cards the player has and how many cards the non-player opponent has so I can structure the order of cards in each hand. One is a simple function of the other. So if the pack has 48 card and the player has 15 cards then the opponent has 48 minus15 cards. I'm using the Earwigo. I can't find a way of implementing this calculation. You can set a variable to be the same as another variable and you can increment by fixed amounts but what you don't seem to be able to do if increment by a function of a another variable. There is a function tab which I use a lot but I've not yet understood what the parameter x component of it is. The wiki for this section is still under construction. I'm wondering if this is something I can do using the function option. Any help would be gratefully received as at the moment I'm having to have two completely independent variables which is increasing the amount of code and also allows for increased chance of errors.
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  4. Hedwig&Peter

    Happy Easter mission

    When I woke up, I immediatly smiled. Finally it is Eastern. Time to open my Happy Eastern Mission envelope. The envelope was a big surprise. JimRKY and his wife send a beautiful Eastern geocoin, a Signal the frog trackable, a special personal pathtag and lots of nice and usefull geocaching equipment. But.........the most special in the envelope was the large letter JimRKY wrote, in which he introduced his wife and himself. He wrote about where they live, about their geocaching adventures and about their GeoCats ( yes GeoCats, not GeoDoggies) All in one.......great! Thank you very very much for this big Eastern surprise. Of course also a big thanks to LavalK9 for hosting this nice Mission. Happy Eastern to all of you. Greetings, Hedwig
  5. on4bam

    collecting countries

    I still have to log (non secure wifi in our hotel and no vpn setup on my laptop So I'll log when back home) but finally logged GC40 (oldest cach in continental Europe) yesterday morning and found some 20+ caches in Luxembourg. Today we will do a few (Wherigo, multi, virtual) in Luxembourg city and tomorrow we have some letterboxes, virtuals, EC on our list. Although we booked this a few weeks ago we didn't expect the excellent summer weather we'rd having. 24°C and bright sunshine. So it finally happened, got GC40 and filled Luxembourg.... the closest ones are the most difficult
  6. steben6

    Mardi Gras Masquerade Multi Event

    I have often wondered the same thing about the all-black version. I doubt that it will be at Geocoinfest since it hasn't been at any of the previous ones. I believe I am one of a handful of people who own every version of the coin, except for this one!
  7. Touchstone

    Deleting No Pen / Photo logs only on adopted caches

    Link to a similar discussion on the issue:
  8. Touchstone

    Attach file on message

    I was able to confirm that a photo successfully came across in the Message Center. I was using Firefox.
  9. ivss_xx

    Locked Account - Lab Cache Logger

    Yup, not long after I published my adventure, thedoglady had logged it, all the 5 points within 2 minutes. A day later another user from Germany had logged mine (mine is in New Zeland) https://www.geocaching.com/profile/?u=Die Lu.Tze AG I have two genuine logs and two fake ones at the moment. 50/50 ratio...
  10. Who knows. I would suggest you report it to them. The more reports, the better the chance it will get addressed.
  11. SpiritGuide

    Phone GPS vs Standalone GPS

    That's not completely true. The app developer can specify the accuracy needed for a location reading. They can say a low accuracy using cell and WiFi is sufficient or that a high accuracy using GPS is needed. So phones can be and are just as accurate as a GPSr.
  12. I found a cache today that is on it's third owner, meaning two adoptions. It was hidden in July, 2002. Personally, I adopted several of my parents caches after they passed away (with the exception of the virtuals, Groundspeak won't let those be adopted, which is a shame). My parents, placed many caches, some of them temporary but a handful were in very interesting places. The process was not that hard, after proving to Groundspeak that they had truly passed away. I had to replace them several times until I took the time to make it virtually an "unmuggable" cache. I think adoptions happen quite a bit, most folks who cache do eventually quit, move, pass away or have a life change that causes them to stop caching. And some of them placed some pretty good caches. So it's good to try and get them adopted.
  13. Twink&Sparky


    Anyone else out there a long-time auto-renewer? If so, have you noticed that the cost of the annual membership has gone down since you signed up but you are still paying the original price? I was told I was "grandfathered" into the higher price because I joined in 2010. And if I want the lower price I have to delete the auto-renew and sign up again when my current year, which is 364 days away, expires. And hope that in the meantime, the cost won't have gone up. Sounds a bit backwards to me. Grandfathering usually gives you a discounted rate for your years of patronage, not the other way around. Would love to know if I am the only one in this situation. Be advised, the amount I am talking about is $.01, but, as they, it's the principal of the thing.
  14. Mineral2

    Cache submission - allow editing until review

    The reason this might not be a good idea is that a reviewer *could* be looking at it as you are making edits. If your edits are something important and noteworthy (such as moving the coordinates more than 528 feet), it's best to redact the submission, make your edit, and resubmit. If it's something minor like a change to the description, you can always wait and make the change after it publishes.
  15. Great Scott!


    Iis this what you need to do? https://www.geocaching.com/play/garmin/register
  16. 2wheels4cache

    Notes posted in app not showing up on website

    It happened again today. I guess I am going to have to pick another app to try. I will be sorry not to be able to use the Groundspeak lists and some of the other features, and not log first to finds right away, but as it is they are not appearing online anyway. Glad to hear it isn't just me having that issue..
  17. Yesterday
  18. Inmountains

    Power Trails Disappearing from the Map?

    I have done the same thing, but there were a lot more parameters involved. How many of us would incur the cost of gas, meals, lodging and more, for an entire week, maybe $1,000.00 or more, just to find ONE CACHE? Maybe, if it was in the Antarctica and we wanted that country. But would we do that to find a candy tube hidden under a rock in the middle of the Mojave Desert? Most of us wouldn't. But I have done long drives and long days (not a week) to find a cache at 14,000 feet elevation. Or to get a SPECIAL cache, such as Mingo (GC30) or GCD or GC12 or GC16. Heck, I even waited in line for over an hour just to sign the log on the Washington State Ape Cache, after a 2 hour hike through the tunnel. But to get to my point, Power Trails do get us to places we would usually not otherwise go. The Route 66 Power Trail was the only way I would ever drive Route 66. Usually, I would just drive Interstate 40. My only point is that sometimes, Power Trails do provide just another aspect to our wonderful past time. And while I am sure Team Sagebrushers and Groundspeak had some kind of issue, it is a shame to see so many caches get archived over a dispute.
  19. Harry Dolphin

    Needs mantenance on DNF logs

    Went looking for a cache at an historic old butternut tree. The tree fell down in a storm July 2018. It was removed, and the lawn was repaired. Mostly 'Write Notes'. But the CO did nothing. So, I put NA on it! The CO did nothing, and it was archived, It was missing for eight months!
  20. Cheminer Will

    GPSMAP Proximity Alerts/Alarms

    I will describe what I tried today below and that maybe indicates that your research only needs to focus on the final part of the equation, the alert itself? See what you think. I loaded the Proximity POIs as per the GPSrChive instructions except that I used an "E" icon that I could see on the 66 screen. I did not load the corresponding geocaches just to be sure the icons for those did not overlap the POI icons . So the only things I loaded on the 66 were the Proximity POIs. Shown are a couple of photos of my 66 screen showing that indeed the "E" icons correctly show where the Proximity POIs are located. The first photo shows the distance to a Proximity POI as 177.7 feet. It also shows the alert distance set at 98.9 feet. (A little odd as I set it as 100' in POI Loader). I then walked up to within 79' of that POI as shown in the 2nd photo. No alert. So, the POI is on the 66 and showing correct distances and alert distance. I am just not getting an actual alert. The 3rd photo just shows some of the 26 Proximity POIs displayed on the screen. Do you think this is more likely a problem is with a setting on my 66? Or more likely something wrong with the POI file even though it shows on the 66 as being correctly loaded?
  21. MartyBartfast

    Deleting No Pen / Photo logs only on adopted caches

    And you're posting this here why exactly? You're not looking for advice, so it seems to me you're just trying to start another argument about deleting logs, not for the first time either.
  22. luvvinbird

    Deleting No Pen / Photo logs only on adopted caches

    If those found logs were okay'd by the previous CO, I'd let them be. Now that you're the owner I would deal with "found" caches from this point on, if you desire.
  23. Same here. At the beginning of the sending. Do you think this gonna be fixed in the future?
  24. RecipeForDisaster

    Garmin GPSMAP 66 series announced on 2018-08-06

    I had thoroughly read the rChive but will look it over again to de how to access Show All. You'd think it be self explanatory as it isn't with my other devices... but resetting it would definitely remove filters, and I had this same behavior right after a reset. Plus, search near should work in my list of downloaded caches when I have my SD card in. I am throughly sure there are caches where I'm searching-the map point I am picking is a large city, for instance.
  25. RecipeForDisaster

    Garmin GPSMAP 66 series announced on 2018-08-06

    Yes, it's a custom filter. And yes it's very clear to me that the caches are centered on my current location-I own most of them and are very familiar with them
  26. jennergruhle

    Reviewer sperren und archivieren grundlos Geocaches

    Unverständlich, warum man sich irgendwo einloggen soll um eine E-Mail zu versenden. Da hat wohl jemand das Prinzip der (weltweiten) E-Mail komplett missverstanden.
  27. On adopted caches, when you go though the found logs and read - no pen, photo attached, as the new CO I think I should be able to delete them as they have not signed the log sheet as required. This may effect finders stats,, if deleted the finders milestone will be incorrect. so the celebration of finding a special cache may not be the one that counts?
  28. I am attempting search for caches with the most favorite points, within a 100 mile radius, but am being shown results thousands of miles away. I have included a video showing the bug: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jWvU8VHXHiBUa38mzpLcYLXshfw__WcE/view
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